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What Would YOU Like To See In A Doom3 Map??
Errr well yes quite. Can't believe no-one has posted this before.

Myself, not sure really. Haven't played it, but obviously know the style.

I'd quite like to see a few *really good* remakes, to show just how good the new engine is, for one thing. Something that shows a familiar map design taken to the next level.

And, I'm guessing a bit here, I'd like to see some traditional metal/gothic maps, proper Quake E3 style. I think the game could probably do that well??
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metal maps would work well, as would anything with panels and rivets and metal plates and so on and so on. What doesn't work so well is too many flat materials textures, or too much outdoors stuff.

I for one am thankful that this game is going to suck if anyone tries to make a FarCry map for it. I'm so sick of long range sniper-fighting games, or realism games where you fight humans with assault riles, it's going to be so nice to have the focus thrown back on in-your-face action like quake, where the monsters act completely differently to each other, so you have to use different techniques, strategies or weapons to deal with it. 
haven't played d3 yet, but i think it'd be really cool to see some q1runic stuff. obviously, the runic set would need a bit of work to bring it up to par with d3's level of detail, but i think if the roots of the textures were left as they are, that the set could really look good with all the new effects and such.

also, i'd like to see the woodmet set from doom2 used in an appropriatly hellish setting.
well, maybe there are maps like that in there already, but i'm not looking at screenshots or anything. :P 
E3-metal Is My Favorite Style From Quake 
I can imagine how custom static models would appear in that style, or remakes of classic levels, Horror Erotique, Arcane, Carnage or Necros' huge level as well. It would be so overwhelmingly oppossive, I would be in heaven.

There are some new texture making tools in the latest build of Blender that could be helpful in recreating e3-metal textures at a higher level of detail and realism.

If you are not using Blender you are missing out on a whole world of fun. 

your spelling sucks; you mean oppressive by any chance? 
We've seen how well it can handle the stock textures, now I'd like to see someone come out with an Egyptian, or stone, or brick/city set and see how it looks. 
I'd like the same things as in any quake, quake 3, unreal or whatever map - quality. 
I Haven't Played Doom3 Yet But... 
i'd like to see:

- New texture sets that look as good as and work with the id stuff. (meaning, an standard egyptian set won't look very good with doom3 monsters and guns and HUD and stuff, unless you designed the level to justify it.)

- Outdoor areas.

- Remakes of old SP maps with art/gameplay/etc qualit matching the id stuff. 
Outdoor Areas 
Yes more of that. IMO, the outdoor ares in the Mars portion of the game looked absolutely awesome, unfortunately you couldn't hang around to long to have a real good look, but they sure did look good.

Remakes of old SP maps, I remember in some custom UT SP project,they revisited some levels from the original Unreal, the Levels had changed, deteriorated, and it worked really well I thought, it was interwoven seemlessly into the rest of the custom maps in the pack, and felt real good going back and seeing these old original maps again, allbeit, in a slightly different state. Not sure I think the Map Pack could have been ONP, maybe xidia. There have also been some remakes of older maps from UT that were remade for UT2004, some seemed to be just ruined, but others were quite good. 
Two Words... 
for a theme...

Total Recall.

(or not) 
I think that was Operation: Na Pali that had you revisit the old Vortex Rikers. 
Speaking hypothetical, theoretical 'wish-list'...the first proper project I'd like to realise for D3 would be: knave.
A return to Fodrian would not be any more ( or less ) inconsistent with the principal 'Half-Life as written by Dante' theme.

Of course, the chances of this happening are drifting in a decaying orbit somewhere between slim and none. 
I'd just like to see what mappers can do with the ability to do nice proper brush scripting. Plus, I want to see more maps like the original Dooms had where you'd walk into a seemingly empty room that opens up to reveal monsters. I can see real interesting things being done with this in Doom3. 
I'd Like To See... 
some extremely frightening suspenseful maps. The stock maps use a lot of shock, jump out of the darkness, type scares. I would like to see a slower buildup to some events. You know, the quite before the storm. I hope people utilize the PDA too. It would be kind of cool to actually here people try to do some of their own voice acting, haha. Like Scampie mentioned I also hope people use scripted brushes well too. The stuff id came up with is awesome but I suspect it took a lot of time to script and test. I expect that you'll see more 2-3map episodes in this game for some reason as well.

Deathmatch wise it'll be nice to see some people come up with some standard fair atrium maps at first, I miss them. :( Perhaps I'll try to make a retelling of one of my dms like 6 or 7 and see what I can come up with. By porting a map you already have a general direction to take the map you can concentrate on learning the new technology. 
...this line worries me in that post Pr0d...

It would be kind of cool to actually here people try to do some of their own voice acting, haha. Like Scampie  
Egyptian Textures 
I am not so sure that egyptian textures would not work with DooM3, without giving anything away, you do see levels in the game which use them (or close enough to be called "Egyptian")and it works well. Although I didn't like the use of egyptian textures in UT2004 99% of the time, so I guess it's how they are used. 
Re: Egyptian Textures 
Up until now we've mostly seen a more cheery sort of egyptian style map. What DooM needs is a more dank and solemn take on the genre. Five sided pyramid anyone? 
Stupid Title Can't Be Empty... 
I want a remake of Casspq1: Hell in a Can. :) 
Aye, thought of that straight away. A bit bloody obvious though, and I suspect Doom3 has out-casspqed Casspq1 already... 
Hey Tron 
[q]I want a remake of Casspq1: Hell in a Can.[/q]

Ssh, not too loud.

Lund3sp1: Dune in a Can 
Doom3 Map Wishlist 
The farmhouse from Night of the Living Dead.
The shopping mall from Dawn of the Dead.
The millitary base from Day of the Dead.

Remakes of Abandonded Base and The Bad Place. 
Doom3 Map Wishlist;

This goes for SP:

- id or greater quality (duh).
- Emphasis on fun (rather than scares).
- Gothic, gothic and more gothic.
- Big, epic architecture.
- Gothic stuff that doesn't immediately scream "Hell", but is satanic enough to suit the theme of general evilness.
- No stupid gimmicks (Mr. cell-shading, I'm looking at you >:( ).
- Did I say gothic?
- Something based outside, at night, raining, and with dead trees.
- Some cool gothic stuff. 
actually, i wonder if the q3gothic set would go well in d3? 
not unless someone remakes it in 3d and bakes off a load of normalmaps and such like. 
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