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DM-Ironhide-Redux (reissue Of The Ut Map)
It's time for some courtyard carnage at the crack o' dawn!

I made a bunch of improvements to DM-Ironhide and have re-released it as DM-Ironhide-Redux. I was surprised to see some interest in the original version ( ) so I decided to address many of the complaints as best I could. Overall it's a bit faster, more connected, and looks a lot prettier. (Full changelist in the ReadMe.)


but just from the new shots, the lighting is very nice looking now. 
That looks nice, looks like something I would have like to have played. Unfortunately, my Unreal days have packed up and went south :( 
on making such a great improvement to your map, looks excellent 
Sorry Don't Have UT Installed. 
But it looks pretty good. Consistent theme and good build quality, and as nitin says, the lighting is notably very good.

I do find the theme a bit "arbitrary" and "Quakey" but that's because I've been a fan of the more themed UT maps, and I think it's fine to have maps in this style, as long as it's executed well.

And if you've made good chances to the gameflow from people's feedback, nice one. 
Like the others, I don't have UT installed on my PC, but I've played the game and I really enjoy it... So I'm very sorry not to be able top try your map...
Anyway, your screenshots looks very good. Colored lightning effects and contrast between orange and blue lights gives a full-moon night aspect I like a lot... Gothik-techno architecture of the castle is as well very good... and it reminds me RTCW first levels castle.. adding modern technology materials (like metal use in wall reinforcing) ...
In fact it seems to be a very nice level to play... 
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