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DOOM� In-depth Discussion (non-gameplay/mapping).
Thought it would be worth having another thread for people to waffle on about Doom3 at great and tedious length, apart from mapping which is covered here: , and gameplay which is covered here: , and to keep GA free of spoilers and stuff.

So go ahead and drone on and on about graphics, sound, atmosphere, in-game maps, weapons, monsters, effects, story, PDA's, anecdotes, notable scenes, etc etc.

Warning: Full of spoilers obviously and probably nerdy analysis too =).
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Yeah I thought the PDAs might have been okay but they were seriously overdone. Doom is not system shock. A slower, more complex game would suit the log trawling, but not Doom. It was just tedious 
but doom3 isn't doom either. doom3 was a slower, albeit not more complex, game. 
the audio logs and emails were ok for plot and ambience, but to force the player to trawl through them to acquire locker access codes was kinda annoying imo. It meant that as soon as the player got a new PDA he had to listen to/read it immediately or he might miss a locker. That made them annoying; I'd prefer to look through them at my leisure. 
Yeah it probably would have made it okay if they were strictly optional. I might have approved of the atmosphere then.
I generally think more games should go for making story details optional. It's a good way to reward those who enjoy exploration, and allows people who usually don't give a shit (like me) to ignore it and not miss actual gameplay elements. 
I Dunno 
DOom 3 just never had an interesting plot to begin with. That's why the Logs feel so stale and empty and tedious to listen to (because then there's some info in them). I think they're not easily skipped in System Shock, too, but they're just essential, so they feel more like a reward to listen to: "The next piece of the story". In Doom 3 they're just atmosphere fillers, it seems. But maybe I'm just remembering this wrong. 
No You Don't 
The logs in Doom3 were tedious to listen to and I skipped most of them even though they contained some information about secrets and stuff. 
I put all of the locker codes into a config file and ran it when I came to one so I could just read it out of the console and unlock it :p 
The logs are a crucial of the story. Maybe you Wanted a brainless run shot game.
System shock is a whole different game but is the story really so much better than a classic "investigate weird things going on in a base on mars"? 
Spirit, Exactly 
That is what I expect from Doom. But if there had to be a story, it would be okay, too if it wasn't completely braindead and boring as fuck. If it is the same story all over again (idiots open gates, baddies come through, invasion, you're the sole survivor, kick baddies' collective asses, go over to their domain, kick boss ass, done), then thanks, but I'll pass. 
I didnt mind them, they added to the atmospehre.

But I didnt listen to each one, and you didnt have to anyway, unless you wanted all secrets. Listening to a few here and there was fine. 
In System Shock you had inventory to manage, things to hack, research notes to read, skills to mull over,and less monsters to shoot. With stuff to do outside combat putting an audio log on and listening doesn't take away from the atmosphere.

Doom 3 has way way more combat and when you're not fighting you're just wandering around waiting for the next monster to spawn in. Audio logs at this point just serve to break the sound scape and atmosphere. The game doesn't have enough slow moments for you to been plodding around AND listening to stuff at the same time... 
To be fair, D3 is a remake, so why would they make the story radically different from the original game. And the thing is, back when Doom and SS were releases, there weren't that many games with such a story - at least not as refnied as in SS (I know mentioning Doom and Story in one sentence seems weird). 
Doom 3 BFG Edition

This is pretty embarrasing. Things like sikkmod shaders and monoxead displacement textures have been around for what, 5+ years? 
well, there ARE new levels. 
Oh Oh.... 
... looks like I need to buy either Xbox or a PS3 now :( 
Nah - They Are Releasing The BFG Edition On PC Too 
it's now being remastered for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 
Should Just Be A Free Or Not Too Expensive 
You Know 
for those that already BOUGHT the game in the first place. 
that is relevant to my interests 
... Just Realized... 
... I never finished ROE... so maybe acquiring this new Doom stuff is irrelevant if I never finish it :S 
I Didnt Know About This :D 
i hope this new bfg edition episode or whatever has at least a new hell level. i really liked the one doom3 had, but it was just that.

one hell level. seriously, why not a big set of hellish maps? that was my biggest disappointing with doom, the lack of abstract weird ass hellish maps. :(

never played the expansion pack though, so that would be neat i guess.

i'll buy it if its $29. but probably wait for a price drop because i'm cheap. 
is definitely worth playing. 
I Hear Doom3 Is Actually Pretty Bad 
Is this true? 
I Dunno 
I once heard a legend about some finnish dude working on some levels to make the game worthwhile... 
That Was A Myth. 
Just like Trolls. 
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