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DOOM� In-depth Discussion (non-gameplay/mapping).
Thought it would be worth having another thread for people to waffle on about Doom3 at great and tedious length, apart from mapping which is covered here: , and gameplay which is covered here: , and to keep GA free of spoilers and stuff.

So go ahead and drone on and on about graphics, sound, atmosphere, in-game maps, weapons, monsters, effects, story, PDA's, anecdotes, notable scenes, etc etc.

Warning: Full of spoilers obviously and probably nerdy analysis too =).
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LOL comment... ;) 
Da Best 
ya im da best i beat it 27 times in nightmare 
That 'vivisection' (sic) made my brain hurt 
Played this recently. Pretty quick blast compared to D3 which was long.

I liked it. More D3, which is good, but with added new stuff most of which was good and useful. New imps were amazingly annoying and overused. New TV screen monsters were kinda cool and very powerful. Grabber was pretty fun, funny to grab the skulls and pwn them. DBS was awesome and everything the DBS should be. Artefact was sweet, particularly the slow down time thing, great fun using that and seeing the monsters in slow-mo.

The one thing I want to post about, though, is the last Base level before you go to hell yadda yadda. The one set in the old section of D3 where things are well fucked and kinda fading in and out of hellishness. This was great, really well done, had me totally on edge and the most unnerved I'd been playing since D3 itself. After the freakout atmosphere of this level, Hell was, again, very mundane.

Definitely something to consider there, how an ordinary base level can shit your fuck up if combined with those well used effects. 
Just Played The Demo (completed The Full Game Ages Ago) 
makes me wonder why I bothered to see it through until the end. The demo was so dull, and I found myself going crazy at the stupid monster closets all over again.

The marines are unbelievably unfun to fight too, as are the imps.

of course, the graphics and sounds are great, so maybe that's why I bothered to finish it before... that and you see more interesting monsters later on in the game (although some of them are rather underused, like the manacubus and hell knight).

Still fancy playing ROE, since everyone says it's better, but for now I am after Quake 4, since I found the demo to be much more impressive. 
Now That I Have A New PC And Can Play Newer Games 
Welcome in "real" life ;P 
Doom 3: Resurrection Of Evil 
imps are cool to fight (too much smoke tho - hard to see)

I play some d3 now and then, when I got nothing else to do. Just love the atmosphere and visuals.

Roe is cool. rediculously easy with invul+quad artifact tho. should have left just slowmo/quad 
one of the first things i did when i learnt how to mod stuff was to change both the imp fireball trail and explosion, as well as the hellknight explosion and revenant rocket trail.

honestly, it's stupid that you can't see jackshit if more than one imp is fighting you... same went for the hellknight explosion. 
g_kicktime 0 is a must too 
Is There 
any way to get around the owlneck syndrom? and the "everything gets red on hit" syndrom? 
just gave you the answer to your first question...

personally, i like a bit of owlneck, so i tend to leave g_kicktime on about 0.5, and change g_kickamplitude to something like 0.0001 or something 
Played D3 And Roe 
ROE was better than D3. More physics, better design imo (the first 5 levels of temple) and some new fun baddies. Bosses were good too.

And the return to Delta Labs from original D3 was great. Truely great atmospere. 
I am still playing but the hell levels already ruined the game for me. The immersion and atmosphere were completely destroyed but this super lame serioussam-painkiller-ish room-monsters-room-monsters-room 2D style of gameplay without making any sense. Everything before had just fantastic pretent-realism and now we are in hell, woohoo, let's make gameplay like 1996. It absolutely does not fit the rest of the game.

I think the game would be much better if there was no "hell" but just some ancient evil in the ruins below the base. Some of the hell stuff is so overly cheesy and lame (Hohohohohahaha! Uusuusee ussss! Sooon you will be deeeaad marine! Hohohoahahaha!)...

The game now feels like chore. I just had the fight against that tank guy (ridiculously easy...) with that awful horde-wave gameplay in the rooms before. Fuck this, way too ruin a genius horror action shooter with cheap, unimaginative sucking shit. 
That's sort of how I felt about the entirety of Doom 3 Spirit :) I just viewed Hell as a necessary escape from the claustrophobic metal rat maze, it didn't change any game-play imo, just theme. 
Question Of Taste 
I really loved the Hell part. It was the most immersive part of the game IMHO... 
I love doom3. 
I have to say that I love Doom3 too. You've just got to relax your expectations a little, remember that 1993/94 wasn't actually *that* great, and go with the flow. If you're not there for the party you won't enjoy it.

RoE I'm in 2 minds about. I never really played very far with it, as the Grabber spoiled it for me. Here was a total unashamed physics gimmick that it seemed like you *had* to use for *everything*. Big yawn. 
Very anti-climatic ending. Did I even kill Sarge at some point? Ending ending sucks. The temple looked so cool like Alien. Why oh why all the stupid hell stuff...

Definitely a good game, I disliked the hell things and cheesyness at times. Up until the first hell it was great, then it sucked for a while, became quite good again, became great and sucked here and there.

You definitely need hardware capable running it well. I did not like it a bit when I had a old graphics card that only let me play in low resolution and effects. It needs the graphics, otherwise atmosphere is second class. 
I thought Hell looked great. I only wished the rest of the game was more like Hell, instead of metal rat maze.

Or at least 1/3 metal maze, 1/3 return to phobos so a mix of indoor/outdoor moon terrain, then 1/3 hell/deimos.

roe is definitely worth playing, if just for the double shotgun. the grabber was a nice gimmick, but slowed gameplay down too much as your fucking around trying to grab projectiles mid air. 
is better IMHO. I liked both though. 
Doom3 Coop Online 
I don't have D3 installed anymore, but, aside from playing through SP, I played Doom3 Coop Online and that was quite fun. Except the horrible lag with moving vehicles (that lift map, aargh!!!).

I played on a public server from clan EWZ. It was almost always empty when I peeked at my server browser, but once I started playing, people always joined me quite quickly. This was earlier this year, 2010, so perhaps the server is still up.

I also played this LMS Coop mod that was fun for a while:
Kinda like Left4Dead for D3. A nice feature was the availability of the Double Barrel, as you can see in the video. I kinda disliked the lack of that in standard D3 and I didn't like the SG sound either. I didn't like most of the D3 weapon sounds.

Mapping wise, I loved to walk around in the Hell levels. Just put no-target on and enjoy. Great atmosphere, modeling and overall it didn't have that fake, 'plastic' look to it opposed to the office levels of the game.

And I can totally understand that people out there find D3 boring and stupid. It is indeed very, very old dull gameplay, but I expected that. As a matter of fact: I don't even want a complex type of gameplay or story. If I want a real story, I go read a book. Sometimes you just wanna fire your DoubleBarrel.

However, a little bit more sophistication in several aspects of the game wouldn't have hurt. For that matter, I came to respect HL 1 even more, because I can clearly see how ID tried to do with D3 what Valve did in HL1 to some extent. And even in 2005 D3 didn't even come close to the HL1 SP experience with all it's inventiveness and insane AI (those soldiers and assassins!). Then again, without Quake, no HL I guess...

OK, done typing. 
Skimming through czg's DON'T GIVE THE QUAKE GUY A PERSONALITY! immediately made me think of Doom 3. Seeing that black hair grim looking marine as my avatar was a distraction. Each time it felt like "not me" which was bad for immersion.

I forgot to mention how much I liked the PDA and general attention to environmental (not force-feeding in cutscenes) story telling. The e-mails and audiologs contributed a huge part of the atmosphere. Very well made. 
They Don't Compare 
to the System Shock ones though, because there they're an essential part of the plot/storytelling. 
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