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Looking For A Good Map Editor
I'm looking for a good level editor for Q1 maps. Years ago I have used worldcraft but for the moment there are some better utilities available - I guess. Can you give me some advice? My system is Windows 2000. I have tried GtkRadiant-1.5.0-2004-08-17.msi but it crashes very often on my computer.
Looking For A Good Mapping Help Thread 
Everybody here have many good reasons to use GtkRadiant, or WorldCraft, but it I think the most intuitive one seems to be QuArK6.4.. see
I'm currently mapping with this tool, and never it crashed... I'm also using aguirRe TxQBSP, Rvis, and Light tool that can be found at
I hope it will help you into your editor choice... 
I forgot to mentionned that QuArK 6.4 needs Python 2.2 at least to works fine... A miniPython downloadable version is avalaible at
Enjoy !! 
A previous version of GTK.

1.4 should see you along fine. 
Vote 2 
For GTK 1.4 
Something Radiant 
or maybe ogier if you want to be different. 
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And Then 
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I'd Suggest 
Gtk or Hammer with aguirre's tools, because the majority of people here use gtk or hammer and can help you if you have problems. 
A Good Editor 
Notepad. Real mappers do it all by hand you lazy sod. 
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Real mappers finish it with a praxinoscope. 
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I Was Wrong... 
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Ogier seems to have some really interesting features and stuff. It is hard to figure anything out though, given the lack of documentation and stuff.

I must say though, its the first editor I've seen that can actually rotate a box 45� and not destroy it. :D 
Don't Use Qoole 
...but use aguiRe's tools for compiling. He also has useful technical info on his site and check back for new releases. See post 2 for directions. 
Thanks for all suggestions!!! I will try it out! 
Radiant Based 
editors usually let you work a lot faster because there is no mode switching involved and you can do a lot of advanced brush modification with the mouse alone. Also they allow for more precise work because internally they use exactly the same brush representation as the converters do - they don't force you to align vertices on the grid. 
Hammer 3.4 
is also really good (I use it), but tricking it into letting you map for Quake1 can be a bit of a slog.

I'd say go for GTK 1.4, if 1.5 is unstable on your system.

distrans: Have you been betatesting nuts again? 
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