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Matrix Style Teleporter Texture
Is it posiible to create a teleporter texture in matrix style? I mean green pixels falling down. I have tried it but get problems with the colors - everything is fullbright - something with the palette I guess.
Maybe someone has already done it?
You should probably abandon that idea :D

Unless you're mapping for QMD's Matrix mod. 
Another Winning Discussion Thread 
what a treat! 
A Less Flippant Answer... 
I assume you're talking Quake 1. I would say no, as liquid textures are always fullbright and cannot be animated in the way that you want. The only other way to simulate this would be to make a series of normal texture frames, and label them like +0_matrix, +1_matrix, +2_matrix...etc. If you avoid fullbrights on these textures, then they would be lightmapped properly, and animate (although it's very jerky - see the computer screens in E1M1 for an example).

Either way, I think it would look sucky in the Quake engine, and totally out of place, unless you're making some kind of Matrix TC, as Blitz said.

Btw, in future, post any mapping-related questions here: 
And why not using a sky like texture to create this Matrix style teleporter texture ?? It should be a turnaround isn't it ?? 
You Can Only Have One Sky Texture Per Map 
So if you do something non-standard with a skytexture you have to forget haing a normal sky yoo 
Please ask questions in our Mapping Help thread. New threads are for topical discussion, not simple mapping questions. 
what game ? 
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