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A Little Bit Of Quake... Hrimfaxi

Basic Base, a base-themed semi-speedmap, small and simple, but neatly executed with good build quality and fun gameplay.

Download: (500kish)
What a great level !! Pretty short, but very efficient !! Monsters, ammos and life are well balanced, and the architecture is pretty good. Texture use (ID base texture set) is very good, and lightning effects are good as well.. Fight, blood and fight: what do we need more ?? A enjoyable level to play.
Someone could turn this into a speedrun if they wanted, it's a pretty easy exploit. 
Hey I'm News! 
And whats more - kind words from Shambler of a speedmap! The world is coming to an end! ;-)

Anyway thanks to you all not the least pushplay for the demo - Fun! 
Yeah, Nice Little Map 
Using a similar exploit to pushplay I got 27 seconds on erm.. "Normal" difficulty. I'm sure the real speedrunners could manage sub 20 seconds some how. 
Demo 2 
It's been at least a year since I've done some running but here's my attempt at pushplay's shortcut (which I straightened a bit):

Oh, and it's a fun map. I'll leave detailed analysis for others. 
Demo 3 
Enjoyed it. Would have been even better in alittle bigger scale imho. I don't like crampy maps very well. But it looked great, so I did a small speedrun for it. 22 secs, could probably go maybe 2 seconds faster still =) 
Maybe I should watch other peoples demos before submitting. Someone pointed out that Hanz had already done it in :20. So I just had to have another go =) 
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