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Doom 3 SP Mapping Contest
Levelsource [ ] are running a single player mapping contest for Doom 3.

No specified theme or restrictions, so you're free to create whatever you want (as longer as it's single player obviously).

Interestingly, you are allowed to form a team in order to construct the map, but there is a restriction of only one submission per team.

Contest ends 15th January 2005, so plenty of time to make a quality release.

Further details and signup thread here;
* Prizes = Map being featured in Mappak (community respect and all that jazz)
So basicly it's a ruse to get people to map for their shitty mappack 
I think you are right: you just go to win some respect from the other mappers, and from players... but for money, or something with any value, I think they will be more "stingy"... It seems to be a "monkey contest" in fact... it sucks... 
this is a community event you dweebs. supposedly we want to encourage such things, so quit whining about 'prizes' and go map. 
So it's like the "Design a spider mastermind and win a place in our shitty mod" contest?? Heh...

Still, it should be cool - often get some inspired stuff for contests. So, GL to them. 
It's not the 'not getting any prize' thing that I was trying to point out there, since I pretty much don't expect to ever reap economical benefits from mapping. More the HAY GUYS WANNA MAKE A MAP FOR MY CONTEST? wibe that I'm getting from this. 
.. like czg said: we are not looking for money here... The more I will not be able to win money (sure for my part) with mapping before thousands years of practice...
Anyway, I think it's perhaps dangerous to be involved in this kind of project without any "copyright garanties" don't you know ?? If it's only to have credits from other mappers, you should better work alone, and proof by yourself what you are able to do... I'm not saying cooperative mapping is a bad thing (the Nehahra project is the best example IMHO), I'm just saying you just need to be carefull in order to "keep the control" of your design.. that's all.. and son't say I'm biased... ;) 
"contests" Without Prizes Or Creativity Boosting Limits/themes 
It's nice to see somebody trying to generate interest in Doom3 mapping; maybe we can recreate the sort of interest the game had way back when it first came out. 
Anyway, I think it's perhaps dangerous to be involved in this kind of project without any "copyright garanties" don't you know ?

Copyrights? JPL, my good man, if someone can make money off of one of my abominations unto God, all I have to ask them is, 'how did you do it?' 
Come On Dudes 
This is a great chance for a newbie mapper to get atleast someone download his map. Relative lack of newbies around these parts doesn't mean this is a totally bad idea. 
Look around you: with a good marketing idea, you can sell everything you want, even if it's "polished shit".. 
"All The Kids Will Eat It Up If It's Packaged Properly." 
Guess the person who sang this and win a hundred bucks! 
Kurt Cobain 
Send my $100 dollars to the World Wildlife Fund, or any organisation dedicated to the protection of animals.

Thank You 
Was it Johnny Mathis?! 
Good `ol Schiese 
doom3 coagula contest any1 ?

or 100 brush/patch contest :) 
toplsee shambler pic as a prize! 
toplsee shambler pic as a prize!

I'm gonna need to scrub my eye's with a brillo pad if that ever come's to light. 
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