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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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In Other Non-VR News.

Apsulov End Of Gods, a minor sleeper hit in the curious narrative sci-fi horror sort of vein, with a cyber-viking (yes really) theme.

This is very much a B-List game (at a B-List price) with various crudities and issues, though nothing serious. BUT, it is quite interesting and appealing in it's own way. Story progression is fine, there's some good interactions, several good jump scares, some cool scenes and some freaky ones. And the theme / background is pretty fresh. Worth a look if you like this sort of thing. And it actually feels like the source material and core ideas could have easily warranted AAA production to make a likely minor classic. 
A Plague Tale 

A truly beautiful narrative game. Sure it has the usual narrative / interactive movie pitfalls (linear, restrictive, stealth-lite / puzzle-lite gameplay is mostly adequate rather than exceptional - although it does get progressively more interesting, apart from the dire and obtuse boss combat), BUT as far as the genre goes it really is a captivating experience. Graphics are excellent and are fully harmonious with the art direction and atmosphere rather than just being good for the sake of it, the whole presentation is of a rich and realistic medieval world. With the surprisingly endearing characters and characterful (and sometimes gruesome) hazards, it is quite enthralling.

It's also only £20 at the moment so if you have any taste, decency, or shreds of humanity left, you'll get it: 
CoD BO3 Zombies 
still no fix for Origins level crashing? tried Dying Light 2015 zombies, deleted it 1h in, was just walking/talking 
Kingpin Reloaded trailer:

"The classic 1999 shooter is back!

Kingpin: Reloaded, the remastered, enhanced version of the crime-themed first-person shooter developed and published by 3D Realms and Interplay, recruits new gang members on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year.

In a stylized noir art deco gangland that never was, the Kingpin rules above all else with a bloody fist. When his lieutenant Nikki Blanco leaves a no-name Thug battered and broken, the upstart criminal rises from a puddle of blood, lead pipe in hand and revenge in mind." 
Hardly A Classic 
Kingpin was B-list at best when it came out. Surprised there's a demand for this. 
Then Again 
Judging by the trailer, it looks like someone has recognised the potential for this to be one of those "meme games" that tend to do quite well, so maybe marketing are onto something after all. 
Some Great Games In Steam Sales At The Mo. 
Dark Souls 3, Battletech, Ghost Of A Tale, Vermintide 2 all for about a tenner, Plague Tale for 20 quid. Bear in mind these are all great games at full price... 
Metro Exodus Proper Release With an entirely sensible price this weekend. 
Half Life: Alyx Gameplay Video

I'll watch the video... still not buying a VR set... yet. 
new trailer

Still looks good. 
Very Striking Aesthetic. 
Hopefully the gameplay and gamefeel has progressed beyond this: 
Agreed Shambler 
From that old video it seems to be too slow for a shooter, and not scary enough for horror. It has the pacing of an adventure game, didn't see much in the way of puzzles though.

I guess they had a lot of time, the gameplay could be better now? 
2 years ago, they're back with a non-gameplay trailer, and the pre-alpha got a justifiably luke-warm response so that could be the time and motivation to progress a lot with it... 
i need some good mp that doesn't flood me with points, bonuses, coins, xp, exp, crap, shit 
Doom Eternal 
tldr: It's fun, but. Also, go for HMP on your first run.

As expected, it has the same linear arena gameplay as the previous one, but it feels faster and more consistent at that. Doomguy turned trapeze artist Popeye lumberjack. I didn't mind the glory kill and chainsaw pinata system this time and it all works together smoothly.
Visually pretty cool unless QC style puts you off. The levels look good, and some great setpieces and blending of styles e.g. techno cathedrals. All a bit random though, for better or worse.
Story is crap of course - not that anyone cares. My hot take, though: in a game like this (especially with its cutscenes and color-coding), if you need a radio voice giving directions or blathering exposition, it's flawed design.

My main issue with the game is that it seems they packed too much stuff in for the player to handle on top of the combat, which gets quite distracting, at least on the first playtrough.
There's eight standard weapons, each of which have two alternative firemodes (weapon mods) which you can unlock. Then there's weapon points acquired through combat to upgrade each of these mods; and once fully upgraded there's an another bonus upgrade to be unlocked through grinding. Then there are tokens to be found for upgrading your suit for some useful and some completely irrelevant features. There are crystals to upgrade max health, armor and ammo. And finally some secret extra encounters to unlock yet another weapon which you'll then end up never using. Oh, and at some point you get a sword too.
All the weapons, mods and upgrades come in handy in certain situations, but they overlap, and it feels like there's not enough game for each of them. Perhaps it's more about individual playstyle? Still, a less-is-more approach would have been more beneficial imho.

I played on UV, because I thought I was a proper badass (and of course for reasons of dickwaving. *flip* *flap* slapping it across Lun's cheeks!). Got my ass kicked countless times and, well, it is what I signed up for after all. Though, despite some bullshit situations, eventually I realized it mostly was because I was trying too hard to unlock all the stuff and get the challenges - which the game, at least on the harder difficulties, kind of requires. However, this works to prevent the player to get into (or stay in) the "groove" and flow of the game, so to speak. Surely enough, when I replayed some sections without caring for any performance or exploration, I found that I had an easier time and enjoyed it much more. Started a limited lives run (on HMP) after completing the game and suddenly it's very much the mindless slaughter fun I was looking for. 
I haven’t played Eternal yet but all of the upgrade systems you described were also in the previous Doom, right? When I played that game I started out thinking it was a bunch of unnecessary complexity but by the second half I was familiar enough with the core mechanics that I appreciated a new thing to pay attention to, and started actually using the weapon fire modes when they tactically made sense.

I remember the original being a mix of linear levels and hub based levels, and the hub based ones, like Foundry, were some of my favorite. Sounds like from your review they are all linear this time. Is that correct? 
This time around there are just more upgrades in Eternal, or at least it does feel like too much.

There were no hub areas in DOOM2016, it was all just linear missions.

Although Eternal also has linear progression, it does however have a hub "HQ" area, which is some floating fortress in space - doom guy/slayer now hangs out there. Has demonic guitars hanging on the wall, collectible toys on shelves, PC that can run original Doom games, stack of video games, books and magazines. 
Yeah He's Spot On 
I was relieved when I finished, as it was a lot of juggling, which wasn't always as streamlined or flowy feeling as the previous game often was. There were certainly huge improvements also - the game design is more epic and varied in a way I generally enjoyed. But all that variation comes with some less than successful and sometimes quite extraneous feeling elements.
The story blows, too much going on there as well. The reboot handled the storyline much more gracefully and integrated it into gameplay in a way that made more and more sense as the game progressed - I was actually fairly impressed with that element of DOOM. And it left more to the imagination, which is almost always better. Like Lovecraft mythos, or many other following horror universes, it is better when there's a good amount left merely hinted at instead of exhaustingly detailed documented and catalogued. 
Modern Games 
...seem to have this obsession with upgrade points and pointlessly customizable stuff. Doom 2016, while a fun game, had way too many types of upgrade currency to keep track of IMO, and Doom Eternal's upgrade/customization systems seem to be even worse. I can't think of a better way of making a Doom game "un-Doom-like" than over-complicating it by throwing in a bunch of useless modern mechanics like that. It's rather tiring, and sometimes I just want to kill monsters and explore hellish levels. That's why I've been playing a lot of Quake 1 maps lately. 
> I can't think of a better way of making a Doom game "un-Doom-like"

that, and also cosmetics and "man cave" area, because kids like it nowadays!! 
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