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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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Bioshock Bleh 
I found this on another site but couldn't find the source:

2K games PR representative for the the eagerly awaited title "Bioshock", Susan Keele revealed this to GameSpot eariler today;

"It's safe to say we are around 50 steps ahead of those looking to play Bioshock on their own systems without purchasing the game. Active internet connections and retail discs are mandatory for Bioshock to run on an individual's system. On disc insertion for the first time, the user will be prompted to connect to the Internet if not already connected. Several updates will be installed during the game installation and once the game is installed, digital IDs of the user's hardware such as RAM, CD drives and processors (in no particular order, and not necessarily all three hardware types) will be tied to a game-specific sector in the operating system. This sector is completely invisible to users and cannot be found, nor duplicated in any way what so ever.

On attempting to run the game, another game-specific sector available only on retail discs of the game will look to locate the digital IDs stored securely on the system - this will be digitally checked and signed by 2K again and is the only way to launch the game. The game-disc sector is just as secure as it's counterpart on the operating system, and cannot be copied in any way shape or form, as we have introduced a"security scramble" code system should any attempted copying of game discs take place. Durng gameplay, updates will relay from our servers to the individual and hardware digital ID verification locks will be checked, and changed, then digitally signed by 2K again, with this check and change occuring frequently.

We been working closely with IBM since August of last year, and Microsoft even further back to develop these new security measures. We are sending a message to stomp out piracy and we hear those who say our protection program will have been a wasted invesment but we will continuously strive to protect the interlectual property created by ourselves and our partners in any way deemed appropriate. I can also confirm any Games for Windows released after Bioshock will employ the same security measures.

In essence; no official disc, no play. We wish you all a happy, pleasant and exiciting gaming experience."
Sounds like thier stalinist "interlectual" protection systems will at the very least cause problems for anyone doing so much as wanting to upgrade thier RAM.

I want to buy and play Bioshock, but I have a below par connection with scant chance of being able to upgrade it. I had alot of trouble connecting to Steam and eventually gave HL2 away as a gift (after completion) because staring at multiple connection failed screens over anything from five to fifty minutes was shit, no matter how good the game itself was. I do know there's a hacky method to enable offline play by default for that - but why should I have to bother? I bought a product to enjoy it, not be beaten with a 'YOU ARE AN IDIOT CONSUMER' stick.

Cheers 2K! 
That Should Read: 

It's great how they're really respecting thier ligitimate customers. 
will be cracked anyway


In essence: no broadband = no play
hardware change = no play (have to reinstall ?) 
it'll be cracked in a week, and then everyone buying it legitimately will have to put up with BS while those who download it will probably have an easier time.

This Will Come Back 
and bite them on the ass.

. . . will be tied to a game-specific sector in the operating system. This sector is completely invisible to users and cannot be found, nor duplicated in any way what so ever.

Hackers are licking their chops and grinning back at these muttonheads. 
so in addition to getting a no-cd crack, i need to get a no-internet crack? 
Sod It 
I was defo going to buy this, but as they seemingly trust me so little, I might just pirate it... 
This Will Come Back... 
as a complete lie.

Jason Bergman of 2kGames says it is "definitely not true" 
Thats Good News Anyway 
Now all I have to worry about is buying a PC that can run more than Quake I . . . 
Completely Untrue 
Hi guys,

This is all completely untrue. There is no Susan Keele who works for 2K Games. I don't know where the source is for this (it references GameSpot, but I can't find that) but it's inaccurate.

Jason Bergman (2K) 
He He 
looks like Bergman is all over that post trying to stomp out the fire. I hope he is the one for real and the story isn't. It does have a button pushing feel to it though many high ranking execs from Ballmer, Jobs, Newell to Steinbrenner have said things that pushed my button the wrong way that were equally as inane as what the purported PR lady in this article said. 
Speak Of The Devil 
Well, as I said I couldn't find the source either.
Let's hope it was a bad hoax, sorry about posting it then. 
Websites For D3 & Q4 DM Map Reviews? 
Ive been searching for over an hour, cant find a reliable DM site out there. My roomates and I have grown tired of the official maps, and unfortuneately I cant talk them into installing Quake 1 on their PCs, and I missed out on Painkiller. /slapself

Any links would be very welcome! 
well I need to get the internet working on my PC anyway, so this is a good incentive... as long as they aren't gonna fuck about after ive installed it. This is one of the games i'm most excited about coming out since... ever, really. I read the review in xbox360 magazine today and they gave it 10/10, only the 2nd game to get a rating that high from them.

Europe release is the 24th from what i can tell, i might start putting part of my beer money aside... 
thank christ. -_-

cheers for the debunkage. :) 
It's cool to watch the progress of Infinity, a mostly procedurally generated space massive multi user game.
I think this is a big part of the future. 
Tomb Raider Anniversary... 
Started Anniversary... the game ~is~ great - using the TR-Legend engine to reinvent the original game. But like Legend, it ~can~ be pretty frustrating when you cant solve some
arcane puzzle or even cheat *&^% ... Apears to be tougher so far.

I just went back to Legend to beat the huge salamder boss after not playing it for a couple of months. (I'd been pissed of at the goading, tough bosses, and it's also nice to take my noisy fx5600 out and use my fanless 5200). All of the bosses have been tough, but satisfying when you beat their arse. Bout 70% through now.
The cut sequences are just all totally amazing.

Anyway, in Anniversary I don't like how they've changed the game interface: Controls, auto-aim and saves have all been messed up by some hopeless project manager. You're low on health... so lets add some annoying heart beat drum in the background. eeeediots. 
Rage, Left4Dead, QuakeArenaDS, Etc 
So QuakeCon and BlizzCon gave us a shitload of info on some games.

Rage is iD's next "Gen 5" game. It looks like id does FallOut more or less, mixed with buggy racing. Apparently it's 50% run-n-gun, 50% racing. Not sure exactly how that will turn out. I'm not all that excited about the racing portion, but I can imagine some cool level design centered around the option of racing.

Left4Dead seems to be a CS:Source mod, where up to 4 players have to co-op through various zombie-infested locales to escape. Some of the sounds are ripped straight from CS, such as footsteps, and it's source, which sucks, but it looks kind of fun. Not sure if it's free or you have to pay for it.

Also, Carmack says Quake 3 is coming to the DS, BUT WITH NO (YES THAT'S RIGHT, NO) stylus support. It's all D-Pad and A,B,X,Y controls. Does that seem retarded to you? Oh well, maybe I'll pick it up, but probably not.

Also some WoW stuff, but StarCraft 2 looks super nifty. Waiting for Star Craft 2 is like waiting for ... something really awful to wait for. I want it now.

And Quake Wars comes out Sept 28 in Euro, Oct 2 for states, so a day after my birthday. Faggotry.


All info from btw. 
cheshire and all others interested in coop zombie survival make sure you've checked out KillingFloor
ut2k4 mod, the main (and only O_O) maker of the mod has stopped working on it (no shit after 3 years on it alone) but a community patch to be released very soon will polish up what needs polishing ; altho the game is 100% playable and enjoyable as is, it isnt a beta version. Theres games on everyday in peak hours. It just pwns; real good gritty gory coop fun, and thats real coop with welding doors shut to hold back the hordes, healing teammates etc etc.
Dont miss it :P 
For decades, mankind has contemplated what would have happened if two historical icons had battled�with balls. Finally, there�s a studio brave enough to tackle this difficult question. Blazing Lizard, Inc today proudly announces its first console downloadable game, Pirates vs. Ninjas� Dodgeball.

The first game in the Pirates vs. Ninjas� series allows up to 8 players to choose from 5 unique teams (Pirates, Ninjas, and three more to be unveiled later), and compete against one another in the ultimate sport of champions � Dodgeball.

Could it be those other three teams include robots and zombies? 
Or Maybe 
Ninja pirate nuns, riding camels? In space!

The first in the series? Christ.

Cookie cutter innovation. 
also nazis and aliens 
there goes my whole idea for a ninjas vs. pirates vs. zombies vs. robots game. Of course, my idea didn't involve dodgeball, so maybe there's still hope. 
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