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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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there are many more distinct iconized groups.
Samurais, cowboys, eskimos to mention a few. 
Article On The History Of Adventure

Talks about the relationship between Adventure's game cave and the real-life Colossal Cave, and the differences in the contributions of the original author and the guy who added the other half of the content several years later. 
since Adventure was a mainframe game, i guess it doesn't really belong in the PC games thread... oh well. 
Make A New Thread For It Or Get Out 
About TF2 Visuals

I like that they are actually thinking about the gameplay (aware of visual noise).
Saw some Unreal3 video yesterday and it was awful (bad): The player models merge into the background, everything is "realistic" lit and dark. Can't see it being fun in competetiv gameplay. For fun with friends sure, but not on a more "professional" scale. 
it's the shit 
that TF2 could be a fun game. If you can do concjumps. :) 
there are no grenades in tf2 
I can understand them taking them out but then the grenjumps and concjumps are out and it's a shame... 
Anyone else play the demo? I might have to go mug someone for the money to get this damn game. So damn good. 
Not Tried The Demo Yet 
but its finished preloading on steam so just 3 days to go :) 
Bioshock Demo 
A bit underwhelmed by the demo...
The controls felt wonky, it didn't show much interesting gameplay, just a really basic shooter.
And honestly, I didn't find the visuals so great, I noticed alot of little errors, like badly tiling textures, and brushes that aren't placed right...
Doesn't run very well on my system anyways, still looking forward to playing the full game, which I've bought on steam, but it won't let me preload it, been telling me the servers are too busy for 3 days now (and I try regularly)... 
It Seems Ok 
But yeah, not the revolution in gaming as announced (didn't expect it to be anyway). At least judging from the demo. Combat can get a bit messy. Many people were particularly fond of the water, though while it isn't bad, it's not that outstanding either. The weapon models look somewhat dated.
However, the atmosphere is great and it runs smoothly on my rig (so far). I'm definitely going to get it sooner or later. 
What Are You Specs? 
Underwhelmed By The Demo 
it reminds me of doom3 
Bioshock Demo... 
Runs like ass on my machine, currently. An ATI Hotfix didn't help. First, I have no pointer icon on the GUI. Then all I get is a crappy scrolling water texture and flames, with big black blocks. I do have a help ticket, though.

It's just a pity, for now... 
both ATI and Nvidia have been building new drivers to accommodate Bioshock. Shouldn't the game designers be accommodating the existing software specs instead of the other way around? Anyway, here is where BluesNews recommends going to if you are having ATI driver problems: 
Bioshock Bis... 
I guess this explains why the fov felt so weird on my 16:10...

Btw, my specs are, Athlon X2 4200+, 2gb ram, geforce 7600GT, and using the new nvidia beta drivers, which apparently are the cause of the fucked up mouse in game... And yeah, doesn't run well on my rig anyways. 
Bioshock Art Deco Fonts Overdose 
Disappointed. Very clich´┐Ż. Bland weapon design and sound. Water looks way better in Sauerbraten! Flat visuals. Unimaginative gameplay. Cutscenes and teasers were jawdropping good but this demo is quite a mess!

And the overuse of Art Deco style fonts is nauseous. Plaza font everywhere, huge ugly unreadable ingame captions and menus... What a waste.

Otoh, no tech prob at all, full settings. -Pent D 3.2Ghz, 2gigs ram, 2xGeForce 7900GTX SLI ForceWare 94.24 (NO beta drivers, OMG!), XP DX9.0c 
Ah Dammit, This Day Is Going To Be Wasted 
God Damn You Spirit 

Only played thr practice level so far (supposed to be working) but this looks very addictive. 
Knytt Stories 
hmm, and the game has a level editor... might be fun to map for. 
Alot Of Fun So Far 
But very irritating as well. I've started with Within a Deep Forest - that spider puzzle in the tower was annoying. 
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