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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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DM gameplay looks suitable MEH, but the style and enviroments still look ace. Definitely interested. 
I think the gameplay looks fun, feels a bit like tribes, lots of jumping around and stuff, I like. 
looks fucking awesome.

I really, really hope they're NOT using insta-hit weapons but simulate ultra fast (but not insta!) projectiles. Would fit the feeling well, I think. 
Looks Cool 
The deathprint "you killed blahblahblah" looks just like the UT3 one. Same font. 
Well, It Was Made With Udk. 
There's the udk logo at the end. 
there's a LOT of detail in that map... i wonder how many people they have working on that.

with the focus on detail these days, i'm surprised we don't see more computer generated greebles. 
There isn't so much specific detail, it's all pretty modular, and there are barely any normal maps at all, which makes things so much faster to make.
And to answer the question, 9 people total, 9 months. 
9 people for 9 months on what exactly? just that map, or the entire game?

game looks okay. not sure if i will like the flying part of it. the level looks a bit repetitive especially in it's colour scheme. there's not much contrast in both lighting and textures. still, lots of nice details :) 
Well, 9 months on at least all that's in that video (obviously UDK is the base though), they seem to have more stuff done though. 
Space Is Key 
Not sure if metl already linked this little game, seems he would have already found and beat it:

Also, digging the music. 
but a keyboard space-bar destroyer ;) 
It Sucks... 
Chron-trigger was great so far but now it turned into a boss fight after boss fight chore. I guess I am near thyroid end but then I thought so for quite a while already. Currently just regained the epoch and entered the ocean city with it. No spoilers please, I am just randomly sharing my frustration since that's hip. 
Oh Autocomplete... 
Aliens vs Predator. Yay or Nay?

$9.99 on Steam. 
Im Enjoyed The SP Campaign 
And the GFX are good. The Alien AI is just as good as the AI from AvP (original), if not better. Some of the 'story' is a bit lame, and some of it is just plain dumb. But for a couple of days worth of fun, $10 is a good price! My 2c. 
I bought AvP, played it for about 15 minutes, and never picked it up again. I would say avoid it, but if there's a demo go ahead and try it. 
Thanks Guys 
will mull it over. 
Puzzle game where you need to figure out how to play, and how to win:

Once you win, see if you can figure out an efficient strategy for winning. 
That Was Fun! 
Looks like there are a shitload of other games and misc. apps on the author's page here: 
Both BioShocks $5 Each On Steam Today 
If you don't have these games, $5 is super worth it. These are probably my favorite 'modern' FPS games. They are fantastic. 
I bought both of those about 2 months ago for $40~ together iirc. >.< 
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