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Food Thread.

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I was just thinking it was about time for one of these... 
Oops, Nearly Forgot 
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I didn't see this thread when I sent my last message.

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Best Of British 
Donner's rule my world in the early hours, heavy on the mayo, light on the salad.

Also, Rustler burgers!! Microwaveable treats for all ages!

And frijj milkshakes, the ultimate stomach hangover cure! 
Strange Cafeteria Food 
at my uni they had potato and sweet corn pancakes
the other day interesting mix.

they serve some strange vegitarian stuff too
but I can't remember any names 
This Place Is Slowly Turning Into A UBB But Without Flamboyant Avatars 
world coming down.... 
Mexican BLT

That stuff is gold. I'm not kidding. 
Tonights Menu 
consists of Kraft Dinner(tm) Macaroni and Cheese. Commonly refered to as 'KD' or 'Mac N Cheese'. We are eating original brand KD with no fancy noodles or irregular flavourings to the sauce.

1937: KRAFT� Macaroni and Cheese Dinner was introduced with the advertising slogan of "Make a meal for 4 in 9 minutes."

1998: STOVE TOP OVEN CLASSICS were introduced. The same year KRAFT introduced EASY MAC macaroni and cheese dinner, a microwavable, single-serve product.

I've yet to try the new 'EASY MAC' in its just add water form. If anyone has, how does it compare to the original wait 10 minutes to boil mac n cheese?

Interesting Fact : The USA food and drug board allows a percentage of Plastic compound to be added to both the KD pasta and the cheese powder. The reason this plastic is added is to help the noodles look so shiny thus more appetising.

Kraft Dinner has remained a family favorite, with more than 7 million boxes purchased every week. 
the mac n cheese was ruined
I go hungry tonight 
I'd gnaw my right hand off before considering ingesting that thing you just described. 
Breakfast today: Croissants with Nutella spread, kinda like a pain au chocolat I guess. Yummy. 
Oh Man, 
Nutella, that shit is good. 
kinn: nice one, may have to experiment with that myself. 
left over macaroni and cheese (homemade, no instant!) chilled over night plus a couple of cups of sliced ham.

heat up some canola oil in a frying pan til it sizzles and then dump it all in.

yum, yum. 
In the other thread, there was some talk about KCF. I thought I would look for a recipe for KFC chicken. This one looks pretty good :

Got to say, it looks like way too much salt for my liking and I would leave out the monosodium glutamate (MSG). Also, I would probably subsitute the ground ginger for mace. Mace (mace is the bright red membrane that covers the nutmeg seed) and chicken is an awesome combo. 
another idiotic thread broguth to u by a fool who cant even map 
STFU Tard. 
You have no place in a gaming/mapping scene. 
sure u mean urself
cause u do neither
actually you do nothing except being a cock 
actually you do nothing except being a cock

...says the one being a dickhead, and talks like some reject 15yr old girl with a text messanger. 
Funny story - my freezer blew up the other day. Nothing much in there luckily, except for about 20 frozen pizzas, and some frozen veg. The veggies I pretty much wrote off, but the pizzas should be ok in the normal fridge for at least a few days.

The upshot of this is that I've had to get through these pizzas as quickly as possible, so for the last couple of days it's been pizza for breafast, pizza for lunch, pizza for dinner...

I thought I'd be sick of them by now, but it's going pretty well actually ^__^ 
Right Now 
I'm eating curry with cous-cous. Spicy good asian wisdomness, or however that one person put it. 
Todays Meal 
Was a trip down to the nearby 'Slocan Diner' where I had a heaping plate of marvelous French Toast with a light dusting of icing sugar. I then added a generous amount of Canadian Maple Syrup to the elegant stack of delicious french toast. The Coffee I had was just right with 1 cream and aprox 1 tbsp of sugar. It probably doubled the clogging of my arteries but was most definitely worth it. I expect to have a sugar burnout within the hour. 
Caffeine Intake 
What sort of caffeine intake do you guys have? I'm starting to think I'm getting a bit excessive with my 2-3 coffees and 2-4 mugs of tea per day. 
2-3 Coffees A Day 
But they're half-calf, so it doesn't count as much. Then I have anywhere between 0-6 Cokes a day. I don't drink tea. I would like more, I'm a bit addicted to caffeine, coffee in particular. Goes well with all sorts of yummy chocolate treats. 
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