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Food Thread.

* Shambler is now known as Foodbler
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Eating left over Supreme Pizza covered with microwaved white rice smothered in soy sauce. Pretty good.

Next time I make a pizza, I'd like to try Pepperoni, bacon and cinnamon all over the cheese. I think it'd be good.

I recently discovered chili paste to be the greatest rice condement ever. 
Me needs a chili con carne recipe.

But the problem is that it seems that there is no "original" chili con carne recipe. And there are simply too much recipes on the internet.
So what ingredients would you put in your chili con carne?

[x] no dried chili I have a lot of fresh ones
[x] beef no pork
beans, onion, garlic, tomatos ? 
OK fry off the minced beef in a large deep pan (like a saucepan), using a little olive oil, and a dash of salt and pepper.
Add a diced onion, stir that in.
When the onion is soft add any chopped peppers, chillis, or anything else veggi-like which you care to throw in. Stir these in.
Frantically dice some garlic (I love garlic so I add loads). Throw the garlic in, stir it in, then quickly add 1 or 2 tins of chopped tomatoes.
Now to get the "Chilli Con Carne" flavour you must at this point add some key ingredients:
1 - some Cumin powder. Not too much, not too little. Like half a tea-spoon for a couple of people.
2 - some Corriander powder, or seeds, not the leaves, they taste like soap, which is right for some dishes but not Chilli Con Carne. A little bit more than the amount of Cumin you added.
3 - some fresh Ginger. Powdered ginger will work, but I prefer fresh stuff. Easiest way to prepare it is to take the skin off (or rind, or whatever you wanna call it), then finely dice the rest up with a sharp knife.
4 - Add a can of kidney beans. No Chilli Con Carne is Chilli Con Carne without them.

Allow this to gently simmer for about half an hour, with ther lid on.

Then, just before you serve it, add some large slices of lime, just a little bit, to be removed again before eating. Leave the skin on the lime. Or squeeze a little lime juice over the chilli before eating :P 
You're Makin' Me Huuuungry! 
Also oregano.

Oh, and brown the onions, garlic, some chopped chilis and a cube of dry beef stock in an equal parts mixture of butter/oil before adding the beef to fry.

Once the beef is cooked to your tastes then add the veg/beans (I like sweet peppers, kidney beans, haricot beans and mushrooms myself, but it's up to personal taste).

Then yeh, cumin, corriander (I would have said slightly less than the amount of cumin, but personal tastes), some whole chilis, oregano, dash of tumeric, bit of paprika and salt/pepper to taste. Allow it to simmer for 30-45 minutes then put in the oven at ~90 C for as long as you can not eat it (about 6 hours is ideal).

I've probably missed some stuff there, but that's basic chili (with mince ofc, you can also use steak cuts (or both. and pork :), in which case you can marinate the cuts for uber chili) 
Sounds Good I Love Garlic Too 
Ginger Lime and Corriander? sounds interesting
How much ginger do you put in?

Chilli Con Carne with beans is chili con carne con beans, but i like beans ^^ 
Dont Put Too Much In 
or else the dish will just taste of ginger. Like 1 heaped teaspoon of fresh or 3/4 of dried.
I never really weigh or measure anything when cooking, just do it by eye or common sense/combination fo the two.......

Also oregano in Chilli Con Carne? I never tried that before........ interesting. 
Also Burned Or Overcooked Garlic 
tastes nutty/disgusting, which is why I dont put the garlic in until just before the tomatoes go in. 
I'm Getting Hungry 
sounds good too 
So I cooked the chili today:

ingredients: beef, garlic, tomatos, onion, beans, cumin, origano and I made a paste of chilis, to be precise these:
But the problem was that I really burnt my fingers so badly with those puriras when I made paste of them, I still feel the pain a bit. LOL I didn't know that this was posible.

But it tasted good :) 
I add corn to my Chili, mixes nicely with the other flavours. 
Looking Forwards To Lunch 
Morrisons (supermarket) Value Sausage and Mash ready-meal. �0.80p 
Thanks, Internet 
I read that as Valve Sausage 
I've been dating a girl who's studying at the Cordon Bleu, so have been living off some pretty amazing leftovers of late. Last night was fresh lobster, so we made some lobster tacos. 5/5 would eat again.

Related: if you ever make fajitas, etc, you've got to start making your own tortillas if you aren't already. So easy and so very tasty.... 
as far as value meals go, you can't beat that Tesco "Everyday Value" Lasagne. �3 for about 1.5 kilos of pure beef-style meat and cheese flavoured dairy product. Bargain! 
mmmm.... sounds equestrilicious. 
My Recipe This Week 
My gf went on vacantion for a week and told me to pillage fridge, so on monday i made a big pan full of all her leftovers, and im realy sad that its all gone now, and i actualy have to go to the supermarket and buy soem crapfood wich wil no way be near as good.

It was somewher beteen a french cassoulet and an indian curry.


kidney beans
rookworst (dutch smoked sausage)
katenspek (some sort of dutch bacon)
sambal (gf gone, spice it up loads!)
red peppers (gf gone lets crank up the scoville scale some more)
curry power

served with rice and even more sambal (since icooked it pretty long it wasnt that spicy afterall)for full satisfaction

completly agree with ricky, you dont want to burn the garlic only throw that in when you either almost done or got enough fluids going around so it doesnt burn 
Replyingtothenutmeg Thing 
heard that about that aswell, in my teens one afternoonmy and2 other friends smoked oen herb from the kitchen shelf each.I went for oregano and had a great day (maybe it was the placebo kicking in though)i think my 2 friends did nutmeg and cinamon but i' m not sure about that at all, maybe the oregano worked afterall:P 
Also, if you are frying the garlic, you can put it with the first ingredient if at least you put as much food on the frying pan as you did with oil or butter. The garlic won't burn before the rest, even if you turn the heat to the max. It will get half-fried, half-boiled, and will taste great.

Fried pork chops with just garlic and salt taste great this way. In fact, i like the garlic done that way more than the meat ... haha. 
Garlic And Biscuts. Biscuits Are Not Cookies You Heathans 
If you like something pretty quick to snack on and really like garlic then try this:

What you will need:

A small, oven safe dish. Ideally it would be small in diameter (4 inches or so) and a couple of inches deep. I have a cast iron butter melting dish but really the only advantage that it has is that it holds the heat.

A regular sized baking sheet.

Now you need to either make your own biscuit dough or buy the type that you pop open by hitting them against the edge of the counter. I use the plain biscuit recipe that you can find at but almost any type will do. Stay away from croissants as they are too flaky, you want a biscuit that can absorb some oil.

Peel a whole bulb of garlic and slice each clove into 3 or 4 slices longwise and put it into the oven safe dish and then pour some olive oil into the dish until it covers the garlic by just a hair. Put it into the (cold) oven off to the side so that a baking sheet will fit as well. You can add spices to the garlic if you want to but don't go overboard. A touch of salt, black pepper and oregano works but none is really necessary.

Now set your oven to 425 (or whatever the biscuit recipe calls for) and as soon as it is preheated (don't let the garlic stay in too long past that stage, it will get lonely) pop in your baking sheets worth of raw biscuit dough in biscuit sized lumps and bake it for however long the recipe calls for. Generally somewhere in the 12 minute range. Basically you want a tan top on the biscuit.

Remove both the garlic and the biscuits at the same time. The garlic should have browned a bit and the oil should have been bubbling when you put in the bread.

When the biscuits are done slice them in half like an English muffin and spoon some of the garlic\oil on top and eat. Careful when eating as the oil may be hot at first.

There's a restaurant a few miles from me (The Stinking Rose in San Francisco) that specializes in garlic dishes and they serve something quite similar to this.

If you use the premade dough this probably takes about 10 minutes of your time to prepare (most of that in peeling the garlic) plus cooking and preheating time. If you make your own dough you can probably add at least 10 minutes. Soda (not yeast) based biscuits work best.

If you like tomatoes a thin slice or some small wedges work on top of the garlic\oil for a brochette type thing. 
First time i see combining sweets and garlic. I have to try that when i have time.

About the title, in the dictionary it puts both terms as synonymous, but what that woman at does can't be considered a cookie. It is close to the ingredients of a croissant without the layers of puff pastry and without eggs. If i were to give it a name, I've been making sweets from basic ingredients for a decade and, and what i know is that that kind of dough is used mainly for puff pastry and milk bread.

About that web, i advice you to look for another, that one barely explains the things, you should aim for one web that has at the very least the same or more text size as you used with your recipe, or go to the library for something similar. One with at least one or more photos would be recommendable too. It would be prefect if it explains things outside recipes too.

The second reason is that that woman uses in some recipes ''shortening''. Shortening is dangerous, it has been labelled as carcinogen and banned in many countries, including mine. Be careful. 
I Tried To Read This On Radio With A Straight Face... 
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