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Unholy Shrine Q2 Dm Map Released
Hi all! Let me announce my latest map's release. Alhough when I firsly was here, I've had very bad comments on the first pictures I sent, I thought it's my duty to post a message here too, to take care of the few people who may be interested in this map. But before everything else, I can tell You, this map is really-really far from Quake2's mood... So here's for You!

More Info:
11kpbs download suxx0r...

well, yah i was dling it for 36 mins ;)

anyway, it's ok map.. tho i didn't like long stairs much ;) tho i liked custom sounds which were evile! 
<Shambler> it's pretty cool
<Shambler> lacking a certain magic
<Shambler> and the stairs are loooong
<Shambler> but it's an interesting layout
<Shambler> and a good style 
does anybody still play dm in quake2? roulffffffffffff 
Well, I fight with my screen to increase brightness, but I'm still unable to see anything of your screenshots... Could you please solve it quickly in order to be able to give my humble opinion about the screenshots ?.... 
Unholy Shrine 
Sorry for the slow server speed.
Anyway, thanks for the comments, altough I knew your true love is Quake, and I respect this.
Vondur: thanks your words, I'm glad that You found the ambience good.
Shambler: so You think, it's interesting a bit and good styled, but it hasn't got "spirit"? Maybe You are right, I'm sure You felt that after running the map, it's your pectoral feel, I accept it.
Trinca: I can assure You, yes!!!And we love it, but I don't want to evangelize You, believe me.

Again, thanks guys, good gaming! 
zorius i just said that, becouse in my country there are only 4 or 5 players, sorry if i ofended you ;) peace! 
Ops Forgot!!! 
i�m not a mapper but i think the map got a very texture set...the textures are nice placed :) good work! 
Peace Trinca! 
Oh, I wasn't angry with You! I knew You was just joking! Of course, there aren't too many people who still play it, but we are also hardcore fans of that game, like You are here in love with Quake!
Thanks for the commendation!
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