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Winter/Norway Q1SP 1000 Brush Map Pack

I'm organizing a Q1SP map pack for anyone interested. Everyone is welcomed to submit a map, but I will only be including maps that I feel are polished and fun. So far Zwiffle and Jago are on board, and I'm going to make something as well.

The only rules are that it be done using the DKTe3 .wad, (DKT Norway) that it is finished no later than the first week of December, and that it is no more than 1000 brushes.

This is not a contest, but I'm sure Shambler et. al, will be glad to give at least a small review to each map that makes it in -- so you can at least get a small amount of praise for your work. (or ridicule as the case may warrant)

The wad can be found here: courtesy of nonentity/Grind.

Good luck, have fun, and long live Quake.
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Whoever gave you a cookie for your opinion was seriously ripped off. 
I'm working on the start map now...but I have a question for everyone. Would you prefer it if the start map was the kind where each teleport went to each person's map? Or the kind where there are teleports for the various difficulty levels, and then you just play through the maps like a unit?

Personally I would prefer to do the latter, just because I think it makes the pack feel more connected, but if I did choose to do that, you would have to change your level ending to fit the next map accordingly. Nothing major, just make sure the end of your map doesn't clash with the map ahead of it. 
Later Sounds Good. 
Mine ends with a gate, so no need to change that, at least I wouldn't think.

There are a few minor things I have noticed since submitting my map I would not mind changing, like the silver key, due to backing up the entity part of the map seperately, I have two keys in that position. Does not effect the game, but still, it does give you a bit of a wtf? when the silver key is tagged. 
First Option's Better 
unless the maps are going to be edited to seem like a coherent unit. 
Start Map 
First option, so accumulated weapons and ammo don't fuxor the gameplay of subsequent maps. 
Opcion Numero Uno 
Blitz I asked you a while ago if it was gonna be like a an actual episode type thing, so that coherency wouldn't be a problem. An actual episode would be kickass, but I have to agree that option 1 is probably best because of the way the pack was handled. But maybe after this you can host an actual episode pack thing under a different theme. 
Oh Yeah... 
Didn't think of ammo...oh well =/

1st it is! 
My Suggestion... to go for type 1. Even if 2nd option would be best, but it would have neeeded some advance planning i.e. distributing among contestants(is this a real word? I'm not sure)which weapons to put in the map and establish an increasing level of difficulty in monster placement as the episode progresses... Obviously this would take some knowledge of who's gonna send a map in, but leaves even space to squeeze in the middle some late arrivals, provided that they're told which weapons they cannot put in...

Just a rant early in the morning after a night of musical&alcoholic mayhem... any corrections to my english are greatly appreciated, I'm not really able to organize thoughts properly..... 
Re: Silent's English 
Dude you speak English fine. Don't worry about it. 
...Thanx, Zwif.... 
...luckily today my brain has fallen back into place so I can articulate a little better... waiting for holidays, and 1000b pack... and sm82(where has it gone?)... and sm40 contest results... and Headthump's 2 pack.... whatta xmas! 
Please don't tell me you are actually going to finish the start map and release the pack on Cristmas day. 
Some Of Us Celebrate 
on christmas eve...

and I want a hannukah release aswell...

The Start Map... 
what about putting a rune at the end of each level, then going back to the start map, and after all the runes are collected, unlocking a final end boss fight or something? a lovely throwback to the original q1sp i might say 
How About 
you release the damn thing already 
or that. ;) 
Sarcometer Just Broke... 
Pack Is Uploading... 
Thanks to everyone who participated! 
...Nice! Don't understand why not making it news, though.... 
What's Wrong With My Map Again? Yeah, I Am Still Alive 
Hi there,

What's wrong again with my maps? 2006 now.
I just got T-Boned by a firetruck in february and getting back in shape at the hospital. 5 ribs broken, 35 stitches on my stomach because I got a diaphragm rupture and liver stomach went into my upchest; 5 fracture of the pelvis.
Then I got an blood clothe pulmonary ambolia.

Close to "real" death this time, in 'real world'.
Weekend I am at home since yesterday, then I'm at hospital for physiotherapy monday to friday.

Cheers everybody.
Jesus Qmd 
its a great thing you're still alive...especially blot clots, they are SCARY! take care, and heal well! 
Might As Well Carry On The Tradition 
I'd hate to have blued clouts,

all the best to you QMD, hope ya come out the other end in good shape... 
Well, it is a miracle you are still alive ! I wish you all the best in the future.. 
Bloody Hell... 
...and I thought an infarction was scary. Well done on the survival QMD. How many of your nine lives went on that one :) All the best to your family in these times.

PS: Apologies to Poms for the 'bloody' in the title, apologies to Canadians for the 'hell' in the title. 
QMD's Ice Cube Trey Map 
Hello people!

I'm still alive, 10 years after that firetruck blood party in my pants ramping rave in the street (that was in 2006..). 10 years, goes so fast...

Are you still mapping QMD?
Of course I do. Well, I was in �off� mode of it for the past 6 years and few months ago I took back at it, still in HL2DM maps.

What is that project you on buddy?
Something related with the initial movie of TRON, back in 1982. Making it around the FLYNN ARCADE. Preview here:

The link to QUAKE MATRIX you posted before is broken, any good one?

Question, is my friend Scampie still in the videogame industry? cool buddy

JPL: Don't be scared, these jokes are for me ;)
Actually, that was the only result you can get for a map as I was using a so crappy map editor called DEATHMATCH MAKER by Virtus.

Cheers all & keep on mapping 
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