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Winter/Norway Q1SP 1000 Brush Map Pack

I'm organizing a Q1SP map pack for anyone interested. Everyone is welcomed to submit a map, but I will only be including maps that I feel are polished and fun. So far Zwiffle and Jago are on board, and I'm going to make something as well.

The only rules are that it be done using the DKTe3 .wad, (DKT Norway) that it is finished no later than the first week of December, and that it is no more than 1000 brushes.

This is not a contest, but I'm sure Shambler et. al, will be glad to give at least a small review to each map that makes it in -- so you can at least get a small amount of praise for your work. (or ridicule as the case may warrant)

The wad can be found here: courtesy of nonentity/Grind.

Good luck, have fun, and long live Quake.
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Ahhh, Thanks 
I read through the posts and missed it. My eyes are just droopy mangled attachments at this point 
I wonder if you've noticed this: the .map file I sent you along with the map is slightly borked. It contains a trigger_counter, it works ok, etc, but... it doesn't have a brush accociated with it :) Must've deleted it by mistake when I was fixing those texture misalignments. 
I was working on a Q1SP/DM map for your Winter/Norway pack, but while I'm really late (today is the scheduled date... and I'm not really ready, because of the birth of my last daughter essentially...), I guess you will understand why I'm not able to deliver anything... I'm really sorry not to participate to this pack... grr...
Anyway, I will try to release my map later, (which will be based on the DKT3 texture set, but I'm afraid it will be build with more than 1k brushes ..sorry...), hoping before the start of Xmas holiday... 
See Folks 
this is the kind of stuff that happens when you breed. 
Yes, I agree, but that's life... 
Blitz, Did You Get My E-mail? 
Oh, Wow, 
congratulations on the spawning thing, JPL 
So it's FMB from you to from now on!

Many nappy returns.

(mmmm, I wonder if that translates into French with the same amount of unbridled hilarity as in the English?)

Regards to Mrs JPL too - I'm sure she played her part. 
Congrats JPL 
Nice news :) I hope you still have time to map between getting 2 hours of sleep a night and helping out with le bebe.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me a map...Zwif, Jago, Headthump, and Hrim. There is still 5 more hours to send in a map before the pack officially closes, so don't be shy if anyone else out there is working on a map. 
... thanks for the congrats, but most of the job was done by my wife... and don't be afraid, I however find time to map... ;D... 
Are the maps availiable for download yet?
Sorry if this has already been answered, but i can't be bothered to read through... :) 
Blitz hasn't released them yet. Something about some hostage situation with scampie in #tf. 
He He He! That Sounds Interesting, 
but I'm afraid if I ever check out what is going on in IRC I will get hooked again like I did in the mid 90's.

take your time if you need to clean some things up, add linking level changes or what you may have planned, Blitz.

My only concern is not stepping on your release date with the release of a two map pack I have planned soon, so an ETA might be helpful. 
Headthump: lol. No one cares about your 2 map pack enough to not download this pack. Don't flatter yourself. 
figured you would say something like that. 
I will have the last laugh 
bitches like you don't mean shit to me anymore. 
And It Wasn't A Matter Of Flattering Myself, 
I was being considerate of Blitz's timing. 
And Blitz, 
if you do choose to include my map, please delete the thanks I tribute to Mr. Fuckwad there. It would be highly appreciated on my part. 
Jesus Dude. 
chill. I just meant that having more than 1 map released at a time isn't stepping on any toes. 
No one cares about your 2 map pack enough to not download this pack.

It appears here you were deriding my level making ability. I now know you reacted this way because you thought I was being an ego maniac so you jumped the gun.

Put some thought into these things before you make assumptions.

I asked about the timing earlier because Blitz (I'm sure it was in jest) mentioned the sm_40 contest stole some of the Norway pak's thunder and I wanted to know if it was cool with him to release something close to the date of that pak's release. 
Kinda Lamey 
one map is worthwhile of a news post, while shouldnt two maps? Also considering we're not excactly SWAMPED with news items here on func.

Of course my opinion has never counted for more than a cookie. 
Shows What I Know 
he has even 'released' it yet

fucking slackers 
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