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Winter/Norway Q1SP 1000 Brush Map Pack

I'm organizing a Q1SP map pack for anyone interested. Everyone is welcomed to submit a map, but I will only be including maps that I feel are polished and fun. So far Zwiffle and Jago are on board, and I'm going to make something as well.

The only rules are that it be done using the DKTe3 .wad, (DKT Norway) that it is finished no later than the first week of December, and that it is no more than 1000 brushes.

This is not a contest, but I'm sure Shambler et. al, will be glad to give at least a small review to each map that makes it in -- so you can at least get a small amount of praise for your work. (or ridicule as the case may warrant)

The wad can be found here: courtesy of nonentity/Grind.

Good luck, have fun, and long live Quake.
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I know my map is gonna be the worst of the bunch. Probably shoulda worked on it some more maybe before turning it in. Oh well still looking forward to it. 
I'm really impressed with what I've seen so far, you guys have really put alot of hard work into these and I am grateful. It looks like it's going to be a very good pack. :) 
Hrim, that's gorgeous, really good sense of place there. That (DKT?) rock texture is exceptionally good.

Jago, that's good stuff, I'm not so inspired as it doesn't feel so wintery, but a good solid map, keep going with it. 
A Small Note 
If it's not too much trouble, try to work difficulty levels into your maps. It doesn't have to be *perfect* but enough of a cakewalk for people who want an easy run, and enough of a gauntlet for those who are into sadomasochism. 
RE: A Small Note 
Seeing as there are 6 days left 'till the deadline and my map consists of only 3 rooms thus far, I don't think my map will be a challenge to anybody. I'll see if I find time to put in diff skill settings though. 
Damaul made Damaul3 (lol, forgotten the name) in about 20 hours.

6 days is 144 hours. Halve that for sleep, eating, and other essentials, approx 70 hours.

70 > 20 - 3 rooms = you do the maths. 
I Am No Damaul 
So? You've got 3 1/2 times longer to work with AND 3 rooms done already... 
Jago, from your screens, only real comment I have is that the light on the bits that open to the sky seem really bright, while the rooms seem very dark, even under the skylights. May want to do something about that. 
6 days is 144 hours. Halve that for sleep, eating, and other essentials, approx 70 hours.

You might have a future in management at a game developer. 
12 hours a day mapping? I know we're supposed to be hardcore, but damn we gotta take a 10 hour break sometime, bler. 
Metl, EA here I come!

Zwiffle, well, it's crunch time (for Jago), isn't it?? 
Don't Worry 
"crunch time" is only temporary.

like... until you die. 
I really fucking hate mapping under pressure, but at the same time this is something I do very seldom, so I�m interested in what I can accomplish. So far, it looks like the map is turning out to look similar to my old Unreal SP maps, in the sense that it�s blatantly linear. Contrary to that, apinaraivo.bsp (which I have now been working on since early summer, I think) has a MUCH more complex and interesting layout. I guess it�s just because under time pressure, there is very little time to try out multiple ideas in any given area to see which one works/looks best. You don�t have the luxury of being able to create/tweak/delete an area 20 times in a row until you get something you are truly satisfied with. 
The DktE3 wad is lacking in a few functional textures like the teleport and has few light emmiters as well.

Mind if we fudge it a bit on those? I just need a few solid fullbright textures to make it work, and the teleporter. 
I think I'm done now, finally, once and for all, with the map. I've got skill settings and everything implemented properly. I can't get on mIRC currently for some reason but I'll keep trying. I'll send you the .zip when/if I get on. Just thought you'd like to know. 
Oi -- Stupid Internet 
Sorry for not answering questions for a few days, I was without the blood that sustains my vampire-esque lifestyle. (the internet)

Jago : Don't worry's really not that formal. Your map looks fine and I'm sure it will turn out great.

Headthump: Go nuts.

Zwif: Ok. I should be on IRC now that I have a connection again...if you can't get on, send the .zip to teh_blitz at comcast dot net. 
Don't Worry, 
I came up with a solution involving lavalamps.

Map is nearly complete, I'm in a deleaking mode though -- brrrr. 
It Is Due By 
12:00 PM GMT time? 
No...not Due Til The 6th 
Big Thanks! 
Got Your Map Zwif 
You need to send the .map file as well. 
Just some minor fixes and adjustments on the skill settings (Hard maybe too killa) and I am done, done, on to the next one.

Sorry I never posted pics, but time was limited until this very weekend. 
I don't see your e-mail address listed. Where can we send it? 
Zwif: Ok. I should be on IRC now that I have a connection again...if you can't get on, send the .zip to teh_blitz at comcast dot net.
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