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Cappuccino: The Refill.
This is a fixed and slighty altered version of my speed/quickmap Cappuccino.


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and again, very nice and fun map! :> 
Nice title :> 
The Map 
This map was pretty good. Some solid gameplay and nice architecture. Not a whole lot of thing I'd change, except perhaps adding some more detail to the "outer walls" of the map and adding a proper info_intermission instead of making the player stare at the wall at the end of the map. Also, why did the "hidden shambler room" right near the end contain a red armor? That seemed a bit overkill. Admittedly I was playing on Easy, are there more monster encounters on harder skills levels after this point and BEFORE exiting the map? 
Great Stuff 
Reminded me of some of the old q3a dm arenas, except with single player gameplay. Liked it alot. Even to the point of making a half-assed speedrun. Clocked in at 1:20 on the easy run. Demo can be found at if anyone wanna have a look-see.

We need more of this stuff! =) 
I Like 
but it was bit too slow in the start, are the r_speeds really high there or something?

Also, IMHO it was a bit too open, which made it too easy. The armor and ammo (shells anyway)was also overdone on medium skill. 
Just only one thing to say: amazing !!! Really a good work... 
It's Good 
Good name too. 
Your route sucks! 
Normal route to past first wind lift, multiple Voreball jump over the top, get quad kill monsters into pit as usual, standard route past gold key door etc, turn right in final room double gj off ogre direct to switch? 
Well, Not On Easy No 
as there's no vore there on easy.

For nightmare I suspect that collecting sufficient voreballs to make the jump would be very difficult, but I might be wrong.

Except to see this map on a speedrunning site near you soon, btw :) 
Oh, Yes! 
Mmmmh, I already liked the previous version. This one is much better balanced skill-wise, thank you! I really liked the wide open architecture, although (like nitin said), it makes it really easy to avoid enemy attacks. 
Greatttttttttttt Work Man... :) 
Oh yes!!! real great job very beautifull map, and the game play is fantastic!!! good job! 
Cappuccino Added To SDA 
The map has been added to the Speed Demos Archive: 
Thank You Guys! 
nitin: Yeah as I remember it the start area and the top of the building are the most r_speed hungry parts of the map.

Kay B: Thanks for the demo. I'm always amazed of how speed runners can jump around a map.
Now that it is taken in at SDA I suppose I'm gonna see some more demos in other skills.

Again thanks all! 
Quote :Hrimfaxi on 2004/12/15 14:17:03
"Again thanks all!"

no, thank you for this great job! :) 
If You Can Of Course! 
Hrimfaxi is it possible to you realese a Dm version of this map? i think is perfect for 4on4 :) whith a good locacion of the icons!!! for exemple 666 in the final part of the map in those arcs is possible to jump in then, the ring, where is gl know and Quad in the secret 100%, i�de love to see this :) 
Hm. I Don't Know 
I'm not that much into Dm so I'm not sure I could pull it off. I'll look into it but don't expect anything soon! 
Thks For Even Try!!! :) 
i will post this map to the comunity and maby other�s can give you a help!!! let�s see! 
A bunch of demos on cappuccino_v2 were posted on the Speed Demos Archive today, check them out! 
Cool Map 
Very tough, but nice to see some releases around here, even if they're not the most complex maps ever made.

Good job, Hrimfaxi! 
even if they're not the most complex maps ever made.

At the risk of my non disclosure agreement, Necros is holding back on something really huge. 
i'll release it some day. 

That is all I have to say. 
I saw that. Was nice. 
Necros is holding back on something really huge

I told him he could get pills for that. 
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