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Coma - New Single Player Level For Quake
This is my first quake level. Try it out.

I hope you will enjoy it.

---mod's note---

no screens were available officially, so i decided to make ones. the map rocks btw, go play it now!
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Nice to see someone still playing this map :) 
in old "original" clients quake would just crash if you made the voreball bomb to big, havent tried it the new gen clients 
I Fail 
to find the exit. killed all found 3 secrets i got a rune but then what? 
Iirc you can use the rune on that blood stained rectangular "pillar" surrounded by teleporter texture in the room where the SK was used. 
no, sorry, that's where one gets it. I exited with it. Will upload my playthrough tomorrow. 
Is the bsp download ok ?
Host_Error: Mod_Q1BSP_Load: maps/coma.bsp has invalid lump 2 (offset 2326544, size 679840, file size 3006041)
Could someone please host a zip of this.
Using rar is clueless. 
It's an ancient thread.
... Thats Quake the way id did it. 
i had same trouble, grabbed a version form quaddicted wich worked, except i couldnt exit, certainly not where spirit mentioned, i even noclipped around there :) 
I Havent Played This Map Yet? 
After almost 10 years? I must have missed it by accident. So here's first run demo, hard skill, 10 years late!

Recorded in Fitzquake. 
Orl, never is late to play a Quake map :) 
Orl. Thanks for the demo. Will watch it when I'm back home.

This map is on the limit of edicts on standard engine. It can crash if too many vorebals etc are generated on skill 2. Was my first serious map with many flaws. i have played it again after years and still wonder on some decissions I took back then.

Onethepurple- I guess the map will never be finished. It was to big for me. 
Your demo is frickin great!!!
What a ride :)
You have played it exactly as I have imagined while designing the gameplay.
You have "broken" the game a bit by escaping from the notorious death trap but you have managed to finish the map anyway. By escaping the trap your way all monsters were already teleported etc and the final combat wasn't in waves but straight in your face. Also some doors were already open so you have taken the route from opposite side.
You have been many times close to death but survived by great skills.
Thank you very much for this demo!

PS. I think we should bump some old map once a week :) 
I guess the map will never be finished. It was to big for me.

Any chance of releasing the .map for the future generations? 
You're too kind :) I honestly thought that message of "you are going to die" was just a ruse, who would have guessed it was real?

And I'm all for resurrecting an old map once a week, let me at em'! 
What Was I (not) Smoking! 
`ant believe i didnt see that exit :P 
Place Your Bets Pls! 
What would be faster:
Cheating death or stealing runes? 
PS. I think we should bump some old map once a week :)

I agree! 
My playthrough is at Youtube (sorry):
Skip to ~13:30 for the hilarity. 
Przykro nam, strona o podanym adresie nie jest obecnie dost�pna

Kliknij tutaj, aby odblokowa� t� stron� 
I Can See It 
Hey Spirit - thanks for the vid. You have found all the strangest places :)
You tackled the map pretty haphazard. I hope you had some fun.
~13:30 - It sems everybody chooses the path to death there.

Shambler - it's an old web page, it got suspended. I have tried to unblock it.
The map is on quaddicted anyway. 
I hated it until the moment where I thought I broke it. Then it became rewarding in a way. 
Thought you meant Spirit's vid. 
Web page revived:

Spirit. Didn't you like the surprise spike shooter in your face?
When making the map I thought it couldn't do much harm. Just startle the player a bit.

Orl - thanks for the speedrun demos. The map isn't very good for speedrunning - not enough interconnectivity. 
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