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2005 Gaming - What Will Next Year Hold??
Predictions? Expections? Hype? Big plans? Small plans? Games? Maps? Projects? Marriage proposals?
Age 3 
WOOT. Age 3 is the only game I'm looking forward to I know about, unless you count expansion packs.

Quake IV/XMen 2 - Not really interested in Quake4. Despite Raven working on it, from what I've seen it doesn't look innovative or creative at all. The only cool thing I've seen was the heart chamber that pumped the entire factory or whatever... Xmen 2? WTF?

Doom 3 XP - I'm looking forward to this. Maybe it'll have a decent ending this time round? At least they're adding "new" weapons, but none look creative or innovative either.

Unreal 3/Pariah - The graphics will amaze me. The gameplay/design will blow chunks. I do not like Unreal/Epic games - they just suck.

Guild Wars - I'm undecided about this. It looks really good. But after playing FFIX for a couple months I wonder if MMORPGs are worth it. I'm not excited about WoW or the other one either - EQ2 I think? - but Guild Wars looks interesting. I'm gonna try the betas and see how it plays.

Tactics games - WOO I love tactics games. GBA Tactics games, PS2 Tactics games, PC Tactics games... I love em. I'll fiend on whatever Tactics games come out.

Ehhhh that's all I can think of for now. Hopefully Raven's new game will be Hexen 3 and they can make a good sequel to my #3 favorite game of all time, Hexen. Maybe. :(

Expections, eh? I'll have to look that one up. 
ROFL, I quite like the word actually.

Okay, my hopes are:

Quake 4 - I'm gonna buck the trend of people moaning about it because it looks like Doom3. If it delivers what the previews have promised (Q2 style, D3 graphics, more tactical gameplay, "future war" vibe (that phrase is SOOOO what Q2 needs to be)) it will kick all of your arses. Fingers crossed. Q2 was great.

Stalker - This is dragging on a bit and has been pretty much trumped by HL2 stylistically, nevertheless it promises enough to be well worth keeping an eye on. The more tactical game for the connoisseur in 2k5??

DOOM3 XP - More Doom3?? Fuck yeah, bring it on. As long as they don't cheese it out with too much extra crap, I will be on this like herpes in a brothel.

FEAR - Watch the recently re-released video. Nuff said. Enviroment in that looks kinda bland but well executed. Gameplay looks pretty cool. Characters and general psychosis look great. And that video was from the summer. This one could do damage.

DOW Mission Pack?? - strictly no word as to whether there will be one, if there is, more DOW will be great.

Other than that?? Hmmmm....I don't know really. In the more distant future, Morrowind2 and Unreal3Tech look great but I think they're a fair way off. I haven't seen many games from other genres that have captivated me. But I'm cool with that. 2k4 was such a bumper year, I've still got 3 games and a mission pack left over to play. So a quiter year will be fine by me =).

Map-wise, who knows?? I know some stuff is in the works but until it's more definite for releasage, I try not to anticipate too much. I would definitely like to see some proper quality D3 maps, and some nice Q1 SP maps that have strong atmospheres (some of the 1000b pack were going that way). Other than that I'm not fussed. Maybe HL2 maps too....
Also In The New Year.... 
I will be learning to use Func_tags. Or metslime will FINALLY PUT A FUCKING PREVIEW FUNCTION IN although I doubt the latter too be honest. Or the former. 
Help Lassie! 
Well, I'll be looking forward to the obvious HL2 expansion where you get to play through the game from the viewpoint of a c17 citizen, Barney gets a blowjob from Lamarr the headcrab, and we are explained how the combine prevents people from having sex.


� D3 expansion.
� Quake 4: I dunno.
� Stalker: L.O.T.S.O.F.D.O.T.S....::.
� World of Warcraft. (No seriously, although I'm scared as fuck of this because the open beta sucked me in like a suckable and consumed me.)
� Starcraft Ghost. (Not too sure about this one tbh)
� Wanda and the colossus. The spiritual successor to ICO. Dunno if it will be out in 2005 tho.
� Wipeout Pure for the PSP. Need to get that.
� The fan-made nude patch for HL2; with skins for Barney. 
Wanda and the colossus. The spiritual successor to ICO.

I demand a dark, puzzle-based 3D game that has lots (i.e. > 2) of solutions for each puzzle to avoid frustration.

Still Stuck In 2004 
Shambler's list is pretty much what I have been looking forward to -- I'll add 1) Bioshock, and 2) whatever Crytek is hiding up their sleeve for E3 presentation, plus, 3) dare I say it? Duke Nuke'm Forevah. 
Gaming In The Year 2005 
� Carmack will shock the world when he announces his realization that sequels to remakes of sequels is inherently dumb. He will appologize for his creative bankruptcy.

� Microsoft will release Age of Tycoons to much fanfare.

� Counter Strike will suddenly become unpopular when a clan of flaming homosexuals wins the summer CS:S tournament.

� Nintendo will release Super Mario Biathlon, which despite sounding silly will still be fun because Nintendo rocks like that.

� Redfella will spontaneously combust in rage when someone comments on his next screenshot. 
Carmack makes engines, not games pushplay. His is not to design but to code. and his code and engines are very creative in their own way.

All I see in 2005 is X-men Legends 2 selling millions of copies due to my influence, assuring my domination of the world, after which Zwiffle becomes the first up against the wall.

Oh, and maybe I'll finish some of the maps I started... but maybe I should make that a 2006 resolution. 
it HAS to be good. If it's shit, surely 3DRealms will go under. I have some faith left - remember how cool DN3D was? Don't answer if you don't, or didn't like DN3D.

WipeOut Pure for PSP gets a vote from me too... as does Mercury. 

Yeah, right. 
What I'd like to see:

Quake 4 to do what it says.

Stalker to do what is says AND to have a smooth running and nice feeling engine (where it's predecessor Venom or whatever it was kinda fell down).

DOW Mission pack.

D3 MP to be good.


More games with a dark fantasy atmosphere. More games with a proper hardcore sci-fi atmosphere. Games that marry those two styles with modern technology and immersion, and feature things that make you go "woah, fuck" (like Stalkers in HL2 did).

More RPGish gameplay. Or more tactical gameplay but not in a gay RL / WW2 style. More open ended stuff where you feel you're choosing how to play. More interesting AI. Games like Thief3 and Deus Ex2 that HAVEN'T been XBolloxed.

I have a feeling, apart from possibly Q4, I might be disappointed in most of those aspects. But no worries for that, there'll still be good games. I would like to see more dark fantasy style though. 
Stuff that is currently causing explosions in my boxors:

STALKER - Just love the atmosphere of this game, and it truly is trying to push boundaries. Big respect to GSC Gameworld for that. I just hope it plays as good as it looks/feels/innovates...

FEAR - Looks fun, although the slowmo thing is a little cliche'd these days, its still fun. Not sure how the 1st person melee fighting will work out, graphics nice etc... Looks like another pant splatter too so hopefully it will work.
Stuff that is currently causing undecided tremours in my boxors:

QUAKE 4 - screenshots look totally generic thus far, apart from that cool heart room pic that someone else mentioned. Sounds like it will end up like a hybrid between doom3 and halo, which I geuss could work quite well if Raven pull it off.

PARIAH - Some screenshots look very very nice, and others look totally wank while yet others look wank and consoley. Apart from the developers spending time crafting some intricate characters and story, it looks totally generic, and upgrade units for weapons seems to be the "cool feature" of the game, how original...

DUKE4EVER - If its released, oh loller who am I kidding...
Stuff that is currently causing implosions in my boxors:

any EA games licenced title. 
I'm hot for nu-skool remakes of old-skool games if they capture the style and atmosphere of the original but combine it with new technology and sophistication. 
And One More. 
Any other game that creates a really good game set in any of Games Workshops settings....I will not only play it with glee but have sex with it afterwards too.

I really should have tried to remember all these before posting. 
Where Has All The Creativity Gone? 
What I'd really like to see in most newer games isn't hyper-leaps in technology or story per se, but instead a really good effort put into unique, interesting and original styles. I mean this not only as in the physical look of the game, but the gameplay itself.

Doom 3, while pretty, isn't anything new or exciting visually. Standard demon, skeleton, zombie. Standard shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher. HL2 had some interesting visuals weapon/enemy-wise, like said-Strider, or the combine weapon that shot that huge ball of evaporating energy.

If someone could come out with something besides "let's make a base level, then an urban level, then an otherwordly level, then another base level..." and just make something UNIQUE then I think I might be happy.

I'm tired of the same shit. I don't care how advanced the graphics are, if the graphical superiority of the engine isn't being utilized to create something worthwhile then why the hell would you spend all that time and effort on the engine in the first place?

Don't get me wrong, HL2/D3 wowed me graphically, but they're both very standard, non-innovative games graphically & creatively. Seriously, is it too hard to come up with a setting in some sort of dream world, where you have to fight inside and outside of huge mechanical golem war-machines? Or have some weapons we HAVEN'T seen before that aren't super gimmicky (Grav gun I'm looking at you.)

For example, McGee's Alice was incredible imo. Creative weapons/settings. Superb in that department. The enemies were awesome too. The Jabberwocky was frickin' cool. Excellent design.

Painkiller may be that way, I dunno cuz I haven't played it. The demo didn't seem all that great to me.

So yeah, 2005: The year of creativity. Plz. PLZ. 
2005 will be the year of rotten franchise and games for casuals! otherwise the industry will die! industry need money from the games for casuals!!!
fuck creativity! give us TITS! 
sorry off topic.. but the gravity gun is NOT a gimmick weapon! Its presence is woven into the entire game ffs! And it opens up entirely new gameplay possibilities with regards to puzzles and interactivity. Gimmick weapons do not do this! :) 
It's a gimmick to show off the physics engine :( It makes the game seem "uber cool" because of all the "interactivity" the weapon "has."

Example: "Woah dud3z0r! I can totally rip this toilet off the wall and shoot it at people! Then it acts LIKE A REAL TOILET WOULD ACT! No way this could be a gimmick!!"
@ Vondur

Well said. 
Gaming in 2005 will suck cause there won't be any old style 2D games to play, cause now even portable consoles can do stupid 3D... =\ 
I have high hopes for advance wars DS being 2d 
My Predictions 
Fat Controller finally finishes his library map and progs pack for Arcane, then quits Quake mapping for good, saying something about Morrowind and a writing career.

Oblivion will be released. As well as an advanced graphics engine (i.e. hidden face culling at long last, doubled mean time between crashes) it will feature a number of adjustments to thieving and magic that don't go far enough to satisfy the International Oblivion Wish List twerps who were howling for some sort of first person Sims game. Mods take twice as long to develop due to the strange mixture of Java and Prolog used as a scripting language causing would-be modders' heads to explode like in that "Scanners" movie. Quality of humanity increases slightly.

Fat Controller finally gets a decent video card. Writing career is put on hold as he can now play Morrowind at a respectable frame rate. This is subsequently followed by his beating the game again, this time without cheating. 
Crackwhores in Q4, and three-tittied whores in the Martian bars in the next part of D3. And big fat, CZG's mom-types that can't say anything but "TWO WEEKS".

And oh yeah, Fear and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.(...)look bad ass. 
For the moment the games i expect the most are,
"Quake4" and "Doom3 Expansion Pack", probably, they won't surprise me negatively.

Any expansion for Sacred... no please it'd destroy definitively my dying social life ;). 
Age 3. 
Definitely better tech, some aspects of it look great. Still too bright and cartoony. People still too big for houses. Setting/theme is entirely unappealing to me. Roll on Age Of Something Fantasy Or Sci-Fi. 
Bleh, I Mean Bler 
You're wrong. :) 
I Went Through An RTS 
phase in the mid 90's. Something about the games always made feel like a lab rat getting a pellet fix.

Though Syndicate was a lot of fun. 
Prove it, big boy! 
Siorpaj Bysiora 
Half-Life' is the best 
2005 will hold me learning to play MP games competently lol yeah right who am I kidding.

It will also seem to hold awesome Q1 SP maps in all styles imaginable from the oldest of the old skool to the nuest of the nu skool. W3rd. 
Laser Chess 2005 
I'm Surprised 
nobody has mentioned Call of Cthulhu

while it's not pushing any boundaries, I've always enjoyed a good lovecraft story. 
call of cthulhu!

i want a cheap new computer for 2005. something that will let me play doom3 or half-life 2 in a nice-fast way.

OMG What A Lot Of Gaming News In The Last Two Months... 
Resurrection Of Evil - cool it's out, will get it soon.

Half-Life 2: Aftermath - looks exactly like HL2. No bad thing, though.

UT 2007 - wow another fantastic and irresistable title. Hardly the shockingly innovative revelation of the decade...

Gears Of War - so Epic are abandoning U3 and going for an XBox360 3rd person game. Happy happy jo....bleh. Balls to that. Still look good though.

Prey - well well, pretty interesting to have it revived. The previews sound optimistic although the shots look very Doom3. Early days yet so fingers crossed.

Serious Sam 2 - yawn snore piss off.

Hellgate: London - interesting indeed. Looks quite like Painkiller but promises RPG elements. Hmmmm. Yes worth keeping an eye on for sure. I like the style despite the crude graphics.

ET: Quake2 Wars - (title corrected as it has nothing to do with Quake) well well, interesting idea, an online teamplay game in the Strogg conflict? Quite refreshing, and the Strogg universe seems to be getting richer all the time. I personally think it could be a neat idea. Baggsy I be a Strogg.

Quake 4 - see topic. 
Err U Freak 
you forgot STALKER!! :( :(

Fuck everything else, gimme stalker and lock me in my room for 10 years. This game will fucking rock.

ETQ2W looks fun, but will it be better than BF2? WHo knows....

Q4 who knows, looks ok I geuss.

Hellgate london looks like an interresting one yes.

Prey LOL, DNF lol. 3d realms LOL, etc...

Gears of war bah, gimme unreal 3 but as a sequel to unreal 1 not some ghey unreal 2 clone. I want lost civilizations, a world to explore, strange things to find, inspiring scenes to look at, deep explorative atmosphere, etc... Not some ponce in massive shoulder pads with the worst dialogue ever, shooting crappy sounding guns and people that fly a million miles in the air when they die (oh no that was Pariah my bad...)

anyway shutup, gimme STALKER, and bye bye 
Ahahahha Lolfap, I Rock 
I realised I already posted in this thread, shame. 
I left Stalker off the new list as it's not been announced / video-promoed etc recently. 
Will Man Live On The Moon By 1981? Many Experts Say, "yes!" 
As Long As.... 
....that man is Blitz, and there's no 'net connection on the moon, I'm happy. 
I remember back when we saw the first screenshots, Stalker's graphics looked like really exciting next-gen future-wow-tech stuff. Now everything it does graphically seems like a checkbox feature that a PC FPS needs to get any publisher/consumer interest whatsoever. They've spent too long making it and time has caught up on them. Basically, this means it's going to have to prove itself through its gameplay - which is as it should be. At least it looks like they may have got some AI in, finally, in the newer trailers.

It makes me feel a bit sad for the developers. 
has anyone read the book btw? Although somewhat similar inspirations have been used in a lot of movies and games after that (The Sphere and Doom for example), and the game is not going to follow it 100%. Well, the book is kinda more atmospheric than a complete idea chest for a game.

I've noticed the trend anyway that lots of hollywood sci-fi movies have blatantly stolen from soviet scifi assuming the illiterate audience won't notice. Well, they haven't noticed. Matrix, The Abyss, the list goes on. I could probably work as a screenwriter, get moeny by plagiarizing... The Strugatskis and Lem have a lot of sixties-seventies production that hasn't yet been used, although some of that might be too challenging intellectually to ordinary burger people, even when dumbed down to minimum...

But back to the game.
That autonomous task-based AI they describe sounds pretty ambitious and might be a lot harder than it sounds to develop to be working believably for the player. I wonder if they have any population dynamics /cybernetics researchers helping them... The single organism/npc/enemy must be a pretty complex and finely-tuned statemachine if it's going to be working freely without much help from scripts etc.. I wonder if it can stay away from converging to some dead-set states or patterns for example - all monsters tending to gather to one point etc.. 
Time Has Caught Up You Say? 
Any game out there, other than HL2, that looks comparable to stalker? 
Your Mom 
tho that might make me look like a stalker.

seriously, stalker was all about gameplay all the time wasnt it? as long as the world is convincing i dont care for the latest grphic features. heck, i am just playing through descent 2: vertigo atm (ok, with an ogl engine), and i cant remember when i had THAT MUCH FUN. mustve been the last time i played through quake or something. Ok, stop the rambling now - stalker is all bout exploration of a world (at least that's what i am expecting from it) and i dont think a tiny bit outdated graphics will influence the atmosphere so much. 
Republic Commando In 2005? 
It looked good on G4. After playing the demo, I must say I am quite unimpressed. It plays that Star Trek game by Ritual, but you get automated turrets (your squad) you place ONLY at pre-chosen locations. Either you place them or they follow you. That's about it.

From the demo I would say avoid this game. 
It was very very fun overall I thought, but what zwiffle says is true throughout... the whole squad thing could have been taken so much further but it has been dumbed down quite a lot, and yes u can only do special actions are pre-chosen locations. Half the gameplay is working out what action points are best to use for each squad member and when to change positions etc.

That said though, some great moments to be had playing this game, fighting off hordes of droids while healing and ressurecting your squad mates in a desperate attempt to keep your firepower up and theres down. Very tense and great fun. 
Age Of Empires 3 
It's been talked about before, but I'm still waiting eagerly for AoE3. The screenshots do NOT do this game justice. There was a video released showing the game in action from E3, and it's simply breathtaking. The bad news is it's geared for higher end systems, which means to run the game smoothly some of us less fortunates would have to seriously upgrade our systems(like me).

This game looks badass. 
Mmmm Prey 
<Shambler> okay, i confess, prey trailer full size does look pretty damn cool
<Shambler> visually a lot like doom3, but looks like some interesting shit for sure 
Project Offset. 
From Blues:

""Project Offset" is a game like no other first person shooter to date. We wanted to make an FPS set in a epic fantasy world. A game where you can choose one of many character classes. A game where clans can combat over mission based objectives and be ranked accordingly. A game where you can play alone, coop, team based objective or deathmatch.

The controls feel exactly how an FPS player would expect. Play as an archer and
your skill using the bow and leading your target is what will set you apart. When the battles get close up, pull out your sword and continue the fight melee.

For players who like vehicle combat, we won't disappoint. Project Offset will have creatures you can ride, dragons you can fly, siege weapons you can man -- all part of an epic battle between you and your foes.

Project Offset is built around a next gen engine, where every model is created with the amount of detail and effort normally found only in a cinematic, making you feel like you are part of an epic story."

Now obviously this is VERY early days, but I think the idea sounds excellent. Like really cool indeed. In fact, someone page Tronyn after he was asking about fantasy FPSs on his Hexen/Heretic thread.

There's also a tech video:

Tech looks good, but there's a snippet of what is hopefully sameplay gameplay at 0:45, and indeed it does look really cool.

That snippet of what is hopefully sameplay gameplay at 0:45 does indeed look very good, only wish it went for longer.
I like the sound of it, another I am watching is Huxley, supposed to be first person MMORPG thing, which might be good. 
It's A First Person MMORPG 
Offset looks quite yummy, I'll have to watch out for that. Got a link for Huxley? I'm kind of wary about 1st person MMORPGs after what happened to that one game ... you know, that ONE game - that one. 
MMORPG, well that might not be the correct description, maybe MMO First peerson Shooter, anyway, whatever, here you go 
Actually, I thought they might be developing this at Human Head.

Anyway, the gameplay footage I downloaded from IGN looked interesting. The visuals weren't anything special; actually the detail level looked like about what you might see in a Quake map. I don't really like the new story they've developed, either. However, I'm definitely looking forward to this title. 
Aye, Red Face For Amazingness 
Prey looks a LOT better than I previously thought. Seeing it in action and seeing screenshots of lame-looking enemies all up in your face are two TOTALLY different. I can't believe how great Prey looks. It will be game of the year for whatever year it's released, I have no doubts. 
two TOTALLY different THINGS. Someone needs to put a preview button on this websi... nevermind. 
Second Thoughts 
Ok, here is my updated list of the games I'm looking forward to (PC only):

Alan Wake
Supreme Commander
Call of Cthulhu

Games I'm sort of looking forward to:
Quake Wars
Quake 4
What a joke. I don't expect it to come out for a long time. I'm not even interested.

Alan Wake and Stalker, Hitman: Blood Money, Elder Scrolls 4 (or is that next year?), Fallout 3 (same question) - that's about it. 
Project Offset 
heh, did you read the "team"-page that says they're only three people working from an apartment?

They seem very skilled though but it will be a long road with many pitfalls tor turn their idea into a successfull product if they do find a publisher or investor to allow them to actually make it happen. 
Looking Forward To 
ET Quake Wars
Project Offset

Project Offset, yeah 3 people, however they did say that they had no intention of completing the game with only 3, they are seeking more. I hope they can finish it, and more importantly make it rock. 
Q4 Definitively 
I read some articles on Quake4 (here and there), and all the writers agreed to say Q4 will be better than Doom3 regarding the ambiance (more fear, more blood, more immersion), and very close, maybe better than HL2... I really expect it will be ! I'm still playing Doom3 and HL2: Doom3 for "adrenalin and fear", and HL2 for "fun and interactivity with the environment"... If Q4 is able to merge both of these two points: I vote for it !

Taking a look to website, Q4 looks like Doom3 screenies... so it sounds really gound to me ;D

As well, I'm also a fan of TombRaider series, and eidos has announced a new episode for the end to the year, titled "TombRaider: Legend" ... so wait and see...

I expect to have good surprises ;) 
They're looking for funding from either a publisher or other investor so they can then start recruiting a team and then start production. It seems like what they got so far seems of good quality and that their merits are good so they should be able to get some people interested.

The game seems pretty ambitous so I'd say they'll probably need at least a year and a half to two years in production once they got a full team.

If project offset gets done I don't expect it until somtime around 2008.

I don't intend to sound like mr. Negative - it does look very cool and it would be great if it gets made without too many compromises but there are so many things that can go wrong along the way making the project either sink or released as some mediocre thing in the end. 
Mr. CyBeAr 
Just stating what they said on their page, which I posted a link to in another thread, which was basically they had no intention of completing the game with only 3, they are seeking more

and again I hope they can finish it, and more importantly make it rock.,/q> 
Can't remember whether the LegionPharma viral marketing bollocks has been discussed here or not, but sod that anyway since solid info on the new Sin game has started to emerge. A few brief nuggets: Source engine, episodic distribution via Steam, Blade has a sidekick character in many levels, main enemy is still SinTEK and mutants, buying Ritual games puts fried chicken in Levelord's mouth*.

The prospect of more Sin makes me happy.

BTW before anyone just reads the first article and starts off on "OMGWTFSTEAMONLY" faggotry, the third link says there'll be a boxed version later.

If you are in the UK stop by the newsagents and leaf through PC Gamer for screenshots.

* Not my joke. 
I know that they don't intend to finish it with three people damnit - just tried to say that even if they do get funding to recruit a team things will be far from easy.

If they do get a great game out they'll be my heroes for realising their own ideas - if the fail...move along that kind of thing has happend numerous times before in the industry. 
P.S. New monster screenshot (linked from Blues), looks pretty nice.

You're right tho. 
Oblivion, the next Elder Scrolls.

MorroWind changed the way I look at games now, and probably contributed to my lacklustre responce to D3.!

Actually that's it.. just Oblivion. 
Save Some Look Up Time 
Did Bethesda ever come out with the Daggerfall addon idea BattleMage which was suppose to encompass one huge, detailed dungeon? 
I'm not sure, I checked on the webpage, but I think Call of Cthulhu is only coming out for consoles now. I couldn't find anything saying it was coming out for PC, which really sucks, I was looking forward to Call of Cthulhu too.

BTW - Supreme Commander will be gay. 
I await fte quake to become stable and high-speed... or maybe just it's features will be ported to more refined nq and qw engines. (gl_blur 0.2 anyone, hint?) 
Cthulhu blah

And that's bad because? 
That Sucks Ass 
fucking console cock suckers.

Not that I don't enjoy console games, but for bethedsa to cancel the pc release really sucks. I can imagine how crap it will be when played with a joypad on a crap tv.

p.s. Supreme Commander will be less gay than you are, zwiffle. 
AoE3 Will Be Even Less Gay Than That 
So ha. 
even if it's only half as good as its predecessors it will definitely be the best rpg ever. the screenshots look absolutely awesome.
i hunger for it even more fiercely than for stalker...

about call of cthulhu: i didn't know about this game at all, but it sounds (or looks in the first place) very interesting.
although there is little information on the website, i somehow doubt the pc version will be dropped. at least they still have the system requirements for the pc version in their faq. 
i'd new game. wonder what that will be like without them doing another sequel.

jesus: the sex machine perhaps? 
Stuff I'm looking forward to;

Q4 - I think it looks good actually. (Yes, yes, thank you, I know, cynism/l33tness/omgantihype. Still looks good though)

STALKER - Mmmmm, 'free form' gameplay in broken industrial setting

New Zelda - LOTR + OOT... 'nuff said

That Project Offset thing looks cool too 
Quake 4 
I think that the reason so many people are so nonplussed by it is because it looks very similar to Doom 3, and these are probably the same people who were pissing themselves at the prospect of Doom 3, then discovered that it wasn't really what they were looking for.

I suppose I'm looking forward to it a bit, but I doubt I'll be buying it on the day of release or anything.

Now, if it was a sequel to Q1...

Personally I prefered Q2 as a SP experience to Q1.

I think possibly because at the time of Q1 I was more into Duke3D and only played Q1 through fully just before Q2 came out.

But even so, the Q2 universe and story hold my interest far more than that of Q1 (even if from a custom mapping point of view the Q1 universe allows more freedom of theme). 
q1 was not very strong in sp originally.
But it's matured better than most games somehow... 
is a funny word for a game that has declined in popularity from about the time q2 was released ;)

there's eternal life in the old beast tho so i dont fear the future ! 
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