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2005 Gaming - What Will Next Year Hold??
Predictions? Expections? Hype? Big plans? Small plans? Games? Maps? Projects? Marriage proposals?
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two TOTALLY different THINGS. Someone needs to put a preview button on this websi... nevermind. 
Second Thoughts 
Ok, here is my updated list of the games I'm looking forward to (PC only):

Alan Wake
Supreme Commander
Call of Cthulhu

Games I'm sort of looking forward to:
Quake Wars
Quake 4
What a joke. I don't expect it to come out for a long time. I'm not even interested.

Alan Wake and Stalker, Hitman: Blood Money, Elder Scrolls 4 (or is that next year?), Fallout 3 (same question) - that's about it. 
Project Offset 
heh, did you read the "team"-page that says they're only three people working from an apartment?

They seem very skilled though but it will be a long road with many pitfalls tor turn their idea into a successfull product if they do find a publisher or investor to allow them to actually make it happen. 
Looking Forward To 
ET Quake Wars
Project Offset

Project Offset, yeah 3 people, however they did say that they had no intention of completing the game with only 3, they are seeking more. I hope they can finish it, and more importantly make it rock. 
Q4 Definitively 
I read some articles on Quake4 (here and there), and all the writers agreed to say Q4 will be better than Doom3 regarding the ambiance (more fear, more blood, more immersion), and very close, maybe better than HL2... I really expect it will be ! I'm still playing Doom3 and HL2: Doom3 for "adrenalin and fear", and HL2 for "fun and interactivity with the environment"... If Q4 is able to merge both of these two points: I vote for it !

Taking a look to website, Q4 looks like Doom3 screenies... so it sounds really gound to me ;D

As well, I'm also a fan of TombRaider series, and eidos has announced a new episode for the end to the year, titled "TombRaider: Legend" ... so wait and see...

I expect to have good surprises ;) 
They're looking for funding from either a publisher or other investor so they can then start recruiting a team and then start production. It seems like what they got so far seems of good quality and that their merits are good so they should be able to get some people interested.

The game seems pretty ambitous so I'd say they'll probably need at least a year and a half to two years in production once they got a full team.

If project offset gets done I don't expect it until somtime around 2008.

I don't intend to sound like mr. Negative - it does look very cool and it would be great if it gets made without too many compromises but there are so many things that can go wrong along the way making the project either sink or released as some mediocre thing in the end. 
Mr. CyBeAr 
Just stating what they said on their page, which I posted a link to in another thread, which was basically they had no intention of completing the game with only 3, they are seeking more

and again I hope they can finish it, and more importantly make it rock.,/q> 
Can't remember whether the LegionPharma viral marketing bollocks has been discussed here or not, but sod that anyway since solid info on the new Sin game has started to emerge. A few brief nuggets: Source engine, episodic distribution via Steam, Blade has a sidekick character in many levels, main enemy is still SinTEK and mutants, buying Ritual games puts fried chicken in Levelord's mouth*.

The prospect of more Sin makes me happy.

BTW before anyone just reads the first article and starts off on "OMGWTFSTEAMONLY" faggotry, the third link says there'll be a boxed version later.

If you are in the UK stop by the newsagents and leaf through PC Gamer for screenshots.

* Not my joke. 
I know that they don't intend to finish it with three people damnit - just tried to say that even if they do get funding to recruit a team things will be far from easy.

If they do get a great game out they'll be my heroes for realising their own ideas - if the fail...move along that kind of thing has happend numerous times before in the industry. 
P.S. New monster screenshot (linked from Blues), looks pretty nice.

You're right tho. 
Oblivion, the next Elder Scrolls.

MorroWind changed the way I look at games now, and probably contributed to my lacklustre responce to D3.!

Actually that's it.. just Oblivion. 
Save Some Look Up Time 
Did Bethesda ever come out with the Daggerfall addon idea BattleMage which was suppose to encompass one huge, detailed dungeon? 
I'm not sure, I checked on the webpage, but I think Call of Cthulhu is only coming out for consoles now. I couldn't find anything saying it was coming out for PC, which really sucks, I was looking forward to Call of Cthulhu too.

BTW - Supreme Commander will be gay. 
I await fte quake to become stable and high-speed... or maybe just it's features will be ported to more refined nq and qw engines. (gl_blur 0.2 anyone, hint?) 
Cthulhu blah

And that's bad because? 
That Sucks Ass 
fucking console cock suckers.

Not that I don't enjoy console games, but for bethedsa to cancel the pc release really sucks. I can imagine how crap it will be when played with a joypad on a crap tv.

p.s. Supreme Commander will be less gay than you are, zwiffle. 
AoE3 Will Be Even Less Gay Than That 
So ha. 
even if it's only half as good as its predecessors it will definitely be the best rpg ever. the screenshots look absolutely awesome.
i hunger for it even more fiercely than for stalker...

about call of cthulhu: i didn't know about this game at all, but it sounds (or looks in the first place) very interesting.
although there is little information on the website, i somehow doubt the pc version will be dropped. at least they still have the system requirements for the pc version in their faq. 
i'd new game. wonder what that will be like without them doing another sequel.

jesus: the sex machine perhaps? 
Stuff I'm looking forward to;

Q4 - I think it looks good actually. (Yes, yes, thank you, I know, cynism/l33tness/omgantihype. Still looks good though)

STALKER - Mmmmm, 'free form' gameplay in broken industrial setting

New Zelda - LOTR + OOT... 'nuff said

That Project Offset thing looks cool too 
Quake 4 
I think that the reason so many people are so nonplussed by it is because it looks very similar to Doom 3, and these are probably the same people who were pissing themselves at the prospect of Doom 3, then discovered that it wasn't really what they were looking for.

I suppose I'm looking forward to it a bit, but I doubt I'll be buying it on the day of release or anything.

Now, if it was a sequel to Q1...

Personally I prefered Q2 as a SP experience to Q1.

I think possibly because at the time of Q1 I was more into Duke3D and only played Q1 through fully just before Q2 came out.

But even so, the Q2 universe and story hold my interest far more than that of Q1 (even if from a custom mapping point of view the Q1 universe allows more freedom of theme). 
q1 was not very strong in sp originally.
But it's matured better than most games somehow... 
is a funny word for a game that has declined in popularity from about the time q2 was released ;)

there's eternal life in the old beast tho so i dont fear the future ! 
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