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Quake V Brainstorm
Quake 1 remade in a new engine, blending old skool atmosphere and gameplay feel with nu-skool graphics and technology?? I think it could be fantastic if done how WOULD it be done right?? One might not be able to trust a gaming company to do it right, but one could trust one of the last bastions of the Quake community to do it, right??

So post and discuss how you think it (hypothetically I'm sure, sadly) should be done...
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Quake5 Will Be 
uniquely textured on every polygon of the world
3 years late, 3 hours long, and dull 
You seem like, just perhaps, you have a negative attitude upon occasion. 
Well, what choice do you have when you grow up in a frozen region where one only sees the sun at most 1 month of the year? He even grew resentful of those living in the sunny south, proving this by hating his time in Savannah. All this is rather reminiscent of the Morlocks, really.

So he had but one choice: become a cynic, or a Russian. And because of the sentiments toward communism at his birth, there really wasn't even a choice. 
yeah ... I should do something about that. 
could only happen if iD made a couple of games that weren't received well, and realized that they needed to make something just as innovative as the original quake

oh, wait. 
I'm still up for a Q5 TC for Doom 3, or, even better, Prey. PLLEEEEASSSSSEEE???? 
I think Source would be a better engine.

The Doom 3/Prey engine has shiny, plastic-like crap everywhere which is a visual blight that I've yet to see anybody adequately overcome. 
Edit: That said, Quake Wars does seem to have removed the shineyness and looks a lot better for it, so that would be a great Quake to mod. It'd allow for some truly immense hell-bastions as well. 
I think Source would be a better engine.

The Doom 3/Prey engine has shiny, plastic-like crap everywhere which is a visual blight that I've yet to see anybody adequately overcome.

Or you could just, you know, make new materials that aren't supposed to be simulating shiny metal or plastic in the first place. 
Can You? I Don't Know 
because I've never seen it done, even by people who've tried to simulate bricks. 
They Can't Have Tried Too Hard 
Turning down the spec is hardly difficult. Authoring decent materials is, though.

Having said that, I also far prefer the look of source. Realtime lighting is simply too ugly and limited to match the precomputed methods. 
Unreal Engine 3 
would like a word with you, if Gears of War is anything to go by (hint: it is) 
Yea' But 
it would just be sick and perverse to develop a Quake game on Unreal technology. :P 
was Quake really that good or exceptional or innovative??

Some aspects I really liked, like many nice textures and the nimbleness of the hero. But overall Doom was more compelling as a single player experience.

Was the environment of quake really that special?.. I don't know. Maybe it isn't so relevant.

post scriptum to lun: at least you have a point in your negativisms, it isn't just some pure emo. 
One thing I really love in Quake is the movement/feeling/"physics". It's easy to learn, feels 100% fast and immediate, and yet offers so much to learn and improve (for speedrunning things). 
i think one of the things that makes the q1 single player experience special is that, somehow, it convincingly pulled off a wide variety of different environments -- and had a simple yet compelling explanation as to why they were that way.

compared to modern games, quake map styles (in the original game) changed suddenly, and got continually more evil as the game progressed. maybe, to force some reinvention, we just need to destroy the base and temple stereotypes...? 
it would just be sick and perverse to develop a Quake game on Unreal technology. :P

Yes, but wouldn't it feel naughty?

Oh so deliciously naughty

Foppish Dandy! 
If Quake 3 was part of the Quake series while just being pure dm, I think Quake Wars has just as much right to be part of the series so aren't we really discussion Quake 6 here?

Zwif: I think Hexum has an awesome looking d3 level somewhere on Doom3World where he is making a Quake style project. Looks great. There is another Quake in Doom 3 project around there somewhere as well if you are really interested. 
Well, the name is largely irrelevant; we are talking about a remake (or a sequel in the same "universe") as the original. Perhaps we could call our hypothetical game "Quake: The Brownening" from now on, as it doesn't invalidate any of the points in this discussion.

HeadThump: I take exception to your baseless accusation. 
Heh Heh 
maybe I should be careful whom I taunt; the last guy I called a fancylad for wearing a leapord skin cap with a matching coat turned out to be a pimp. It did not go down as bad as the encounter with a pirate though. Apparently, the unedited lyrics to the old chante goes:

"What do we do with a drunken sailor,
Tie him to the mast and cornhole him later.' 
But But But 
If you tie all the sailors to the mast, who will navigate the ship? 
That Is What These Fellas Are For 
we have talking crows for gamedesingers 
Important Facts 
I don't know why ID software games are so good.
Maybe because they have something satanic in them.
The original QUAKE was my first love!
Quake2 was a piece of shit
Quake3 brought a little refresment to the genre 
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