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Brits In #terrafusion Meet?
As part of anal banter we were thinking how many evile Brits are in #tf and thought why don`t we all meet up at some point during the summer. So we can pissed and take the mickey out of each other, etc.

Suggestion was that it could be in London, one weekend in June. So far the following people showed an interest : Me, Sock, Bal, Sleepwalker and Moz. Oh and if anyone is feeling generous, Friction would come if his air ticket was paid for.

We were kinda thinking people like nonentity, Cardo, pingu, spog etc may be interested in coming as well.

So if interested peeps could post and say when they`re free in June, we`ll take it from there.
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252e ticket, what do they take me for, Nokia CEO? 
252e ticket, what do they take me for, Nokia CEO? 
This thing double posts easily. 
Its not just for people in the UK, hence Bal and Sleepwalker. Anyone in #tf is welcome to make the trek over. 
Need to decide on which weekend is everyone available for? 
That Would Be So Cool. 
But Ive only got $545 which is going towards a new PC and uh... yeah right! :P In merka here.. talk about a long flight. 
You Don't Need A New PC... 
to play quake! 
I`d Love To Come Except... 
1. You`re all cunts.
2. I don`t drink.
3. There`s no way I can be arsed to go to the city.
4. See 1. again. 
ooooooooh what if i came ? :P 
You`d be a cunt too.

But I doubt anyone is inviting you... 
Killes / Shambler 
If you came then we could have a BBQ. Spit roast Killes... actually on second thoughts that isn`t a good idea.

1. I don`t see that as reason to stop you.
2. You don`t have to drink.
3. London is not that bad. What about Birmingham?!
4. See 1. 
Shambler Won�t Show 
cause it would totally destroy his online persona. 
Sounds Good 
It`d be very interesting to see some #tf peeps in the flesh (and I don`t mean those pictures I was sent!). However, can I suggest early July instead of sometime in June? as from the start of July, I`ll have work and college over with and I`ll be able to turn up. 
Thats not good for me since I`m on me hols first week of July. 
Yeah, I`d be interested, I`ll ask pingu and than since they don`t read here much (afaik). 
are you back after the first week? 
Oh Wait 
i see you mean you`re off for a while after then

how about the weekend at the end of june (26th&27th)? 
Yeah I'd Come Too 
if somebody paid my air ticket. 
Shambler is just making cheap excuses because then somebody might actually (gasp!) know something about his real life!

Also, Vondur needs to be there. 
i`ll be drunk very quickly and will act silly. like trying to play quake or might start mapping even, or something like that. ie, i`ll be annoying ;)

and londonium is too far for me, a pity though ;) 
Chances Are... 
Me and DaZ will be indecisive, probably. 
Meh Si Teh No Brit.... 
.. but I'd be really interested in joining in on the fun. The only problem is that I don't really have the money :(...

/me thinks about robbing a bank 
No No, Gom 
Just become a prostitute! "Suck sucky, cheap cheap" and "Me ruv you rong time" usually work pretty well. Err, I mean, so I'm told. 
Im up for it, just name where/when... 
Know We Know How Rpg Makes A Living 
Id love to attend the meeting but as always..
money and visa problem .
Jet to london and back will be like 500$

How about VondurCon at some nearby city :) ? 
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