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Brits In #terrafusion Meet?
As part of anal banter we were thinking how many evile Brits are in #tf and thought why don`t we all meet up at some point during the summer. So we can pissed and take the mickey out of each other, etc.

Suggestion was that it could be in London, one weekend in June. So far the following people showed an interest : Me, Sock, Bal, Sleepwalker and Moz. Oh and if anyone is feeling generous, Friction would come if his air ticket was paid for.

We were kinda thinking people like nonentity, Cardo, pingu, spog etc may be interested in coming as well.

So if interested peeps could post and say when they`re free in June, we`ll take it from there.
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Yes, indeed. However, it occurred to me that that list would have to include my own dearly beloved mum. I just couldn't do it, and to deny Britian a ex-convict, reformed bank robbing lesbian as her soveriegn would be to deny her richly deserved chapter in her history. 
The #tf meet did go ahead, a few of the lads turned up with their gfs (or fiancees, in Pauk's case), and someone got a pic on their crappy phone cam and posted in when drunk: 
Shambler was really drunk because he thinks I attented.

"<Shambler> popa = bottom left in that pic" 
A cunning plan.

Alton Towers.

Central in the country, great fun, basically it rocks. Better that than sitting in some stinking bar in London drinking lager at �8 a pint thinking "God you're actually all cunts IRL".

Preferably take a day off and do a weekday, too crowded otherwise.

Start early in the morning to avoid queues.

Go on all the hardcore rides until people start collapsing.

Anyone left alive eats hot-dogs until they need to be carted away by paramedics.

Kinn gets thrown in the lake.

Pub meal afterwards.

Shambler actually wants to meet people and well... come out of the shadows???!

Couldn't agree more tho, Alton Towers owns my pants, and I need to go there to get them back... 
A plan 2+ years in the making...
and Zwiffle will join in and ruin it all.

Can I come please? 
...will not be obligatory. Kell will be wearing a skirt anyway. 
Fuck Yeah 
Count me in.

Although I'm not sure I'd want to take a weekday off so soon after starting my new job. 
just checked and Alton Towers is like slap-bang next to Derby, which is where I'll be living shortly. 
I Would So Like To Be There 
you can't; limeys only. 
I Tried To Have A Yank-only Meeting 
But they didn't show up. 
I would if I could but I can't drive yet, then I would need to get a day or two off or sumthin. You'd have to get the drinks too, I'm only 20. But all those things satisfied, I would come probably. 
You'd have to get the drinks too, I'm only 20

lol, America, lol. I was gittin' tha fookin' drinks in with ease from age 15 onwards. I've only been ID'd once actually, aged 19 funnily, in some tourist pub in Cornwall, but I did have retarded raver hair at the time.

Of course, when I visited the States a few months ago, I managed to forget to bring ID the first time I went to a pub (sorry, bar), but amazingly managed to get away with it, through a combination of pleading ignorance, coupled with the fact that the friend I was with had ID and was about 35.

One of my work colleagues is in his 50s and was on a similar trip to the States. He told me he was rather flattered when they asked him to produce his ID at a bar. 
Requesting Pictures Of Kinn With 'retarded Raver Hair' 
Also wanting to go to Alton Towers, Nemesis rocked. 
Alton Towers Does Bloody Rule. 
Haven't been there for about eleven years, but have to agree with czg, Nemesis is fantastic! 
Oblivion Was Cool Too 
Almost made me pee my pants, which is cool. 
Why are all you foreign people coming to England!?

P.S. Nemesis, awesome, hadn't been on a proper roller-coaster ever, and had only been on half-arsed Disney ones a decade or more ago. Did Nem as the first one of the day, bloody hell, can't actually remember anything as my brain couldn't keep up, but it left me with jet lag =). 
Sounds good. I'd be up for it assuming it doesn't clash with my hideously busy summer.

(I'm lying of course, my only plans are for Glades in a couple of weeks and I don't have a job) 
I have to knock the level of the conversation down a notch or two to say this (and don't I always?) but:


I also really loved the Thunder Loopa single loop coaster next to the Nemesis, but I think it's been removed in the last few years. It was highly prime and the ride time was about the same as queue time (i.e. the queues were really short.)

I haven't been to Alton Towers since they built the Oblivion and certainly wouldn't mind going again if I get the chance sometime.

I have to say though, I've been on a couple of very fine rollercoasters since Nemesis, so Alton Towers better have installed some good stuff since my last trip. 
any idea what sort of date we're looking at here? 
Or have you scally charvers bottled it already? 
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