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Func_Msgboard Server Change
Hi everybody. In the next day or two I'm planning to switch over to a new webhost. For Func, this will mean some downtime while I transfer the absolute latest database image to the new server. I'm going to post in this thread a few minutes before the board goes down so nobody loses a post (hopefully.)

There will of course be a DNS change involved too, but that's less of a big deal as you will be able to use the IP address of the new server as soon as the board is ready to use.
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Meaning that I can post whatever I want here and it won't be in the latest DB image?

one did you decide on metl? 
no; that's what i'm going to avoid by shutting the forum down before the switch. 
Oh Sure Answer His Question And Not Mine! 
Body cannot be empty 
Sorry, Just Checking. 
(it can) 
Final Warning... 
func is going down in 45 minutes. That means at 5:30pm pacific time. 
We're Back! 
However, the DNS change is still waiting on customer service to unlock the domain record so that i can change name servers. Once that happens, then it'll be another day or two before resolves to the new server.

In the meantime you can log in and post, but when the DNS change propogates, you might have to log in again (becuase your cookies will be for instead of 
You're doing a bang up job! Three cheers for metl! 
only three?
i'd add a couple more ;) 
And A Wedgie... 
...I'll add that. 
No Cheer 
Just Beer :) 
We want FLOYD! 
...Could you please xplain the meaning of the word "wedgie"? I already asked that to Gene Simmons of Kiss who mentioned it in one of his rants on the website, but received no reply.. Maybe I'm not worthy...

U R Awk 
The Silent

oh and nice one metl, smooth crossover there (hopefully i didn't jinx it). 
looks like DNS is sorted! long live func_qmap!

...but still no News Archive? 
Uh Yes 
Still no Floyd? 
My technical ignorance abounds...

Clicking on your link or the News Archive link or the View All Threads link gives a 'Cannot find server or DNS Error' ? Everything else OK.

Zone Alarm and Norton Anti Virus running.

Is someone picking on me? 
I have the same problem. 
Mike / Phait 
No problem with Mozilla FireFox on Linux environment... For sure it's again a Microsoft Problem 
I Can View It... 
with IE. I wonder if the size of the page (180k) gets blocked by some people's installed software. If you suspect zone alarm or norton anti virus, why not disable them temporarily and try it? 
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