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Three Old Quake 3 Maps Released By Bal
Well, I finally got around to releasing all these old maps that have been lying around my hard-drive for the last 2 or 3 years now...
Hope someone still cares. =)

Bal3dm5 - Junk Data (aka, "soon")
Well, almost everyone on #terrafusion has already played this, but here it is, finally officially released...

Bal3void1 - Peaceful Holidays in Egypt
Some funky Pyramid map thingy I made while chatting with Sock on IRC years ago, probably not playable... =D

Bal3void2 - Malfunctioning Nano-Constructor
Some other funky giant piece of flying brushwork, not sure what I was thinking, probably not playable either... =D

Well, that's it for my Quake 3 mapping career, was a good engine to work with.
None of these maps have had so much beta-testing for proper gameplay, but thanks to Nanospawn and Ironhammer for doing a final check on them.

PS: Rejoice! For all three of these maps contain a large ammount of TRIANGULAR LIGHTS! yay.
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Shazbot About The Title 
WOW. The screenshots look fantabulous!! I will download these right away and see if I can get some proper gaming on them, but I doubt I will be able to. They look awesome. 
sources plz 
Yeah, about that, I forgot to say: All the .maps files are included, just check inside the .pk3s. 
great. thnx 
Triangular lights return! 
No More Mocking Bal 
The "release bal3dm5 already" joke is dead =(. But anyway, although none of the void maps are playable, bal3dm5 is some sweet versus map that could be perfectly playable in FFA.

Cheers, frenchiard =), and great levelshots there 
Bong... Bong... Bong... Gah! 
Other than the irritating ambient sound, and a spot opposite the RA where you can climb up and see outside the level... I love it.

Level load art deserves a special mention. It rawks.

*Thinks good things about French mappers* 
now that you got bal3dm5 out of the door - when are you going to release duke nukem forever? 
Bo�te De Lettres 
LOL at the mailbox on the bottom. 
Well Well 
I wonder how many more surprises are going to come about before I return back. First there was the q1 sp release marathon and now this.

that bal3void1 looks stunning! 
now that the bal3void2 screenies have loaded up, that looks just as amazing! 
It must be raining cats and dogs outside, Bal is releasing maps! :P
Congrats on finally releasing the triangle pyramid, it was indeed a fun concept.

was not going to play any game today (ridiculous headache...) but this changes everything =).
Bal3dm5 released at last!.
And from what i'm seeing in the pics the two floaters look amazing, from the Bal3void2 bottom right screenshot what a brushwork is that?!... wow! =)..................... 
O M F G! 
Four horsemen are riding, it's raining locusts...

...and Bal's released his Q3 MAPS !!!

P.S. The space ones look cool, very mad designs. 
O M M F G ! ! 
At the screenshots, holy fucking shit. Where's my Q3 CD?

And, to recall the last time this happened: 
bal3dm5 rocks !! 
I Can't Seem To Get Any Of The Links To Work. 
/me cries 
Tell the Raven sys admin to stop hogging all the bandwidth with his codpiece dickgirl porn. I bet that would help. 
Hmm, some other people have complained about that too... Not sure what is wrong, spawnpoint is somewhat slow to respond at times, try getting whatever you're using to download it to wait longer before deciding it timed out maybe? 
codpiece dickgirl porn
I have no idea what you're talking about. You have to stop assuming everyone has your interests and knowledge.

Bal: I tried with both IE and Firefox and neither one could find the server. My ISP is kind of iffy sometimes though, so I'll try from work tomorrow. 
Bal3void2 looks like its straight out of katamari damacy 8-) 
Awesome map Bal, congratulations. Just played a quick bot match on it and it was a good time. I really liked the theme and feel, and obviously the brushwork was awesome. I really liked the triangular lights as well. The only minor complaint is that the skybox had that black lining around it -- I don't play Q3 too much so I don't really know what the deal is with that but it kinda sucks since alot of the map is open to the skybox. Anyway very cool, too bad you're going to quit mapping ;(

i'll bring them into work with me and throw them on the network for you tomorrow 
You rock.

blitz: It's probably due to your ATI card (as opposed to Nvidia). The ironic part is that ATI does what they do "correctly" per whatever standards there are (or so I have heard from people who seem to know these things) but both id and Nvidia implement it "wrong" in the same way so it works. Bleh. 
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