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Three Old Quake 3 Maps Released By Bal
Well, I finally got around to releasing all these old maps that have been lying around my hard-drive for the last 2 or 3 years now...
Hope someone still cares. =)

Bal3dm5 - Junk Data (aka, "soon")
Well, almost everyone on #terrafusion has already played this, but here it is, finally officially released...

Bal3void1 - Peaceful Holidays in Egypt
Some funky Pyramid map thingy I made while chatting with Sock on IRC years ago, probably not playable... =D

Bal3void2 - Malfunctioning Nano-Constructor
Some other funky giant piece of flying brushwork, not sure what I was thinking, probably not playable either... =D

Well, that's it for my Quake 3 mapping career, was a good engine to work with.
None of these maps have had so much beta-testing for proper gameplay, but thanks to Nanospawn and Ironhammer for doing a final check on them.

PS: Rejoice! For all three of these maps contain a large ammount of TRIANGULAR LIGHTS! yay.
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To quote Vondur

"si teh rock of my life"

The maps look awesome, especially bal3dm5 and bal3void2 (tho I have doubts regarding the gameplay of the latter). Too bad I don't have access to my PC and can't play Q3 on it either even if I did :P 
Pretty spiffy maps. Void1 & 2 are freaky. 
Looks great indeed.
Can't you just simply compile it with -skyfix? 
I'd never heard of that, and I didn't really have any reason to look into it cause the skies were fine on my machine and on the machines of all the people who tested the maps for me... =\ 
My Take 
bal3dm5 is a good map, well made with a decent layout. The scale (especially of the corridors) seems a bit large to me but then again I havent played a full game on it yet. The brushwork, lighting and texturing are well integrated but nothing really seems too original. Still, looks like a keeper anyway.

bal3void1, definitely not very playable. Scale's too constrictive to allow any real play. Nice showcase map though, lovely brushwork and texturing.

bal3void2, this one's even better. You could probably get a game going on this one but dont know how much fun it would be. I agree with pjw, if this was slightly larger in scale, it could be interesting as a playable floater. Looks wise, it is phenomenal. The brushwork is really well done and the lighting is fantastic. Another awesome showcase map.

Also, a special mention of the skyboxes used, very very good choices. and they work fine this end, but then again I have an nvidia card. 
No worries, I don't even have an ATI card. :P
But, I always forget if it's in the -bsp stage or -light stage but one simply add -skyfix as a compile parameter, and that's it. ;)

Bit surpised if I'm the only one that knows about this here, since it was widely known on q3w. 
Nitin, happy to have your opinion on these, hehe, guess I should have released bal3dm5 3 years ago, maybe it would have been a tad more original back then. ;D
And yeah, I didnt really even try making void1 and void2 playable, cause it really didn't seem to me that many people played q3 much now days, not to mention even less people playing custom maps. Now that I think about it, maybe I should have turned them into some RA style map...
Thanks for the comments. =)

Fjoggs, well, I haven't been interested in quake 3 for the last three years, so I'm not surprised I've never heard of it, not to mention back then everyone had nvidia cards anyways. =D 
It's All.. 
Lies! Lies and slander! :P 
I've gotten very inconsistent results with -skyfix, depending on the sky, and sometimes it makes the sky look equally iffy on nVidia and ATI cards alike.

It's worth trying, but is far from a reliable fix. 
Really? I've never actually used it myself, I'm too lazy to add it. :P 
wht do the bots suck on this so bad? there doesnt seem to be any special layout situations that should make them suck more than normal. 
Dunno really, I barely tried them at all to be totally honest... =\
Heh, wasn't expecting people would actually try to play these maps... =D 
why not? bal3dm5 is a perfectly playable map. 
guess I should have released bal3dm5 3 years ago


Nitin, didn't think people actually played q3 anymore, especialy custom maps. =)

Lunaran, quiet you, go release Dune. 
Mr. Strordeurer 
If you show me proof that at least one of these levels has flashing red lights, I will play them. If there are no flashing red lights, you have not improved at all in over 3 years. 
There are no flashing red lights, but all 3 of these maps are 3 years old, so they don't represent any improvement I could have made during those 3 years, as I barely touched them at all during that time.
If I made a new map now it would make these look like boxmaps. =D 
but they'd be awesome animu keke flashing red triangle light boxmaps ^_^ 
Wait A Mo.... 
Malfunctioning Nano-Constructor

--- this name is straight from Lun's excellent D3 map name generator, right?? LOL =). 
Does sound like it, but no, actually it's more your fault Shambler, was reading Chasm City when I finished the map off, and I was wondering how to describe it... Sounded kinda right, some nanomachine gone crazy and building random structures. =) 
some nanomachine gone crazy and building random structures. =)

Sorry, is that an explanation of the map name, or a description of you as a mapper?? 
I'm not sure anymore... -____- 
"nanomachine Gone Crazy" 
you're just one of kamih's nanobots bal 
Leave My Bots Alone 
that is... 
that is what? 
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