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Polish Duel Mappack For CPMA
Polish Duel Mappack is a set of five high-quality levels designed for 1on1 matches in CPMA.
The first public beta of the pack comes out today.

The maps were created by four experienced level-designers from Poland: Lukin, Nemix, dAde and NecrosiS. Each level has unique look and specific mood.

Althought the maps are ready to use they still have some nitpicks, specially in terms of balance and playability. Bacuause of this the authors decided to release unfinished mappack and wait for players' opinions.

More information about PlDuel:

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There are piccies there, but they're tiny. 
You Might Want To Make 
the omf map unhidden. Its in the plduel4 pk3, but for someone that's not looking, it's not really there since there's no .arena file for it either. 
Look Pretty Good To Me. 
Apart from the textures on 1 and 3, especially 3 made my eyes hurt. The rest are fine though.

I trust the Polish crew know what they're doing, your Quake stuff has often impressed me. 
Cpma Maps 
new promode maps were just released, check 
Mirror And A Test Server 
1) PlDuel can be grabbed from this url:
so you don't have to play with FilePlanet, GameSpyID, etc.
2) Swelt put the pack on his server, for more info go there:
Thanks Swelt :)
3)lodis, "cpma map pack 7" it's a news worth its own thread 
Some look interesting but "professional gaming" is a joke. 
What's Your Point Phait? 
What you were trying to say Phait when you wrote that "professional gaming" is a joke? You mean that those maps aren't good for competetive playing? If so, tell me why - would like to hear some constructive criticism. 
i think he was just making fun of the whole idea of gaming as a professional career.

i don't think he was slagging the maps. 
No Not The Maps 
The idea of professional gaming I just never "got it", but I understand it. 
Phait Don't Get Mad... 
because you keep getting telefragged... 
I don't get telefragged, but I get whipped (bunnyhoppers/lag, honest!) 
Ok, I Get It 
...just wanted to get sure ;)

@nitin: omf is hidden cuz we planned to make it bonus/secret level - we're not sure at the moment if it end up being easily avaible like the rest of maps or maybe it will be hidden in some crazy way. 
New Mirror 
New Mirror... 
is now added to the thread topic. 
plduel 4 got nice design
too bad I dont play promode
maybe will try these at work (we still play q3 like once a month) 
is possible to run quake3 like this?

windows mode small screen :) eheh is much more cooler to play in work!!! :)the boss dont see and is easy to quit 
It Is Possible. 
Press alt+enter or set fulscreen 'off' in video settings. 
Took A Look 
plduel3 reminded me of mcgee's alice. I think techegypt is a cool sounding word and would be a cool theme to explore in the future. The maps didn't do it for me though. 
Progaming is a joke? Go tell that to any of the professional players who make a living playing for a CS, PK, or SC squad. And please stfu k? :) 
I Am Entitled To My Opinion 
It's not a joke as in pro gaming is no way to make money, it's a joke in that YOU'RE MAKING MONEY PLAYING GAMES, get real.

So please stfu, k? :) 
Here Here !!!!!!!!!!!! 
But Like my old saying,

Opinioins are like Scampies, everyone's got one 
Progaming is a joke, yes
I prsonaly knew some ppl who were at the top and competed internationly at the high level.
They all desided to do other stuff and return to study.

Its like sport - competition is huge, u have to dedicate all of yourself and all your time to it. In return you get nothing (well, maybe a slim chance to win some local crap tourney and maybe get to wcg or cpl or whatever)
Only a dozen of kids out of thousands get to win some money and a bit of fame.

"make a living playing CS" ? more like living on parents` support while they are still in school. Sponsorship? Again, only top few get money from it. Unlike in other sports.

Inert, you are not 14 yrsold, are you?
go map 
Speedy, Phait 
Progaming has become a valid way to make money. Is there as much universal appeal as Formula racing or soccer? No. But enough companies have found it profitable to spend money on the gaming industry, and fund the best gamers, that progaming should be taken seriously.

Phait: your comment, "YOU'RE MAKING MONEY PLAYING GAMES, get real," is foolishly narrow-minded. If you are good at something, and its profitable, should you not make money from it because its "silly"? Or is there some other bias you have against people who play games?

...I could easily argue that any professional athlete is wasting society's time by sucking up resources that could be used to provide other, more needed, services. But I won't, because the free market economy allows consumers to determine the price for the goods and services they want. And obviously, athletes and entertainers provide useful enough services that they make money from it (sometimes, alot of money!).

The same goes for progaming... the demand for skilled players is there, so obviously someone is going to supply this demand and pay them to play. It's common economic sense.

Additionally, in an industry as big as gaming, which serves a "young" audience, gamers demand the success of "gaming role models." These people can provide a set of goals and inspirations for the masses of younger gamers. 
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