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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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New Q1SP Preview 
Well, after 6 months of work, please find here 4 screenshots about my new incoming Q1SP map... There are not yet monsters even if some life and ammos are already present, perhaps layout and lightning effects can be improved, but the global architecture is fully built...

All feedback and comments are welcomed.. 
hey man, looks really cool.

you should rip some HL textures or something and put some vehicles in there (parked of course).

looking forward to it. 
Interesting, some good design features in there. Obviously not particularly quakey but suitably gritty and grimy so it should work.

I think you could improve the consistency between the shots tho, some of them don't seem to be related to the others, thematically.

It's a good start though. 
Shambler / Tronyn 
Shambler: To explain a little more: This map is a base-based map. You start the level from screenshot 1, and you have to progress throught different level (0, -1 and -2, using a lift) to screenshot 4... and this relates only the Silver Key Card search... 1st and 2nd screenshots show the first part of the map (the "chicane" entry and the "garage" parts).. here you are at level 0. The 3rd and the 4th screenshots show respectively the room with the Gold Key Card Door and Silver Key Card location (level -2 and -1 respectively).. As the scrennshots relates some different zone of the map, it seems normal that they can't be related to the others, thematically ;)

Tronyn: Very good idea !! I found some good prefab on the web, and sure I will try to add them ASAP

Thanks for the feedback. 
sorry I dont really like it much. It looks a little plain, maybe its just the areas in the screenshots. 
ppl are still making quake1 maps 
Shut Up Speedy 
Nice, Subtle Use Of Angles, JPL 
On the first shot.

Lighting is layered in a very pleasing way in the second shot. Like Tronyn said. it has a Half-Life 'realism' feel about it.

Third shot looks like a classic Quake base design on the lines of Jawbreaker or Genetix. Maybe that explains the transition of theme effect Shambler mentioned. I kind of see it too. However, the lighting and textures are of the same variety so in game will most likely still be consistent.

This is high on my list of levels that I am loking forward to. 
Keep The Q1 Mapping Strong! 
Rather "pale" in texturing, but quite spacious.
You're on the right way, JPL, looking forward to it.

Talking of textures...the people of Tenebrea did a tremendous job retexturing all those Q1
textures! Really thanks for that! 
can't say i really like it... sort of like a lesser half life...

walls are plain and bare, chunky and fat looking...
the lighting is pretty good though. nice shadows and such.

sorry, :\ 
as others have hinted at, i think the texturing might benefit from more detailing and variation. 
Thanx for comments and advices... I will try to add some detail to "break" plain walls, by adding some details, or retexturing some part of it... I tried to do my best to build a base as more realistic as I can.. Concrete walls (like in the 1st shot) have for sure the most boring look of the map! ... Anyway, I will make some tries to improve the stuff, while I think it will be rather difficult to do something good with huge areas...
BTW, Tronyn give me the good idea to add some vehicules (car, truck,..) in the garage part (2nd shot). I found some good prefab on the web, but all dedicated to HalfLife... Is there anybody how knows where I can find this kind of prefab (car, truck...) for Quake ??
Thanks again... 

Has a good collection for Quake 2 & 3, Half-Life and KingPin. Only a handful are native Quake.

All of these can be used in Quake. All you need to do is strip out the entity definitions that the brushes have. In GTKRadiant it is easy to do without losing the brush.

Also, if it is a Quake3 prefab, the texture scale will be .5 instead of 1.0 on the brushes, something to keep in mind but shouldn't be a problem. 
One More Thing, 
Dont go to that site without a good firewall. Mine was just having a field day when I double checked the sight. 
I made some try yesterday night with other prefabs found on planetquake, but the major problem I found is the loss of textures, because I don't have Q2, Q3, HL on PC.. so textures are unknown... I was able to reuse the map file, but I need to re-apply texture to polygon... but only Q1 texture, not the real one...
So what I'm looking for now is prefab with .map and its corresponding .wad file !!
Anyway, thanks I found the website, and I will take a look as soon as possible.. 
prefabs must be prohibited and destroyed.... 
More Q1 Preview 
Some pictures from a base map I have been working on. The map became so large I had to split it in two. The pictures here are from the first map. 
Excellent, looks very good throughout pretty much all the shots.

The only issue I can see is that the large amounts of metal trim and those small pillars can get quite repetitive, especially in the 1st/2nd and 4th/6th shots.

But overall very good. 
Nice screenshots !!! 
Shot 1: I agree with Shambler on the metal trim issue, it's too repetitive. Look into introducing more texture variety. I would also change the rock texture to a darker one and introduce some "floor terrain" variety on the Z-axis.

Shot 2: Again, needs more texture variety.

Shot 3: The white trim/pipe/whatever texture seen in the top-left corner of the screenshot looks out of place, you might want to try some other texture there. Also, the areas in which the ceiling texture meets the walls look akward. I would suggest either adding some detailing to those areas near the ceiling or change the ceiling texture.

Shot 8: The ceiling details look to repetitive. Try introducing more varied geometry in that area. Also, the big wall at the back is using only one monotonous texture.

Shot 9: The rock "wall" on the left looks just like a "wall" and not a "rock". Add some geometry variation to it.

Other than these issues, looks pretty good to me. 
Pipes Are The New Crates 
RE: Pipes Are The New Crates 
Friction: Out of all the screenshots you've posted of your D3 map, this one looks to be the most atmospheric. 
you're making progress. 
I like the pipes into the lift cage. The light with this kind of "foggy effect" are really cool too !!! Very good !! 
Friction makes babymappers cry
u are too good 
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