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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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Bal has missed that date on Bal3DM5.

Low blow! But one that had me laughing out loud, nice insultry, RPG. 
/me Hugs 
his blackmarket beta of bal3dm5 
More Progress...

And yes, I know that ladder has to be redone. 
That celing on the right of the ladder looks like it needs more support, I'd whack in some poles or something there to look like they're holding it up. Its not a big deal but its a tad unrealistic as it is now. 
jago that looks good and what mister fribbles said... 
It looks cool, and it's an interesting architecture... I just chave to omplain about the lack of light near the floor, whuch is a little bit too dark IMHO.. Anyway, it's rather good... Keep it up ! 
I win because I deleted my blackmarket copy because I thought it would be released soon... 
Still Got Those Dark Floors... 
still recommend putting some spots shinning upwards along the walls there. ;)

rest (besides the ladder) looks nice. 
CyBeAr Is Teh Win! 
I win because I deleted my blackmarket copy because I thought it would be released soon...

LOL kthx. 
Worst Ladder Ever. 
Ten dollars? I laugh at you. Please to note that this is no ordinary comic book. 
Progress Without Ladder... 
actually look pretty ok. Break up the flat walls with some angles to avoid repetition. 
it's a normal madfox map! cool!

is this a new map and not one of the older scraps? 
There's a bridge-walk in the middle, which I left out. Reason it looks rather flat.

...if you played the older scraps you might know...if it's worth mentioning. 
Rather nice screenshots with cool lightning effects... Perhaps you should use a different texture in the middle part of the walls to break its uniformity... Like nitin, I also think that some angles will increase the map design quality... anyway, it's a good work... 
Carving Like A Piece Of Cake... 
It's my first attempt on working grid-attitude.

I wondered, how it would look like, if the texture design was carved out...and at the same time create decent "inner" textures.

Creating good carving tools, ie texture sides. 
Don't use the carving tool. It will only cause grief. What editor are you using now btw? 
that is something you have to learn from experience ;} 
we're talking about madfox here. 
Because, MadFox, if you're using that piece-of-shit "Deathmatch Maker" non-editor, like you implied earlier, then no, you are NOT using the grid.

Deathmatch Maker doesn't use the grid, it uses it's own arbitrary decimal grid (i.e. increments of 10), with no way of changing it, because the creator obviously assumed that it's users would be too stupid to understand the concept of a binary grid system.

Deathmatch Maker is useless for mapping. Don't use it. 
Oh Well... 
Thanks for your response.

I am making the best of the less. I bought this Deathmatch maker, because I thought it would comfort me in mapping. Now I worked some time with it, and it surely has a bunch of tricky errors in it. But I must admit it's more than the Qmap I was working with in that time.

So now I am gathering the goodies in it, like the bright textures, and the prefabs, which are realy worthwhile.

The carving tool, I was making, relates to Quark. I hope this editor uses the grid well.
I got some interesting results, with polygons
extracted from leaks.

Is it true that the carving tool only causes grief? I thought it works quicker carving a cube, than adding six walls.
Or are you reffering to the fact, they could cause microbrushes? 
We're all behind you!

/me waves a little flag 
The First Rule Of Carving: 
don't carve. 
Don't Listen To Them! 
...nothing wrong with carving. Know your scale, know your shape, know your editor, and carve and be happy.

This is carving and NOT subtracting. 
what's the distinction? 
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