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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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impressive looking new q3 level from sock. 
Sock's Map 
Is definitely cool looking. 
Sock's Map 
That first pic reminds me alot of a UT2003 or 2004 map, can't recall it's name though. 
Needs To Be Darker... 
...I can still see stuff...just... 
Gom Jabbar 
Get your own style please. Thx. 
zwiffle, be helpful and try not to be a doom3 map troll or you'll go on 'the bad list'. 
it looks very q1 baseish to me. Coul do with more etailing though, but nice start. 
Both the lighting and the architecture look Quake2'ish. Which is NOT a good thing. 
Gom Jabbar 
It's perhaps a little bit too dark, but rather nice job: It reminds me the Nostromo lightning ambiance..;) But like the other guys, I think you might add more details to avoid this sensation of Quake (or Quake2) "deja vu".
Anyway, nice screenshots indeed, and a good start for a Doom3 map.. Keep it up ! 
Well Then... 
I know that those shots are very dark but you reach this part of the map during a poweroutage (OMG! Innovative!) so I didn't want to put alot of pretty bright lights into it.

Drink a bottle of ricin please. Thx.

nitin / Jago:
Could you please be more exakt on what is looking Q1/Q2-ish? I know that I'm still not totally into the D3 look so knowing what exactly is wrong would help me a lot. 
Gom Jabbar 
I have googled ricin, and I find your comment offensive. Surely I am of cyanide-class poison.

Scampie: Clarify your doom3 map troll comment, please. 
Yeah you are but I didn't want to deprive you of the joys of googleing. 
Gom Jabber 
I am absolutely jealous of your FPS rates. 77! with Doom3 -- it is unfair, unfair, unfair. 
The first thing that SCREAMS Quake 2 at me is the yellow lighting. Pure yellow lighting just looks bad. You could change the light color and add some smaller yellow lights here and there, but having yellow lighting dominate entire areas is plain ugly.

The most Quake2'ish screenshot of all 3 is the last one. The design of the computer panels reminds me of some stock Quake 2 base maps. You would also want to do something about the upper part of that room being pitch black. You have a room with computers, with yellow lights on the floor and pitch black in other parts. How does that make any sense? Would anyone consider actually working on a computer in such an area? You could argue that "stuff has gone bad in the base", but static yellow doesn't work well as alarm light.

Hope this helps. 
Yeah, that helps a lot, thanks. At least I know what you mean now :).

I'm gonna check into the things you mentioned and see what I can do about them. 
Yellow Lighting. 
I like it in this case. Hush Jago :P. 
I popped a new page onto my site with some backstory for the episode and 11 screenshots (you may have seen them all already if u browse 
Fuckin A, Daz 
excellent plot line, make sure you include a holodeck too. And fill it with virtual hookers. 
I just talked SleepwalkR into fixing pipeline, so now it's back up. 
Some Progres... 
I've made some slight progress on my Q1SP map, but please, stop asking me for release dates. The only release date I cannot possibly miss is "when it's done". 
The only release date I cannot possibly miss is "when it's done".

Bal has missed that date on Bal3DM5. 
Looks Nice! 
i think some small 32x32 (or 16x16) lights running along the edge of the floor where the trim is shining upwards would look good and help to equalize the lighting. right now, it's super bright up top and the floor is fairly dark which looks odd.
i like the detail on the trim on the ceiling. not many take the time to extrude trim like that and it really does make stuff look better. 
Bal has missed that date on Bal3DM5.

Now go away, you seely eenglish peeg dogs! 
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