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All Time Top 10 FPS?
Here is a simple idea which could be interesting:
List your Top ten favorite FPS games of All time. Based on both SP and/or DM gameplay.
My list:

3.Quake 3 Arena
4.Duke Nukem 3d
6.Quake 2
8.Unreal Tournament

You can tell 1 thing from my list:
I dont care much for "realistic" FPS. Although for some reason i did like "Sin".
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Title Cannot Be Empty (yea Right...) 
your bottom 10

so you`ve done it again?
well cmon top 10 is boring

i`ll put my rock bottom fps

i think it was called witchaven 2 (was it an fps like hexen? i hope my memory serves me right) 
My Top Ten 
1. Nightmare 3D
2. Nightmare 3D
3. Nightmare 3D
4. Nightmare 3D
5. Cube
6. Nightmare 3D
7. Nightmare 3D
8. Quake (1-3)
9. Nightmare 3D
10. Nightmare 3D 
Top 10 
1. Quake1
2. Quake2
3. Half-Life
4. Quake3
5. Doom1/2
6. Unreal
7. Duke Nukem 3D
and many more... 
2.System Shock 2
3.Ultima Underworld1/2
7.Return To Castle Wolfenstein
8.Ultimate Doom
9.Terra Nova

but my #1 game of all time for me, is Alice!! just love the damn game. :) 
There is only a few that I have enjoyed enough to bother mentioning.

1. Quake (multiplayer)

2. Doom (single player)

3. CPMA (based on Quake III engine)

4. UT and UT2003 (fun with bots)

5. Day of Defeat (!)

Despite the fact that I despise realistic war simulators on principle, I was dragged into DoD because it is the game everyone plays on the office lan. I hated it with a passion at first, but I have grown to love it over time. It can be fun on lan with 20 people in the game.

Elite force is also worth a mention as one of the few single player FPS games that I enjoyed enough to actually finish. 
Yeah, Elite Force was fun as could i forget about it?!

anyway. i also forgot to Arx Fatalis, which rules imo. :) 
disagree on sin (but i see it`s your wildcard). otherwise your list is pretty similar to mine. i remember duke3d well. getting lost in the puzzles. oh, and the dollars to the strippers. mmmm.... 
I Know Everyone Is Going To Hate Me... 
but I haven't seen much mention of Half Life on here. It would definantly be in my top 5, if only because of the extraordinary singleplayer campaign; and so would CounterStrike (yes everyone is 13 years old and hax, but I have had some tremendously fun times with my friends in that game). Wolfenstein 3D (the original of course) is also what got me into fps games, and doom2 after that.

Then, of course, quake.

And it was all over. 
Im not here to knock half-life, as I never played much of it, but I wondered if anyone else found it as hard as I did? I downloaded the demo and even on easy mode I could not pass a single room without dying multiple times. It took me forever just to beat the demo and the gameplay was so ridiculously frustrating to me I never even thought about picking up the actual game. Did anyone else find it so hard? 
it`s hard if you go in guns blazing when the marines are there, you can sort of get away with it against the aliens. Other than that, after a few minor adjustments, it`s reasonable on medium. I`m not a great FPS player but I`ve played tougher games.

Basically, cover is very important as are grenades for the mp40 and remember that the alt fire on the shotgun is your friend. 
I never found that with Half Life. But what nitin says is true. Some real good stuff in there that you have missed out on. It's still not to late ;) 
And Don't Forget 
the alternative fire for the gauss gun - I kicked myself when I found that; so many missed opportunities :) Now when I pick up a new weapon in a game, I always check the alt fire.
Half-Life provided some satisfying multi-gib sequences, but only after you had applied observation and deduction. All the clues were there in the maps, but you had to pay attention.
Don't start playing on hard skill ( actually I think that goes for any FPS )
The AR grenades got me through some seriously unpleasant SP situations...

And jumping puzzles that dump you to the bottom of a low-g intestinal tract are just plain boring. Hrmph. 
I Recently Played Through HL Again... 
and i was pleasantly surprised. The graphics had dated somewhat of course, but it seemed pretty atmospheric, and I found it a lot of fun, all in all. Weapons are very satisfying, and the gradual increase in firepower makes it all the more enjoyable (no weapon, to crowbar, to pistol, to....gluon gun!), personal favorites being the shotgun and magnum.

Scripted sequences are not overdone, and AI is never depressingly poor, which is a bonus. However, I felt the game hit its peak around the time you meet the marines, and it goes downhill from there.

You think you`re having a shit time on the jumpy puzzle with the stupid floaty teleport balls of infinite crapitude, but then you go to Xen. It had potential I admit, and a change in scenery seems like a good idea, but in the end i really hated it and ended up skipping sections. The end boss was fairly good, as they go, despite appearing to be a lardass embryo with cerebal palsy...and the end? I`m not sure if its a good ending, maybe the sequel will make it seem better, as the story progresses. So it was a little unsatisfying at the end, but mainly great to play, and it left me very excited about HL2. 
1. Counter-Strike
2. Half-Life
3. Goldeneye

have there been any other FPS games??? 
2.Quake I
4.Unreal I
5.Duke Nukem 3D(and some of its expanasions)
6.Serious Sam II
Well you can see I seldom play MP games :D 
Mine, With Some 3rd Persons You Have To Count Up There ;P 
1. Quake 1
2. Unreal
3. Doom/Doom 2
4. Return to Castle Wolfenstein
5. Half-LIfe
6. Aliens vs. Predator 2
7. Unreal Tournament/Unreal Tournament 2k3 (same frikkin game)
8. Deus Ex
9. Elite Force
10. Jedi Outcast

These aren't in the list since they are technically 3rd-person, but Max Payne and Alice would be fighting for the #2 spot 
3rd Person Games... 
I think a lot of us, once we've got used to the 3rd person feel, count 3PS games as FPS games as some of the more prominent ones are so similar in ethos and vibe even if the POV is set back a few yards.... 
Hmm...hard To Choose 
1) Half-Life
2) Unreal Tournament
3) Quake III Arena
4) Star Wars: Jedi Outcast
5) Unreal
Bottom of the list prolly goes to Doom. And Doom 2. Never was a fan... 
In no order

Doom 2.
Unreal Tournament.
Operation Flashpoint.

And for 3rd person...

Max Payne.
Enclave demo ( :D ) 
You're Forgetting 
My Games 
Games that totally hooked me and ones that made me want to play many user made maps (in the order of encounter):

Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny
DooM 1&2
Duke Nukem 3D
Quake 2
Unreal and Return to NaPali
Half-Life and Opposing Force

Games that I liked but when I finished, that was it (IOW, haven't sought out user maps):

HeXeN 1 & 2 and Portal of Preavus
Blood and Crypic Passage (really good settings and fun when it didn't get too hard)
RtCW (too bad there's no SP mission pack)
Medal of Honour and Spearhead (techically excellent but too many times the scripted sequences forced you to move at the game designer's pace and not at my usual slow one)
Red Faction (I cheated to kill the boss because I found it impossible at this point - it had silliness built in but was actually a fun game)

Games that I wanted to finish but crashed or never ran (commercial CD's here - no blue copies or cracks)

Heretic 2 (too bad really)
Sin (I still want to play it)
Daikatana (crashes in the prison)

Games that I thoroughly enjoyed and wished they could continue on:

System Shock 2 (really slow gameplay but very interesting and rewarding)
Wheel of Time (excellent settings and gameplay)
Undying (best horror game ever, IMHO)
Deus Ex (by allowing flexibility, it really personalized the experience playing it. story and settings were interesting - NPCs were the most human yet)

Games that made me laugh and/or puke at thier absolute horridness (I only lasted minutes before bailing out):

Witchaven I & II (actually I think WHII opens with a very nicely made and long running animated sequence with opening credits before dumping you into grade 5 graphics)
Tekwar (with William Shatner having hissy fits)
Corridor 9

Games that I'm hoping will keep me going:

Half-Life 2
DooM 3
Deus-Ex 2 
Another List 
1. Quake
2. Doom/2
3. Blood
4. Duke3d
5. Unreal
6. Quake2
7. Unreal Tournament
8. Undying 
More Of The Same 
Based upon how much time I have wasted (err...ummm enjoyed) playing them

1. Quake
2. Half-Life
3. Serious Sam (Both)
4. Doom (1 & 2)
5. Unreal
(repeat as needed) 
Top Three 
1. 125
2. 107
3. 93

Those are my all time top three frames-per-second.

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