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All Time Top 10 FPS?
Here is a simple idea which could be interesting:
List your Top ten favorite FPS games of All time. Based on both SP and/or DM gameplay.
My list:

3.Quake 3 Arena
4.Duke Nukem 3d
6.Quake 2
8.Unreal Tournament

You can tell 1 thing from my list:
I dont care much for "realistic" FPS. Although for some reason i did like "Sin".
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there has not been 10 games good enough to be listed...

1. quake1
2. metroid prime
3. deus ex
4. halo
5. half-life
6. unreal 
I`d contest that Metroid Prime is in fact an FPS (in the `shooter` sense of the word anyway) 
what?! have you even played the game?

You shoot.
In first person.


it is a FPS. 
1. Quake (the best)
2. Quake 3 Arena (+ CPMA :P)
3. Doom2 (new guns and monsters added a lot to the game)
4. Doom
5. Half-life (It was a great innovation to FPS, but it has been the cause of FPS being boring nowadays IMO)
6. Wolf3d (for its stupid final bosses :)
7. Serious Sam (Coop rocks)

Im searching for deus ex right now, I havent played it yet. 
1. Quake 2
2. Half Life
3. Golden Eye
4. Unreal
5. Quake 1
6. Unreal Tournament
7. Deus Ex (Yes, I`m aware my previous post works for this too, shut up).
8. Time Splitters 2
9. Elite Force
10. Daikatana/Duke Nukem 3D (Kinda equal worth in my mind) 
Yes, but it`s not a shooter game in the purest sense, given that you merely press lock on and then fire for the shooting bits (look, I was just being pedantic, fuck off). 
I havent played too many FPS games, so my list will be short.

1. Ghost Recon (I like realism)
2. Halo
3. Quake 1

11. UT (good, but not top-10 good)

Odd, I didnt even include the only game I mapped for. 
... I hope Aardappel doesn't read this thread ;). 
System Shock 2 
nuff said.

Honestly, I don't understand the fascination with sorting things into top 10 lists. Half the time people will post immediately after and say "Whoa I forgot XYZ!! But I had ten on my list, so what do I do?!" This just emphasizes the point that you can't really create a good top 10 list, since people change their minds immediately afterward. 
It Goes To 11 
1 Quake
2 Quake 3 Arena
3 Cube
4 Duke 3D
5 Half-Life
6 Alien vs. Predator (1)
7 Quake 2
8 Unreal
9 DooM
10 UT
11 Alien vs. Predator (Jaguar)

And yes Cube is there because I really like it that much. May be giving it a slight nudge since it`s "short" although this is offset by easy creation. Note, qmap oldtimers, 8 months ago it would have been #11.

Jury`s still out on Serious Sam and maybe I`ll try full Undying and Alice and maybe Elite Force or WOT. Based on demos, it`s unlikely I`ll be trying more NOLFs, SysShocks, Thiefs, or Deus Ex. I`m not sure Descent counts, and I know FP robot games don`t. 
yeah, I don't like the Top10 idea - for anything.
gosh, you are very sage these days :P 
Heres My List Fag0t 
1. Quake 
Ok Then 
My list of the best...
Half Life
Alien vs, Predator2
UT - CTF only
Soldier Of Fortune1
Unreal1/Return To Na Pali
Red Faction
Serious Sam1/2

Good but gets boring fast...
Elite Force

Some of the worst (just my opinion of course)...
MOHAA - I did enjoy some of the SP
Let Me See 
Quake (and mission packs)
Quake III (and Team Arena)
Quake II (and mission packs)
Half Life
DooM (all)
Descent I,II

hmmm,.....My brain hurts, ...that's it 
i forgot about Cube. :/

Which i love, obviously.

Goldeneye is good too, yes indeedy. 
System Shock 2
Descent 2

no top ten, but these are my favourites anyway... 
Bleh Top 10 Thread... 
& Etc. 
1= Quake
1= Unreal
1= Battlezone2

that`s all....most of the rest are good but those three are the ones that have really made a mark with me 
Ken`s Labyrinth 
Undying and WOT are both great. Alice is good too but not quite as satisfying despite the cool themes and music.

(too late Gom :)

1. Doom 1/2
2. QuakeWorld
3. Cube
4. Descent 1/2
5. Quake
6. Serious Sam 1/2
7. Jedi Knight 1
8. KISS Psycho circus
9. Unreal 1
A. Dark Forces
B. Metroid Prime
C. Heretic 1
D. Quake 3
E. Quake 2 
Top Ten 
1. Quake
2. BF1942 (Desert Combat)
5. Goldeneye (N64)
6. Red Faction
7. Half Life
8. Quake 3 Arena
9. Quake 2
10. Serious Sam 
Pissing Shit 
1. Quake
2. Doom2
3. Halo
4. Unreal Tournament
5. Unreal
6. Aliens VS Predator
7. Aliens VS Predator 2
8. Duke Nukem 3D
9. Jedi Knight 2 (once u get the lightsabre!)
10. Deus Ex 
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