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Dbz _Doom3 SP
By Pandora, a Planetdoom regular, has designed a new single player level for Doom 3.



The screenshots appear quite dark, (no surprise eh?) and the download is 38.5mb. I wasn't able to find any other information on the map or the author, and there is no readme included. Haven't played it yet, so.............
Buyer Beware!!
.. is really back with these screenshots !!

bleh.. I can't see anything...>( 
What I Can See 
doesnt look too good. 
If someone can't use Paintshop to brighten photos, should we trust them to use a map editor to make a map??

Nitin go test it for us dood =). 
It's certainly a bit different 
... use your pseudo please, everybody here recognized your IP address ;P 
you should look past what you can(or can't) see. It's different. Whether it is good or not, or worth your bandwidth, well, I can't answer that for another, Would I have downloaded it now that I know what it's like, oh yes. But then my standards are not as high as most, as long as it's fun, I don't mind, I can look past a lot of things. 
Yes I forgot to log in, I'm on one of my other PC's 
If someone can't use Paintshop to brighten photos, should we trust them to use a map editor to make a map??

Heh, agreed. Also, I'd suggest choosing a really great shot for the first screenie in the series. And not this one:

Wow, I'm gonna download this right now; I am so captivated with that tittilating preview of a shot. 
Far Be It For Me To Prejudge... 
...but you guys ain't gonna like it :-)

It's early Quake style and I don't mean 'old skool'. 
Dear Doom3 Mappers. 
Please learn to use the info_location and info_locationseperator entities. 
i cant run doom3. 
Ok, Yeah 
Well, aside from these being just about the most unnapealing screenshots I've seen in a func-pimped D3SP, I think it's the first time I've actually seen the gothic textures being used. 
I can only begin to be horrified by what DBZ could possibly stand for. 
DragonBall Z???

= Doomed By Zizz ( author's namae isn't Pandora I think :P )

I also found this one...

Have a rummage in his directories, there's some interesting shots of a bridge :/ 
Super Saiyun Hyper Mega Blast to this map 
you totally mispelled "saiyan" 
My 's' Key Sticks 
so stfu 
Oh My. 
Is this a Doom2 (Doom1 had better maps) map spilled into Doom3? Something is way off here. 
It sucks - design is all odd and there seems to be no point in anything. I got frustrated during the combat with those damn minigun zombies and pressed quit. 
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