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Impressive D3-MP map.

Hmmm Mmmm 
Shots look very interesting, will check this out for sure, pon the dl w3rd. 
Who The Fuck News'd This? 
1 sentance to describe the level is crap. 
<CamomileTeabler> meh
<CamomileTeabler> okay
<CamomileTeabler> the outside bits are cool
<CamomileTeabler> nice idea
<CamomileTeabler> bit bloody big 
To use a single sentance to describe the map: It's a huge, meandering layout of mishmashed themes stuck together with halls, and uses damn near every effect in d3.

Having only a couple areas that look down to another floor is not good deathmatch design. Using a billion unneeded effects and 'set peices' is not good deathmatch design. Having a giant outside area that's wholly boring to play is not good deathmatch design.

This would have been great made as a single player map... but in deathmatch it seems more like the author is trying to say 'look at what I can do!' rather than attempting to engage the player in anything that is fun. 
After reading the feedback on map-center for this map, it was quite funny coming back to func and seeing the posts in this thread ;) 
Honest Opinions Are A Rare Thing On The Interweb 
My other theory is that most internet users are actually blind. Anyways, this a SP map trying it's damnest to be a MP map. 
it was me, I checked the links but couldnt really find any more info on the map. As I dont have D3, couldnt write more on it either. Plus, I thought we needed news anyway. 
i'll definatly check it out, if only to see what is possible in the outdoor areas department in d3.

the shots look pretty nice too. :)

i guess the gameplay doesn't really bother me much since i hardly ever play dm anyway. but yeah, it would have been nice to have another sp map instead of a useless dm one. oh well.
Did anyone even play DM on this map or are you just trying to be dicks? 
Did you even DOWNLOAD the map or are you just trying to derail the thread with sensationalist bullshit? 
It's Not Derailing 
It's a question, you elitist cocksucker. 
Im so hacking monsters into it :)

lol Captain Obvious 
Screenshots look good. IMHO, the first one is the most impressive, with the high voltage cables and the nice background texture ;) Nice work really... 
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