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Drunk Thread
All of your drunk thought should be posted here. You should not flood the GA thread while you're drunk. Just post it here.

All af your most crazy drunk posts must exist here, cause it's a drunk thread. Don't be affraid to show it.
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Let's Start From Me 
I believe that most of mappers drink. They drink anything: vodka, visky, jin of anything else.

Of our drunk influences should be posted here:

I want to say, I want to map, but I'm not able to do it right now, cuz I'm far away from my PC. Fuck, that's awful.

Anyone next? 
I Don't Drink 
But I sure can ramble.

Imagine fifty sheep on a field in front of you, remove two of those, and you shall see that there is less around. This is why you should watch out for all your sheep, so you can keep your wool. 
I Drink 
Drink is good. 
Drink Vodka 
ooooh fuck 
Scampie :( 
I don't like scampie. I've never liked him. I wish he didn't have operator status anywhere. 
Scampie Is Operator Everywhere 
Even in sweden!

Yes children, that is correct, the man we know as scampie is actually hirsute king of sweden, Carl Gustaf: 
/me ^_^'s voodoochopsticks around a ^_^ with a ^_^ ^_^

(i'd get banned by czg if i did that in #tf) 
couldn't this thread at least have been about drunk mapping!? 
couldn't this thread at least have been about drunk mapping!?

That is not excluded 
Drunk Mapping Roxors 
Vomiting Pack 
I'm not use to drink so much I did in my "youth".. I'm now married, with 2 children, so I (try to) forget the time when I came back home the sunday early (or late) in the morning, fully drunk after a party, and sometimes after having sex (when I was lucky ;) err) .. I now prefer to drink less, but drink "quality"... that's safer... I'm "too old" for this "follies"...
Anyway, here are my favourite drinks:

- Zubrovska + Apple Juice (I know here russians will kill me very quickly ;)...)
- Jack Daniels (+ ice)
- Bier (+ bier...)
- Pastis (South of France local anised based drink)
- French Wine (red or white, but good wine AFAP)

That's it.... 
French Wine (red or white, but good wine AFAP)

Ripple, man. You gotta go cheap and nasty for the right 'I hate myself for doing this' effect. 
Hey ! I'm not one of those guys who drink platisc-bottled wine ! Be serious ! Wine is rather for a good diner than to drunk yourself.. For this I prefer Vodka, or Whiskey... ;) 
[18:54] <Kinn> talking of dreaming about #tf/func peeps - my dream last night featured necros
[18:54] <Kinn> it was really fucked up
[18:56] <Kinn> myself and an ex-gf were being driven in a minibus, across some kind of swamp - necros was the driver. he crashed into a tree, and we had to bail out into the swamp. I have since sought some kind of meaning to that dream, but so far i am left perplexed
[18:57] <Kinn> it was one of the most cathartic, vivid dreams in recent memory

[18:58] <Kinn> and just as i wrote that last sentence, a fucking crow just cawed right outside my bedroom window and nearly caused me to fall off my chair o_O 
French Wine 
is for those times in your life you are content with yourself and you have a stable significant other to share it with.

So, I dont really disagree with you there.

I just haven't had French wine to drink in a long time. 
Dreams . . . 
I dreamt last night that I was a black guy in dreadlocks driving an Emergency Service Vehicle, and the guy working the 911 lines was fucking with me by screaming about a zombie invasion of the city. I kept rolling down the windows to check things out and the outside always seemed strangely tranquil. 
let's turn it into a kind of dicussion:

what do you drink? How do you drink? How often do you drink?

How does drinking affect your mapping creativity? 
I Drink Only To ... 
... train my zigzagging techniques :) 
Easy Answer .... Again 
I'm not used to drink unless there is a good reason (birthday, party, before having sex, etc..), and as far as possible, I try not to drink in order not to be affected when I map.. I already have enough problem with my map editor so, for sure, IMHO, it's not a good idea to introduce alcohool ;) doh !! 
i was drunk for the majority of nesp03 :\ 
I'm not used to drink unless there is a good reason (birthday, party, before having sex, etc..)

Cont. Friday, Saturday, weekend, evening, Wednesday, any holiday, any day off work, getting off work, before going to work, day's last class ending, before going home, watching a movie, spotting a liquor store, spotting a bar, enjoying a sunny day, enjoying a rainy day, meeting a friend, meeting a stranger, meeting family, feeling like it, trying to have fun, having nothing else to do, trying to get over someone, avoiding spouse waiting at home, etc.

Welcome to Finland. 
I'm not used to drink unless there is a good reason (birthday, party, before having sex, etc..)

It's a birthday of my friend tonight. This thread lives. I can't map now, it's a bit pity.

but anyway, fuck, i'm drunk again, and it's vodka again.

I usually map when i'm not drunk, but it's rather fun to speedmap when you're drunk. But when I make a proper map I prefer not to drink.

Any thoughts? 
feeling like it

Doesn't that pretty much sum up all the other ones? An otherwise good list was spoiled by being redundant. 
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