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Drunk Thread
All of your drunk thought should be posted here. You should not flood the GA thread while you're drunk. Just post it here.

All af your most crazy drunk posts must exist here, cause it's a drunk thread. Don't be affraid to show it.
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Doesn't that pretty much sum up all the other ones? An otherwise good list was spoiled by being redundant.

No. You are wrong. If there is nothing else, then feeling like it is a valid reason, but only then. In any other case, there's always some other excuse to start drinking. 
Is there only alcoholic here ?? 
The Drunk Thread 
It is inappropriate to post in the Drunk Thread without actually being drunk. As such, I'm aware I am not currently drunk, yet I am soon to be. I shall keep thine posted, noble and loyal forum-folk.

Again, not drunk yet. 
Drunk. So I've arrived at the point I can consider drunk, and I am drunk. Hello. More posts later. Drink now. 
Well, I got drunk, and I think I had phonesex last night, or at least I had sex while I was on the phone, so that counts I suppose. Anyway, nothing really cool happened, I don't think I was really really drunk, cuz I don't feel too bad today except for thirsty.

Drunk thread remains sketchy. 
One Of The Dumbest Things I've Done Drunk 
I don't think I have told this one before, but okay. I have a friend who has an incredible pitching arm. He took his team to the Texas State championship some years back, but the arm still remains rock solid.

We were drinking so much liquor that night, I couldn't feel my face, so inspired by Fight Club, I put a packet of ketchup up against my forehead, and I told him, "I want you to hit me as hard as you can". It didn't take any prompting on his part, and I was knocked out for a three or four minutes. He helps me up, and we both wondered, 'where the hell did the ketchup go?' because the pack was empty and none of it landed on either of us.

We didn't find it til the next morning when we discovered it to be splattered all over the cieling. 
That Is Actually About Tenth On The List 
of dumbest things. 
Dunno About The Dumbest But 
I am very drunk at the moment. Cheap rum, while cheap, is still rum and effective. 
Thoughts On Mapping/life 
I was thinking about it, and realizing that my life is pretty sweet right now, but depending on whether or not I can get a job mapping, it's probably gonna suck in about 3-4 months. So I'm sort of really happy right now because basically I don't have to worry about anything excepting finishing up some maps and it's really gratifying to just be able to create what I want and doing what I love to do, but it will be even greater if I can make a go of it for a career.

Even if I can't, I know that no matter what happens, I'll always be able to take solace in my imagination. Remember that anyone who creates something that the average person sees, and cannot deconstruct yet, is a magician.

You are all magicians. 
Tru Mate, 
(i'm not drunk atm, sorry!)

record a demo of you playing an easy map.
record another demo
until you're completly smashed.

watch the demos later when you're up to it. ;)
(or post them on the board!) 
I've Played 
some pretty solid games whilst drunk.

especially when i'd be tense, it keeps me more relaxed 
Wow, there is still a place up :D

I Havn't dropped by in quite sometime. 
Blitz... my friend, are a champion. 
Drunk. Will post demos soon.

Though they don't seem to be that funny. Perhaps it's because I've played Quake for so long. Perhaps it's just my reflexes, just something I've gotten used to.

Oh, and don't be fooled by the lack of spelling. I still have some sense left; enough to correct my spelling. Of punctuation, I have no idea. 
I Thought I Would Be Sober Today 
but i was wrong

sweet vodka...
i can't recognize myself these days 
Drunk Demos 
I watched a demo where metlslime was playing some Quake map while drunk. It wasn't very amusing. I think this is because people always do stupid things while playing a game, but you never notice them until you watch a demo. And drunk people who can still correctly record a demo in Quake really aren't drunk enough to do truly outrageous stuff; especially in Quake where the interactivity and user input is rather limited. I think if we could watch a video of the drunk person falling out of his chair while playing Quake, that would be a lot more interesting. Or maybe if we saw demos of drunk people playing more complex games such as GTA3. 
what amused me is that i could still run around and aim, but i had no damn clue where to go next. So after clearing out 2/3 of e1m6, i just started wandering in circles. 
That You Retain 
some of the more basic instincts of aim is a comfort. Pathfinding however is rather risky to lose whilst drunk. Especially out on the town at night! :O

Does anyone else get super paranoid cab drivers will try and rip them off while your super gooned, and you try and appear more alert than you are so they don't do something like take a side street to rack up a fatter bill? 
Also... Summer Is Almost Here! 
"Excuse Me Bartender, Could You Give Me A Tropical Itch" 
*punch in the face* 
Drunk Demos 
Well, I decided to test this out in practice last night. I recorded a total of 5 demos at various levels of drunkenness.

I was having trouble just sitting upright by the last demos, but strangely enough playing Quake single player wasn't really hard. My movement wasn't too erratic, and not even aiming was more difficult.

I guess that after 9 years, everytime I play the game, my reflexes work purely on their own. I'm an automated machine, only thinking where to move next from a more general (and strategic) point of view. After picking up the silver key, for example, my brain starts going over the location of the door, while my reflexes take care of the monsters, while not really thinking about the combat.

However, I also tried Counter-Strike. Christ.

I'll post the demos when I get home if anyone is interested.

Oh, and don't try this at home kids. It might feel like a good idea, but you'll regret it the next day. 
Hey Hey My Favorit Threat 
my country is very important in this matter :))))) most drunk people in the world :) best wine!

1� wine of Porto
2� wine of madeira
3� wine of alentejo

:) all great very famous but me... not as much as a few years past...i�m now with 33 years old with a small no more time for get drunk (p.s-->wife kills me) :) i already had my days but always love to drink some scoth with gaz water and playing some Quake :)i did this a lot.

p.s2--> the problem is wend i get with the father of my wife...ehehe he lover to drink and i always get drunk with him...he drink to much for me! 
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