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Axis Rail Checkpoint For RTCW Released
I've just uploaded the non-buggy version of my RTCW multiplayer level, entitled Axis Rail Checkpoint.

For more information, download and screenshots, head over to

If the level is too dark for anyone, they can go to hell.
right! :D 
Looks Real Nice 
I will have to re-install RTCW soon and give it a whirl. 
if the level is too dark for anyone, they can adjust gamma and brightness

seen pics (nice) thought it was SP :((( 
Very Nice! 
Great atmosphere in these screenshots. Nice rock formations, textures, and icy fog outside, and lighting in the detention area. 
looks outstanding especilly pic 2 
Screenshots look really good. Great detail. Not sure I will test as it's MP, but good work.

P.S A great site for RTCW maps (SP & MP) : 
Thanks For The Comments 
Cheers for the comments, guys. It's a petty more people don't play or take much of an interest in the 'stein these days. It's better than bloody Quake 3. 
Sorry I don't have RTCW installed and I've got a few other games I should really play. Otherwise I'd get it for sure. In fact, I will anyway and I will let it sit on my desktop annoying me until I play it.

Yes, a plan. Looks real good BTW. 
Oh Wait. 
It's an MP map. Well fuck that for a barrel of badgers! 
I took a look to the screenies, and they look really good ! The map seems to be very nice, but it's a shame that it's only a MP map ! Please do a SP version ! And now, go map... ;) 
I Really Need To Get Around To Playing This 
Have you thought about doing an Enemy Territory conversion to get some more interest? Mind you I haven't played it yet because I suck, so I have no idea how well it would convert. 
ET Conversion 
I thought about it, and mentioned it on the Splash Damage ET Mapping forums, but a couple of people thought that it wouldn't convert well. I'm inclined to agree with them, since the layout is a little too multi-routed and doesn't contain any real chokepoints.

Still, I've had a couple of people tell me that it's in their server rotation, so I'm happy :) 
Any chance you'll throw in some locked doors, nazis, and an exit?

Unfortunatly I don't have RTCW, but the shots look quite cool... Just wondering, is this the RTCW map you started ages ago before getting a job? 
Lun + Bal 
Lun: probably not, but you never know. I finish working at this company (Rebellion) on Friday, and after that I'm super busy, but then I have some time in June when I could do some sp stuff. I dunno. Could be fun I guess.

Just bought a real fancy new laptop though, so I might end up spending time with that amd working on my portfolio.

Bal: Yeah, it's the same map, only MUCH improved. Most of the old stuff has been ripped out or changed very heavily. Still has loads of stuff built off the Axis (ha ha). 
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