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Top 3 Most Underrated Games??
Oh no not another Top XX Blah GAME thread already!!! Doesn`t it make you puke blood with boredom??? Well this one hasn`t been done to death already so...

Top 3 underrated games, and why they deserved more acclaim.

(If you don`t know what underrated means, ask someone - don`t post a list of the obviously renowned games like Doom1/2, Q1/2/3, Unreal/2, UT/2, HL/CS, Deus Ex etc etc. If you don`t know what games means, ask someone about that too - don`t post a list of mods, maps and other add-ons.)
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1. Battlezone2
> Extremely rare and very effective blend of FPS and RTS gameplay.
> Ridiculously good and ahead-of-its-time graphics.

2. Wheel of Time
> Excellent use of the Unreal engine with a lot of stunning designs.
> Proper fantasy game atmosphere.
> Interesting and challenging magic combat.

3. FAKK2
> Excellent use of the Q3A engine with a wide variety of impressive scenes.
> Original and exotic locations and unusual monsters.
> Good balance of puzzles, exploration, 2 handed combat and very violent fighting. 
Only Top 3 This Time ? 
btw what made you think those games are underrated 
What Does "3" Mean?? 
1. Forsaken

Good graphics for it's day
Multiplayer was excellent, SP wasn't all that bad either, but...
hmmm, flying, Titan, gravgon, transpulse, MFRL, solaris, pinemine, hmmmm, ahhhh!! 
1. Cube
2. Moonbase Commander
simplicty is underrated
3. Golden Eye
I played this game with my brothers for at least a hundred hours. Games more highly rated than this one didn't get nearly as much face time. 
I`d actually put goldeneye in the most Overrated games category. 
heart of darkness, so far 
1. Gothic 1 & 2
> these are the best RPGs ever made imho, yet noone outside of germany has even heard of them

2. Total Annihilation
> Totally annihilates any other RTS, yet people keep being stuck on *craft, C&C and their clones.

3. Jedi Knight I
> one of the finest SP FPS experiences out there, yet not as popular as it should have been.

I guess a reoccuring theme is that all 3 games (and other games people mentioned, even cube) had substandard looking graphics for their time... oh the shallowness of gamers. 
I`d Like To Second That.... 
Total Annihilation is by far and away the greatest RTS i have ever played. Its gameplay is difficult to fault and lends itself perfectly to multiplayer. It has a great modding scene, and hundreds of fantastic units have been made (see the TAUCP pack, among others), including my favorites, the mighty K-Bots Karganeth and Orcone.

Seriously, if you don`t own TA (the original, not the imo inferior sequel TA:Kingdoms), i very strongly you pick it up immediately, it`ll only cost you �5($8?). 
it doesnt say it has to be FPS. ok so my game is


Transport Tycoon.

/a round of insults, tomatoes, eggs, grandpas underwear follows...

well, cube. yes. and screamer 1 and 2(yea so the italians brought you a game which crashed alot and the cars where unbranded but it was still good fun). sorry, i like old-ish games. 
TA, Definitely 
Though it did have rather good graphics, for its time - hundreds of articulated, 3d units moving over fully 3d (albeit pre-rendered) terrain.


Hardwar - Elite-in-a-city, with a whole economy and an optional plotline; though with some obnoxiously bad UI design, and dated graphics.

The Longest Journey - best adventure game in recent memory. Not difficult, but an excellent story. 
1) TA - For the hours of network play, amassing PeeWee and watch the metal fly

2) Battlezone - Again excellent multiplay, Howitzers rock (never really tried number 2)

3) Red Faction - This game had me hooked until I completed it. 
I Second That Motion 
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus 
Damn Im lost with abbreviations... 
Those Are Full Names 
ico is underrated? I thought it was generally considered l33t. I dont have much of an own opinion about it because Ive only seen it a little. 
My Picks 
Why? Great story that unfolded as you played. Lots of little details to pick up on. Fun gameplay. Very nice environments.

Unfortunately, though, the demo really hindered its success. If the demo was better I would have bought it when it first came out instead of waiting until it had been out for a while. And with most Unreal-engine games, the texture resolution was varied throughout, which created inconsistency and was disappointing. Boss combat was usually pretty poor.

Blair Witch Volume I: Rustin Parr
Why? This is one of the VERY few games that I ACTUALLY FELT LIKE I WAS PLAYING A MOVIE. Visuals were dark and brooding. It was very much like an adventure game, but at the same time there were distinctive shooter elements, and it was combined perfectly. There were were sidepaths in the story that ended the game prematurally, but not before showing you a cutscene that gave more details about the story. There were several truly spooky moments. Action was kind of cool.

On the downside, there was a bit too much backtracking in the woods, and some of the puzzles are a bit weird.
Oh Lovely! 
b0rked bold tag! 
Unreal Engine Games 
The biggest problem with them was that you needed 3dfx cards to make them run good without having to add a couple of hundred MHz to your cpu. 
Eye Tat Is Golden 
I knew that would be a some what controvertial pick. It's not like the game isn't well thought of, but I still think it's underrated. The sp had genuine innovations and the mp was just plain fun. It's a bright spot in a long list of shitty licensed games. Had it been possible to map for it I would say that it's far better than any of the Quakes. The bond universe could have made for many more interesting maps. 
I would argue that it is painfully underrated.
It got wonderful reviews and much praise, but Sony didnt promote it at fucking all. And it also suffers very hard in the shelf-space fight.

"The fuck? A game about holding hands... Oh, look, shiny objects with boobies!"

*wanders off towards the DOA Volley-game stand* 
Well Since No One Seems To Play Them 
Nolf/Nolf2 (great mix of action/realism, intelligent mission orientated design that allows quite a lot of immersion and interaction, and it`s funny!)

kingpin (arguably the greatest looking q2 engine game with probably the first solid locational damage based gameplay. Cool settings and enemy cries of FUCKER!)

soldier of fortune 1 (kingpin`s contender for best looking q2 engine game, lots of varied diverse locations, probably the best visual use of locational damage, and tons of fast in your face action)

Keep in mind that I`m only referring to the sp parts of these games. 
most of mentioned games are underrated compared t o CS, diablo2 and uhmm Sims ? 
Cyber Empires - I must have beaten the game like 20 times. It was cool.

Stunt Island - In the campaign you had to complete stunts to be the best stunt pilot, but the really cool part was that you could set up your own stunts, perform them, film them and edit them into a movie. It was really cool. I spent countless 16 hour days and nights on that game. Has anyone ever played it? Ive never heard of anyone else who ever did. 
A friend of mine was similarly hooked on Stunt Island. 
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