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Impromptu Speedmap Pack
Four Maps...get Them Now! The product of an impromptu speedmapping session myself, Speedy, Voodoochopstiks and MoALTz engaged in tonight. :)
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Good pack! Speed's was obviously the best, stiks' was the worst :( Good pack tho! HURRAY! 
Speeds map was well worth the four or so hour wait it took for him to actually get it finished. ;) 
speeds is the best level! 
Screenshots ?? 
Is it possible to see any screenshots please ?? 
Wow, Guys.... 
...way better than sm94!!! Speed's totally rocks, even though I can't seem to finish it (what should happen after the vores on the upper floor? I get stuck in a room where you drop after the last vore... nothing happens). Moz and Tron seem to have picked my idea (or do they?)of making a map follow the other, doubling the pleasure...
Voodoo's just the short little sweetie at the end of the meal... LOved the texes.
Thanks, too good for a monday night... 
bah sry I fuckedup the sky and u cant see much of a shit there :(

havent mapped q1 for 1,5 years and havent touched radiant for quite a while too

:when u drop into second tower - walls should open

texes - from stalker (changed) and kingpin 
Walls Don't Open... 
...could it be engine related?
Tried Fitz & Telejano... walls stay there... 
speedy just got little trigger there.
he had to cover entire space with it, but was too gredy to stretch the brush... 
..thanks, and is there a way to make trigger brushes visible? I tried jumping at all angles to no avail... 
You gotta stick as close as possible to the wall right under you(the one you jump from), keeping in front of the medipacks. Done. Yay! 
Visible Triggers 
Triggers can be made visible if you use the qdqstats patch, it's a progs.dat with some nice functions in it. impulse 211 toggles visible triggers, in any map (the version linked is for standard quake, custom progs requires custom qdqstats...) 
could fix if some1 cares 
if you run around enough you can find the trigger. :) The first time I played your map I got stuck though, thought I had falled somewhere I wasn't meant to go. 
Hell, Yes...'s a nice map. Deserves to be working good. I suspect the brush is waay tiny... in fact, if you fall a little on the right of the medipack you don'y open anything. I vote for fixing. 
Just For Fun...


Well surprise speedmap back bonus bleh. What Joy. I liked the theme for this one. Tron's map showed promise especially since you could walk behind most of the monsters. Speedy's was cool for a speedmap. Pretty easy though, didn't even use the Quad. 
That's 1337. n1 
Making Trigger Brushes Visible: 
r_showbboxes 1 in fitzquake (shows wireframe boxes around all edicts, including triggers) 
Thanx, Guys... I see them! 
Horde Combat 
Often when there's a big horde of enemies I go bunnyhopping around looking for health and weapons --> lots of enemies wake up and start running and shooting or whatever they do. Then when I start to shoot them, it's really laggy and often the weapon doesn't even shoot, I have to push the button many times. This is unacceptable and certainly not fun - I die not because of my own fault.

Either there's something wrong with my settings, computer (p3), quake client (fitz) or the map introducing such swarms. 
It would be really great if when you switched games (as in changed from the id1 folder to a mod folder) if fitzquake would tell you the maps in that folder when the "maps" command is used. At the moment, it only tells you what maps are in id1, even when the game is something else.

Also, model interpolation is a great feature. It looks like it might be a pain to add in, though. 
sorry, posted in the wrong thread. How dumb am I. :P 
I use fitz and maps such as speedy's gave me no trouble at all. You've got something very unique and odd going on. 
Yup, I had exactly the same in Speedy's map - I got the quad before I had the GL and woke up all the zombies, the DKs and Fiends at the far end, and all the knights as I ran around looking for health. I lost sound, and did not always kill zombies and knights with one shot of the DBS even with the QD still working.

But it was still good fun. I died three or four times before I did that section - blood'n'guts all over the place.

Nice map. 
too many addicts I guess.. (actually fitz or whatever modern quake engine should have that fixed)

I`ll make the map better 
btw nice quad gj there 
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