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Win A John Romero Signed Quake CD
Got a (hopefully) fun competition going over on Win yourself a Quake CD signed by the man himself - John Romero. 5 fiendish Quake 1 questions and a Spot-The-Difference gives you a chance to get your sweaty palms on one of 3 unique Quake 1 CD's. Have a go ;)
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Second Worst Thread Ever. 
Post it in GA and someone delete this. 

also, i have doom box signed, so wtf :D 
This Isn't So Bad... 
but it doesn't deserve its own thread. 
yeha sure ..
but since it has been made, now lets talk about John Romero
and why Daikatana failed
and why quake3 sux

John Romero is cool, but not as cool as Levelord who fucking rocks the nation with massive vaginal penetrations and rules from the centre of the ultraworld.

Daikatana failed because of the hype, because they originally set unrealistic goals and timelines for completion (produce a full game in less than a year), because they decided that design is law and gave little thought to technical issues and hired artists who didn't really know anyting about computers, because speedy wasn't born yet...

Q3 sux because it's multiplayer, which is why QW sux as well, as does all games produced after 1999 except doom3 and hl2 which have nice singleplayer as well. 
i love you 
Hands Down 
yeah, CZG wins
from now on I will name all my quake maps in honour of CZG. 
qw doesn't suck. 
Yes It Does 
It sucks so much that I had a really hard time coming up with a metaphor that fully describes how much it sucks. 
i hate you 
you just need an opponent your level. 
Like someone with no functioning limbs....or brain. 
Like You? 
I almost included that in my original post! 
God, I didn't realized you lot were so poisoned. Fuck me. Cabin Fever? Go outside a smell the coffee? I guess in your own minds all of you are equal and above the people that that you actually mod/map for.

I've got to say a big fuck you right now. You didn't make the game (shambler, you can't even make a fucking map). The rest of you are mappers, so get off your high fucking horse.

Jesus, has the whole world gone insane? 
They Were Just Horsing Around, Megazoid 
Most of the commentary concerned QW, not your contest -- though I have to say, the prize is pretty decent, I'm not on the hate-Romero band wagon, though American McGee's E2 is the rockinest part of Quake, and Levelord with his Scourge maps spanks everybody else who has ever mapped.
But anyway, I don't do trivia -- I hate to even be asked crossword puzzle questions. The prize would have to be something really big, like a time machine that goes back to 1985 with Roberta Williams in a crotchless leotard on the other side of the door -- she was really hot then (I don't know about now though). 
Just so classical style, if you read the first comments - the news could be about almost anything and the reaction is the same (except if it's a huge q1 map / pack when everybody gets excited).

I think the people are not really so negative, just having fun. :) 
welcome to qmap!

keeping the spirit alive 
Looks like I over-reacted. LoL 
You are a moron. Funnily enough most of us own a Quake CD here and we don't need a discussion thread to confirm that fact. 
You are mouthy troll. These are signed CD's. Win it and sell it on Ebay for all I care. 
Good Times 
It's been a while since I've seen a good "func_qmap is elitist" spaz. I would go for the cd since I've never owned a copy, but it would only take up physical space, of which I have a limited amount. And it wouldn't get me anything because I already have the bits, which occupy an ever decreasing volume of physical space. 
I'm not really spoiling anything because a 5 year-old could have done this. Photoshop has a nice subtraction function. 
What are we supposed to see ?? :P ... It's completly dark (instead of this littlr white Quake logo)... I tried to increased radically brightness... and thes's nothing else more to see than ... nothing... so ? wtf ? 
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