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SM98 + SM99
10 maps over 2 weeks isn't too bad. 4 maps for SM98, "Complex", and 6 for SM99, "Open" but given the un-official theme "9" and decon.wad used by the regulars. Maps were authored by bambuz, Generic, neg!ke, than, Tr0n, voodoochopstiks, and Zwiffle. Everything is put into one huge .zip, because I'm lazy and I like people to complain. Same reason the screenshots are always pitch black. Just play the maps and complain about those!!!

Anyway, head on over to to get your fill of speedmappagery!

PS: The shots are pitch black, they will always be pitch black, I know they're pitch black. Thx. :D
My Opinion 
sm98_zwiffle: I liked this one. There were a couple of fun combats, especially the room with circular pillars and vores. The voreballs kept getting around the pillars and chasing me :)
sm98_bam: Another fun one. The ascent was enjoyable, and the last fight was tough. Perhaps a little too tough for the first go, but I see why the shaft was included... I shafted the vores and shambler at onces.
sm98_tron: after annoying all the monsters, I decided it was time to leave, so I just jumped into the exit. Can't say much about the gameplay :)
sm98_generic: This didn't look good, but it was a laugh for the short time it lasted. I liked the rotfish attack :)

sm99_chopstiks: Rather shorter than chopstiks' penis - or so he has been telling us in #terrafuision.
sm99_tron: Started off a bit 'meh', but the ogre onslaught was fun, and the shambler quad rocket shooting range was a laugh.
sm99_nig!ke: I liked this. It was good that the shamblers in the towers were on timers rather than triggered by the scrags dying, since I could get them fighting. The vores were gits though. I liked the turning off of the lights at the end.
sm99_zwiffle: Too damn hard! It was okish for me, since I had ammo from sm98_zwiffle, but I don't think I could have done it without the extras. Kind of fun though. I finished with roughly 5% health and 5 shells.
sm99_generic: started out ok, then when the doors opened I just legged it for the exit because there were vores and shamblers everywhere and I didn't have much weaponry.
sm99_than: If I hadn't spent so long fixing bugs I would have been pleased with this, but in the end I exceeded the timelimit by over an hour, so I can't really rate it. It's fairly fun though.

By the way, I didn't really notice the number nine theme coming through in the sm99 maps much - did anyone else notice? 
Downloading Now 
I couldn't really fit the number nine in, so just pumped that 99 on the floor, voodoo's map only had nine monsters, and I haven't played the others yet. 
the screenshots are pitch black!!! 
What Gila said... otherwize I still have to download the stuff ;P 
There It Goes Feedback!!! 
sm98_generic very usefull secret at beginning :) fun map very easy but was nice with modern sky boxes rocks

sm98_tron another great producion from tron nice textured and nice game play :) i made a fast run to active then all and let then kill then selves...ehehehjust left a few :p is that cheat??? ;)

sm98_zwiffle object error in info_teleport_destination lolllllllllllll just was able to see in spectator mode in fuhquake...and it looks very nice...could be a good dm it please :p Zwdm1 :p

sm98_bam nice map very easy ultill the end... what a nitemare!!!

sm99_generic run run for your life!!! should the name of the map :) ehehe nice one thanks god there was a Quad and a 100%

sm99_neg!ke very nice map to many vores for my taste :) nice one also! and hard end it with 1% :)

sm99_chopstiks roulffff wend i start to like it it finish... :( a rl just for two vores...not fair for the vores...eeheeh

sm99_than best map in this packkkkkkkk rockssssssssssssssssssss

sm99_zwiffle borring map shoot,hide, shoot, hide...brrrr few action! the map was very nice made but no gameplay 
The Screenshots Are Not Dark Enough! 
sm98_bam: nice. but the last fight would have been a lot easier if there had been a little more ammo for the shaft before.

sm98_generic: very easy, cool jumps and nasty shambler teleport after the first one - he smacked me right off the ledge again - luckily, because otherwise i would have missed the secret. and i know how the fish must have felt... :) the textures look dull, though.

sm98_tron: well, after some unsuccessful tries to kill all monsters i focused on beating it as fast as possible. who can do it faster than 5 seconds?

sm98_ziffle: pretty tough in the beginning, because i started it seperately (so no weapons from the previous map), but beatable. great architecture. my favorite from this pack!

sm99_chopstiks: short, but nice nevertheless, although it definitely would have benefitted from more monsters.

sm99_generic: great looks. didn't have enough health left to finish off the vores and the shambler. the chimney rules!

sm99_neg!ke: i hate the summer!!! originally i wanted lasers to shoot out of the rods, but i forgot they only shoot along the x/y axis, so i took them out again. don't watch them after pressing the button. watch the evil sun explode and hope it will really happen sometime! :)

sm99_than: funny arena fights. i'm glad there were no spawns. almost died near the end, fortunately the vores and shamblers killed each other while i was stuck in one corner with a fiend as 'cover'.

sm99_tron: also very nice. the quad saved my life as i had only very little health left. also, blasting shamblers with quad rockets kicks ass.

sm99_zwiffle: interesting style, but after several tries of shambler-dancing through 3/4 of the map, i got annoyed and finished it with god mode. (had to kill the last shambler with the axe) 
I Really Can't Be Fucked... comment on all of these individually.

But suffice to say there were some good speedmaps with good gameplay, some good speedmaps with average gameplay, and some good speedmaps with shit gameplay. The actual laying of brushes was good, the laying of health packs less good.

Generic and neg!ke need to make some proper maps.

Zwiffle's Shambler map was interesting, needed more ammo but actually the idea worked i.e. you had to think about each Shamble and use the little cover you had. 
I believe in the emails they sent me they both said they were. :D 
I totally agree about Zwiffle's map. I enjoyed it despite the lack of ammo (since I'd carried ammo from his previous map, which led onto it) although I didn't much like the shamblers that appeared on the platforms before the teleporter switch as they were pretty much impossible to kill without taking some damage. Good job Zwiffle put in some cells and health on the platform before though. 
Than, the ones on the platforms, you twat with the dbs then jump backwards and run for cover.

I think there is potential here for some challenging Quake combat, different to the usual horde / attacked from all angles blah blah. Something with weak weapons and few powerful monsters, in tactical situations... 
The Theme 9 
In my map, the theme nine was pretty big, I used 9 enemies, and actually, my whole map is shaped like a nine. I made it too easy with the RL against the two vores, I should have put up a GL and put it a bit out into the field too. 
I Liked The Map With The Penis At The End! 
Cool map - had a lot of fun playing the pack. Thanks all. 
Ups And Downs 
Many pretty good-looking maps but with gameplay ranging from decent to bad. More ammo/armor/health would've helped a lot.

Better maps were generic's, tron's, sm98_zwiffle, sm99_chopstiks and sm99_neg!ke. Sm98_generic leaked and had no lighting, sm98_zwiffle had a light as a tele destination(!) and a malfunctioning secret lift,
sm99_neg!ke had a novel idea but needed better guns, than's was too cramped/difficult and sm99_zwiffle had at least one too many shamblers.

I liked tron's and sm98_zwiffle best and with some ambient lights, sm98_generic looked much better. A lot of varied and good material that just needed some gameplay tweaks. 
I did some speedruns:
sm98_bam in 22 secs (it can be like 5 secs faster probably)
sm98_generic in 8 secs
sm98_tron in 4
sm99_chopstiks in 9 (8 should be doable)
sm99_neg!ke in 26 secs
sm99_tron in 13 secs

if anyone is interested in seeing them, just post here and I'll put them up somewhere. 
I Do. 
I wanna see the one on sm99_chopstiks!

I'm sure the to others would be interested too. 
interested in seing their maps speedrun as well* 
Plz do Lunsp1 speedrun kthxgnight. 

bam demo is crap, but you get the idea of the route. a lot of the demos can have more seconds shaved off, but you get the idea there too. and as for lunsp1, well, I'll think about it. great map though. 

lunsp1 speedrun might take quite long and be annoying if you get shot into the slime at the electrocution battle :) 
Go read my last post in Lunsp1 thread, there's a good route for it. 
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