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3 maps this week! Authors include Generic, Pulsar and Zwiffle with three wizz-bang maps. Tr0n wishes he could've made a map, but unfortunately was delayed by work. I won't bore you with details, get your game on with some Speedmap action!
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And no big 100-thingy celebration-going-out-with-a-bang shindig? 
they have no sponsors to buy beer and grrls 
Generic and Pulsar's were cool for speedmaps both in design and gameplay.

Zwiffles was a bag of diarrhoea. 
Generic and Pulsar's very nice was cool

Zwiffle ??? again problems to run map... in fuhquake,fitzquake,tremor... e.t.c.was the map suppose to be played in noclip mode? becouse player is to big and dont walk in the map... 
Sm100 Shindiggery 
Well there is a chainmap or something like that, Zwiffle, inform Phait of the details! ;) 
It's only a problem with the spawn point, just noclip down a little bit and you can run around and play as normal or more likely exit Quake, delete the map and go abuse Zwiffle on IRC... 
's map outshines the other two, although Generic's was fun. 
Pulsar, Then Generic - - - - - - - - - - - - - Zwiffle 
When I tested my map out in Fitz .8, I had no problems getting stuck - at the start or anywhere. I can't say I know what the problem is. =/

Pulsar's was my favorite, then Generic's. I know mine sucked, I only spent 56 minutes on it, a troo speedmap. But, the screen shots are actually bright this time. Doesn't that count worth something? :D 
your map sucked ass - the ceiling hung too low and enemies were standing back to the player and in general it was just totally uninspired and 2-d. Your previous things have been lightyears better. 
yea +1 for bright screenshots! =) 
Generic's map was very fun and well balanced.

Zwiffle should get a medal for the first (i think) speedmap with >100 monsters. I enjoyed playing it.

Jesus Christ Someone Break This Kid's Arms Already 
I'm talking about you, zwiffle 
... I was expecting a "mappery fireworks"... and there's only 3 maps... At least this pack exists... bleh...
Anyway, I suppose SM666 will have more success... I wonder to wait less than 566 weeks before its release !!!

PS: Evil number has always better success... doh ! 
instead of whining you better participate in this speedmapping thing... 
I would like to participate.... but unfortunately I' m very busy with my own project (it really close to be release now BTW...)
And please note that I didn't blame anybody for what was done, I was just expecting more maps for a special event like SM100 should have been, that's all... I'm really sorry if I hurted somebody, that was not intentional.. And now, I know, I go map... ;P 
ok, go map then, and don't get distracted by the silly boards like this one... 
has it that there'll be the chainmap and some turtlemaps still to celebrate sm100.. although kinda a week late. Dunno! 
i wished for sm100 to be hold during qexpo. i hope for a sm session with much more people than usual then ;)
yes, i will participate! (hopefully... *cough*) 
So Busy... 
...that you couldn't spare a couple of hours, and release this project a couple of hours later?? 
Pretty Nice Maps 
Generic's was good-looking and fun although the scale made it a bit cumbersome to backtrack. Also, the sunlight felt a bit flat even to me ...

PuLSaR's was easily the best looking, but damn hard. And unkillable monsters are annoying; I died a couple times trying to make the zap buttons work. Hmm, this seems awfully familiar somehow ...

Zwiffle's was terrible looking due to cramped, repetitive quarters and being fullbright, but gameplay was decent. There even was sufficient ammo, although some nails at the end was tricky to get to because of the barrage of HKs. But I did wonder why there weren't any shamblers this time?

Keep up the good flow! 
all three maps managed to remind me of zelda somehow. even zwiffel's, because i got lost, which is something that happened to me all the time while playing zelda64... 
My map is a copy of this:

With a "few" changes. 
Teh Triforce 
didn't metlslime already do a Q1SP version of that as the secret map of Rubicon? Maybe you were aware of that already. 
I guarantee mine was better. :D

BTW - I'm obviously kidding. 
yes i did. And it was better, but on the other hand I spent a whole week on it. 
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