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Inertia Slips One In...
Inertia (you might remember him from such feature presentations as "An 18 Page Treatise On How To Camp The RA In Aerowalk") has just released his deathmatch map named 'Slipstream'. It is designed for 1on1, 2on2, and 3on3, and has been shown to be fit for competitive play.

Screens here:


He says: "Thanks to everyone who made this possible! Its been a fun ride, GG."
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And It Must Be Said... 
...this one looks pretty cool. Designed for pure gameplay first (I'm sure the 150 different ways to fall down holes to lower levels with considerably less ways back up serve some great purpose for competitive players), and then with some nice designs and details layered on top, it looks a good one to me. For an idbase map :P. 
^^ Seconded 
Congrats to inertia, I know you worked real hard on this making sure it was perfect. The final version came out really well! Good job. 
Layout and build wise it looks interesting and well, Aerowalk inspired.

But like I said before you released it, I think there should've been more texture variation. It's a bit easy to lose yourself in the layout. 
getting lost is not as big a deal in DM as it is in SinglePlayer 'cause there is always somebody trying to find you.

Nice one, inertia 
The layout is actually incredibly simple to follow. It could be because I've tested it a whopping 23 times (I made that number up) but I picked up on the layout quite quickly. I do think it could stand to be more detailed, but it's absolutely fine the way it is. Nice one! 
I found that if you look carefully, there are a lot of simple but effective details that a frenetic DM player might not notice. Recessed strip lights, ceiling fans, little holes cut into the floor so you can see the action under you. Though in a map like this the gameplay obviously comes first, there's some neat stuff if you look carefully. And, the only place where the monotonous texturing really annoyed me was the main atrium; it appears from shot 2 above that inertia added a horizontal recess that spiced things up just a little bit, compared to the beta I saw a couple days ago.

So, congrats on finishing the map, inertia. 
I haven't played it, although I'd like to, but congratulations are indeed in order for finishing this thing. Well done. 
Hard Coring 
Mappers here complain about the looks of many dm maps. Well, as a (ex-ish) dm player I can complain back about some func-mappers' dm maps - they are too complex and detailed so it's hard to see the shapes or the enemy. Take for example uzul which has far too strong textures or scampie's ikbase dm map (not scampdm1, which is perfectly fine) that is too detailed for good dm in my opinion.

Inertia was aiming for a hardcore feeling for this one. I haven't tested the latest version, but I'm certain that although it might look a bit monotonic on the first ten times, it will probably grow on you after about 30 rounds.

Maps are like food - you can eat some little strong-flavored candy every once in a while but the main courses always have much weaker taste since you have to eat much more of that and you'd get tired of the same strong taste.

Minimalism on purpose.
Yeah whatever, sorry for posting all this crap. I hope you get the idea anyway. 
we assumed high-contrast textures were safe becuase players all used picmip 100. 
so, the perfect map is cube rooms with no textures? so we also stop putting items in maps too so they're 'balanced'? wouldn't want anyone to get an 'unfair' advantage! 
<3 Scampie 
nah, strike a balance between araivoish detaillery and boxroomish sparta. Then you get fairly decent stuff like aerowalk or cmt3. (Just talking about looks, not gameplay.) That's often good for dm. There's quite a wide spectrum that's fit for dm but some styles that work for sp are more of just a nuisance in dm. I don't mean quake dm maps should look like platformary arcade games (hello q3).
Just that the maximum detail level should be a tad lower for dm maps than for sp maps. Most sp maps advertised on func would be fit for dm very well almost the way they are.
Like if good sp maps have details on scale 5 to 10, good dm maps should have details on scale 5 to 9.

That items thing is unrelated, I don't see where you came upon that. :)
There is already dmm4 (which is most often played on end.bsp and povdmm4.bsp), a mode in ktpro (the standard dm server gamecode) which is "balanced" - you spawn with all weapons except grenade launcher and all ground items are removed. And of course there's rocket / clan arena too. 
Thanks for the comments guys. I spent alot of time designing both the play and visual aspects of slipstream, and I think it turned out quite alright. 
I fucking love that quad bungalow. 
Fun Times 
Really enjoy the open middle, the few dead ends to mix it up, and item placement. Quality stuff inertia, good job. 
I Agree To A Certain Extent With Bambuz 
That complex texturing and detailing shouldn't inhibit player visibility in DM. That's one reason why I like brighter, more open maps, in particular some of the older "temple" maps like A2 - even though some of those have fantastic looks, they have a certain visual "smoothness" that allows clear visibility.

I don't think this needs to stop DM maps from being impressive both architecturally and detail-wise, just that the right choices need to be made visually. And I think, even for an Idbase map, this one is a pretty good example of this - inertia has kept the details and designs out of the way and kept the textures pretty clean. Like in the main arena, the stuff up towards the sky is pretty strong visually but it won't inhibit visibility.

You get the point.

(Conversely, one of my beefs with Q3A gameplay was how well the player models blended into the scenery, a function of the models rather than the textures, though, I think) 
My 2/- 
I downloaded the earlier version of this. I really dig the visuals; could be as much about me being obsessive over texture alignment, but I thought it looked kinda beautiful. To decide, implement and maintain minmalistic texturing like this with the occasional well-chosen detail without it ending up looking bland or fugly takes hard work. The lighting helps a lot too.
So yeah, n1 'nert.

p.s. I haven't a fnukking cloo how it plays tho 
Nice !! 
Nothing more than others said: this DM map is really good. 
I dont like the layout. Flow is weird (way to the GL, pointless deadend after RA, annoying jump to the health/teleport and some more)
Maybe one could get used to it all *shrug

Looks neat, good details and consistency 
where's the readme and zip file? When is this map going to be released? 
as soon as I get off this stupid wireless connection, so that I can use ftp ! :) 
is final version of map then??? i will start waypointing this one maby someone want it! 
it is final 
O.k Then It Goes!!! 
se fossem todos mamar no caralh´┐Żo q os fodeu! 
They Always Show Up... 
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