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SM102 Crash Lands
4 authors decided it was best to destroy humanity by releasing the 4 maps of the Apocalypse. God have mercy on us all.
Anyway, 4 maps by Drew Simpson, Headthump, neg!ke and Zwiffle, all zipped up and ready for judgment! Head on over to:
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contains spoilers.

zwiffle - nice detaillery and breaking style from usual mold. Fiends don't work in such cramped places. Buttons didn't stand out - especially since i had no sound!

neg!ke - umm had some fancy brushes but was unplayable - stuttered for me and there was no way up?

drew - was nice, a bit too hard. the last shambler was too much and the ogres in the pit were bad too. But overall very much gameplay for "the money". I like this guy's style somehow. Lighting and decoration was missing.

ht - should have playtested his map. it was unplayable.

Thanks for the bunch, the maps were all very different! 
are borked on the platform -- hit the switch on the wall to bring the platform down (6 second delay) and then hit it again to raise it up. Don't expect fine tuned maps out of a speed map made in seventy minutes and generaly speaking, making assumptions is not a good idea either. 
who's the one making assumptions here... 
Drew map was the best...many monster�s to kill :)

zwiffle got great textures but the fiends in the holes dont work :)

ht brrr didn�t like much looks great at start but...stay there.

neg!ke hate the fucking vore that kill�s me wend i fought i was finishing the level :(

good work guys! 
Did you not get sm102_generic? I submitted it to you on Friday via Gmail. 
Gmail likes to move responses to Emails to the very top and push older ones down, which makes it really tough to keep track of where my EMails are. :( Sorry I totally missed it, it was stuck somewhere between smqe2 and an Email RPG sent me. If you want I can put it in and reupload the pack today or just put it in next weekend's pack, up to you.

Again, totally sorry I missed it, it was really good. 
You Can Blame Me 
I took up Zwiffle's attention by e-mailing him about the true meaning of Christmas. 
I forgive you (and R.P.G. too) of course :)

I was just feeling a little dissed because my map was left out of this pack and AguirRe didn't even mention me in his QExpo reviews (see the Speedmapping Thread) :(

You can just upload the map with next week's pack if you like. Thanks :) 
I usually only comment on SP maps that has any substantial gameplay. I'm sorry if you (or Entar) felt left out. 
Thanks, AguirRE... 
even though I'd love to hear what you have to say about the lighting and brushwork. 
"substantial Gameplay" 
In a speed map??

Anyway. This lot.

Drew needs to do a proper map, his have style. No idea what he did with the silver key though. Rest was fun.

Headthump I can't remember.

Neg!ke needs to do a proper map too, capable of some crazy designs. Kinda irritating avoiding slipping off the spiral.

Zwiffle's had some fiends in yes. 
I thought the fiends in Zwiffles map were quite well done. Although they did get stuck on the details most of the time allowing me to pick them off pretty easilly, two of them did suddenly manage to jump through, taking me completely by surprise. I flinched both times.

That may be exploiting a common Quake 1 bug, but it worked for me and was quite acceptible in such a small map.

Drews map was also brilliant, in terms of gameplay. More mappers should follow suit and make their maps that difficult. Afterall, if you don't die [or aren't afraid that you might] then where's the challenge? Top notch. 
Nobody luvs me maps. Maybe I'll go back to my old hobby of eating worms on the playground or somethin'. 
Do you have an email address? Just send me an email and I can reply to that. 
drew: pretty long playing time for a speed map. and challenging, too, with lots of nasty monster teleports. enough ammo this time, so gameplay was mostly fun. i had a couple of sound failures, because it's not vis'ed- , no big deal though. some basic lighting would have been nice - just a simple sunlight and minlight, for instance.

headthump: w00t! best map of the pack! :) but too cramped and only 11 monsters...

zwiffle: a donut! and probably your shortest map ever. the subtle brushwork and those textures felt a little doom3ish, i liked the shape of the segments where the lights are.
an entire map in this style would certainly be cool. 
Afterall, if you don't die [or aren't afraid that you might] then where's the challenge?

In surviving. And just playing. And having fun. 
But Shambler ... 
... surely surviving's pretty easy [read: uneventful / mandatory / unchallenging] if there's little to no danger of dying?

As for just playing and having fun ... well, that's hardly a challenge in Quake. ;) 
Your map would have been fine if the lift had worked! 
Well, It Goes Back To The Dying Vs. Thinking You'll Die Debate 
Thinking you'll die = dag I just barely survived but I whooped him good!

Dying = oh blah too hard this sucks I'm quitting.

I think that's what Shambler meant to say, but he wasn't quite as eloquent as I am. 
I see what you're both saying, but I'm a cocky bastard so I never think I'm going to die until I'm proven wrong by example. :P

If I die in a Quake level it only makes me more determined to try again with a slightly different approach. 
i like hard level�s but not impossibles ones like some of qexpo least two was impossible... 
true, so true. I changed the set up at the last minute because I thought I had something a wee bit clever there with the lift toggles, and I was wrong.

Thanks Neg!ke. I liked your map too, and I'm looking forward to playing those Expo maps soon. 
If I die in a Quake level it only makes me more determined to try again with a slightly different approach.

See, I'm the opposite; when I die in a large map, especially near the end, I really have no desire to try again. That's why I'd be much happier playing two medium-sized maps than one large one. 
I generally hit quicksave after completing a significant portion of the map [i.e. picking up a key or surviving a large hoard battle], that way if I do die I don't have to go right back to the beginning.

QuickSave is a double edged sword though, and I understand why some people avoid it like the plague because it can be abused.

It'd be good if instead of quicksave, the mapper could place 'Trigger Save' entities or something sporadically through large maps. 
This isn't some old console title, if people wan't to abuse quick save, that's their problem.
I like my quicksave, and I start using it when I get low on health. =) 
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