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SM102 Crash Lands
4 authors decided it was best to destroy humanity by releasing the 4 maps of the Apocalypse. God have mercy on us all.
Anyway, 4 maps by Drew Simpson, Headthump, neg!ke and Zwiffle, all zipped up and ready for judgment! Head on over to:
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"substantial Gameplay" 
In a speed map??

Anyway. This lot.

Drew needs to do a proper map, his have style. No idea what he did with the silver key though. Rest was fun.

Headthump I can't remember.

Neg!ke needs to do a proper map too, capable of some crazy designs. Kinda irritating avoiding slipping off the spiral.

Zwiffle's had some fiends in yes. 
I thought the fiends in Zwiffles map were quite well done. Although they did get stuck on the details most of the time allowing me to pick them off pretty easilly, two of them did suddenly manage to jump through, taking me completely by surprise. I flinched both times.

That may be exploiting a common Quake 1 bug, but it worked for me and was quite acceptible in such a small map.

Drews map was also brilliant, in terms of gameplay. More mappers should follow suit and make their maps that difficult. Afterall, if you don't die [or aren't afraid that you might] then where's the challenge? Top notch. 
Nobody luvs me maps. Maybe I'll go back to my old hobby of eating worms on the playground or somethin'. 
Do you have an email address? Just send me an email and I can reply to that. 
drew: pretty long playing time for a speed map. and challenging, too, with lots of nasty monster teleports. enough ammo this time, so gameplay was mostly fun. i had a couple of sound failures, because it's not vis'ed- , no big deal though. some basic lighting would have been nice - just a simple sunlight and minlight, for instance.

headthump: w00t! best map of the pack! :) but too cramped and only 11 monsters...

zwiffle: a donut! and probably your shortest map ever. the subtle brushwork and those textures felt a little doom3ish, i liked the shape of the segments where the lights are.
an entire map in this style would certainly be cool. 
Afterall, if you don't die [or aren't afraid that you might] then where's the challenge?

In surviving. And just playing. And having fun. 
But Shambler ... 
... surely surviving's pretty easy [read: uneventful / mandatory / unchallenging] if there's little to no danger of dying?

As for just playing and having fun ... well, that's hardly a challenge in Quake. ;) 
Your map would have been fine if the lift had worked! 
Well, It Goes Back To The Dying Vs. Thinking You'll Die Debate 
Thinking you'll die = dag I just barely survived but I whooped him good!

Dying = oh blah too hard this sucks I'm quitting.

I think that's what Shambler meant to say, but he wasn't quite as eloquent as I am. 
I see what you're both saying, but I'm a cocky bastard so I never think I'm going to die until I'm proven wrong by example. :P

If I die in a Quake level it only makes me more determined to try again with a slightly different approach. 
i like hard level�s but not impossibles ones like some of qexpo least two was impossible... 
true, so true. I changed the set up at the last minute because I thought I had something a wee bit clever there with the lift toggles, and I was wrong.

Thanks Neg!ke. I liked your map too, and I'm looking forward to playing those Expo maps soon. 
If I die in a Quake level it only makes me more determined to try again with a slightly different approach.

See, I'm the opposite; when I die in a large map, especially near the end, I really have no desire to try again. That's why I'd be much happier playing two medium-sized maps than one large one. 
I generally hit quicksave after completing a significant portion of the map [i.e. picking up a key or surviving a large hoard battle], that way if I do die I don't have to go right back to the beginning.

QuickSave is a double edged sword though, and I understand why some people avoid it like the plague because it can be abused.

It'd be good if instead of quicksave, the mapper could place 'Trigger Save' entities or something sporadically through large maps. 
This isn't some old console title, if people wan't to abuse quick save, that's their problem.
I like my quicksave, and I start using it when I get low on health. =) 
Mixed Maps 
Drew's map was easily the best in a classic style with lots of monsters to fight, with ammo and health to match, but there should've been one more armor in the later half. Several ammo boxes were unfortunately in the same position, which made it difficult to judge if you should grab it or wait a while. Technically, the map leaked and wasn't vised or lit. Great potential though, given more time. If you're interested, I've a version with most issues fixed.

HeadThump's could maybe best be described as cramped. There were progression, monsters, keys and all, but the extreme confinement was very detrimental. Button mechanics and texture scaling was odd, too.

Neg!ke's was again pretty innovative; this seems to be a trademark. A functional map but with unnecessarily difficult maneuvering along the spiral. Lighting was interesting but relied too much on minlight. Technically, big HOMs in all corners and along the walls. Possibly the grid was involved here. Only fastvised as well and I think I know why ...

Zwiffle's had an interesting look with the somewhat Giger-esque ring and texes. A very small map with many fiends and plenty ammo, but the layout made the poor fiends almost helpless. 
what bind do u guys use for quicksave??? 
No doubt Bal uses left click. ;) 
There Is A QC 
file on the archive sites called Trigcon which adds a trig_console function. You can use it to add save states like you mention (you can designate a seperate save file for these as well so need to write over anyone's game).

Combine it with Custent's multiple info_playerstarts, and place these around the entry points (load instead of save) and exit points (save), you can hack in a means of making an episode more hub based than episodic. Though an optimal solution would be to work these into the change level functions in the progs.dat and put in fail safes that keep the player state current. 
Heh, Quicksave And Sp Playing In General 
I never use any menus or sp features, just type save 1, save 2 etc in console. In chapters I saved with v1 for vondur's map etc.. Sometimes you forget to save and then you use god and noclip to get to the place where you died, but sometimes you have to kill monsters and I've found the only real way is to use impulse 9 to get all weapons and shaft 'em. That sucks. Is there any specific way to kill monsters with one click or so and also to get just some specific weapons?

Maybe I'll do some proper single player configs some day. Btw, it would be cool if metl would add impulse "8 5 4 2 1" kinda multi-impulse from fuh or z in fitz - if it's easy. Weapon scripts from dm would work directly in sp. That's one of the biggest woes of dm players playing sp. 
finaly someone inteligent enought to explain...thks Bambuz

bind "r" "save 1" 
Wtf Impulse 9 
Instead of impulse 9, I rather prefer to use give console command to select what I need.

give <2/3/4/5/6/7/8> gives weapons (shotgun to thunderbolt)

give <s/r/n/c> <N> gives N (N positive...) ammos (shell, rocket, nail or cells)..

It's more interesting to my opinion to use these commands when you are short in ammo, rather than an impulse 9 that gives you all the keys when yo didn't pick them yet... Note that god console command is useful too when you are short in health ...
It's then interesting when you are "beta test" a map to see what's missing in order to correct ammo/armor/health balance... 
Thanks Jpl! 
neg!ke: map had the most promise, with interesting structures and beefy (if not excessive) monster selection. Shame about the big grey bits on the floor.
drew: wasn't vised lol. And aside from that, was not fun to play at all for me. I don't mean dying, I mean... yuck. :)
zwiffle: What??? I'm sure there was a map in there somewhere.
headthump: Strange ideas, not done too badly, but ogres in confined space = annoying. Also the scrag spawn was way predictable, a certain door does not "open from the other side", and there's no need to compete with Romero for 'most annoying lift' award. 
Oh, I Beat Romero That Time 
hands down;)

About the other doors, it was my intention to continue fleshing the map out with more sections that I have planned in future speedmaps so those other doors have a purpose, just not at the moment. 
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