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The Fucking Whiney Bullshit Petrol Price Thread
Whinge about it in here you tedious scum, and then it can be preserved for all eternity as a shrine to your fearsome debating skills.
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This Is Kind Of Like Declaring A Party 
fifteen minutes after everyone else has wrapped things up.

Fashionably late, I suppose. 
fuck gas, I use only fusion-heated urine engines 
I've seen the word "whinge" enough times to now realize it isn't a typo of "whine". Then shouldn't your "whiney" be "whingey"? 
my car runs on the blood of dead brits 
I Use Diesel 
because I'm well 'ard 
When I saw this thread I immediately knew it was started by someone whose name starts with an S, ends with an R, and has H-A-M-B-L-E in between. 
Shambler "Shambler" Shambler 
My Car Runs On 
love, kindness, ponies, rainbows, kittens, and the crushed skulls of baby seals. 
The Skulls 
of baby seals are mostly for lubrication 
I Would Have Posted This Here, Had I Seen It 
politics doesn't merit a seperate discussion thread. Remember the hell we gave Phait a few months back for pretty much doing the same thing?
It might make things a bit easier on the Mop Lady, but this is a general abuse matter if there ever was one. 
i'm carless, thus i'm free! 
Carless Or Not Carless 
... just remember that oil price (from barrel production) have for sure an impact on gas price (to your car, diesel or not...)... but not only, many materials are derived from hydrcarbonate (i.e plastic, etc..) so in a very short time, a real impact on every economic domain that have links with oil production could be felt... It means a very bad economic impact for everybody.. though.. 
take food - synthetic fertilizers are made with fossil fuels. And the grain is dried with petrol. And the tractors and trucks etc work with that. So much that for example bioethanol's energy gain is pretty much zero - it takes as much energy to farm and distill it as it can give away again.

Take that computer you're sitting at - plastics are directly from oil, rare metals take a lot of energy to extract and refine.

When oil costs so much you can't afford to drive to work, you probably wouldn't have work anyway since people wouldn't have money to buy your company's products. Most of the money would go into housing and food.

People talk about hydrogen as the saving grace. Metal hydride tanks for storing hydrogen efficiently, when containing the same amount of energy as your 50 liter car tank, would weigh the same as your car currently! Plus take into account the huge amounts of energy gone into creating said hydrogen.

If you start building nuclear powerplants to make a hydrogen economy, you have two problems.

1) Where does the money - or really, money is not a real thing, rather, the energy, workforce and materials to do this? I know Finland's biggest construction project now is one 16000 MW nuclear reactor. When energy and materials cost a lot more than today, are you able to divert all money to building hundreds of nuclear plants?

2) We'll run out of Uranium. People were worrying about that in the fifties, but it turned out that nuclear power wasn't as good as was dreamt, so a lot less plants were built. At current rate, I think there's enough easily extracted uranium for 80 years. Quadruple the amount of powerplants and it's only 20 years.

Similar arguments can be used for a lot of alternative non-renewable resources, like natural gas. Renewable resources like wind and solar power have only the first argument against them, but it's a much bigger problem for them, since they are so investment heavy technologies.

Then there's coal. There's a lot of that, for thousands of years at present usage. It's ugly and it pollutes a lot, but synthetic oil products can be made from it with a really low yield. Like nazis or south africans did in desperate times. Also bad news for global warming. I hope it doesn't go into this.

Fusion is 50 years in the future. Maybe some more efficient nuclear reactors (breeders) could be possible. They use less uranium, although they are technically a bit complex and give nuclear bomb material as waste. :(

I have studied this field as a hobby and I have friends too who know a lot of things around this subject.

It just seems that there is no magic technology that makes it possible for us to maintain this lifestyle. Maybe we'll fall back to the sixties, maybe we'll fall back to the 1200's, who knows? Maybe the internet will keep up and we can keep mapping. :) Though there might be less free time. 
1600 Megawatt Or 1.6 Gigawatt 
gas in Louisiana is still less than half, about a third of Finnish prices. 
Did You See This ?? 
It has been extracted from popular.. some people there are always thinking to do money even with desperate people... shame on them...;_ylt=Aq3RAPw9lGAhYI0KEEzF9.ADW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl 
Mapping\gamedev Board 
oh yeah bitch 
And now who's whining? 
You Know 
I thought we had wrapped this up too, and when I saw this thread in the list I thought "This has to be Shambler."

gg shamb next thread 
I Don't Even Have A Car 
so I don't know why I entered this thread. 
Nice List 
Here is a nice list of gas prices in different parts of the world: 
Maybe these raises in gas prices will lower obesity rates in America o_O 
A List Of Different Types Of Polygons 
# polygon

* bicentric polygon
* concave polygon
* constructible polygon
* convex polygon
* cyclic polygon
* decagon
* dodecagon
* enneagon
* equiangular polygon
* equilateral polygon
* hendecagon
* heptagon
* hexagon
o Lemoine hexagon
o Tucker hexagon
* icosagon
o swastika
* octagon
* pentagon
o cyclic pentagon
* regular polygon
o regular decagon
o regular dodecagon
o regular hendecagon
o regular hexagon
o regular icosagon
o regular octagon
o regular pentagon
* star figure
o star of Lakshmi
* star polygon
o decagram
o dodecagram
o octagram
o heptagram
o star of David, hexagram
o star of Goliath, nonagram
o pentacle, pentagram 
Your List Is Truncated 
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