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Do You Replay The Original In-game FPS Levels (Quake Etc)?
Yesterday I have played episode 2 and 3 on nightmare after long long time. Man - that was refreshing! Killed them all :D

PS. I play the ID levels very often but mostly skill 0 or 2, forgot how cool nightmare skill can be.

Edited by Shambler to cover all games
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Due to technical limitations, the new generation of games will have to wait for me. As a result, I have replayed all the following games:

Unreal - Return to NaPali
Deus Ex
Deus Ex - Invisible War
Halflife - Opposing Force
Halflife - Blue Shift
Return to Castle Wolfenstien
Quake 2 and both mission packs

I have played through Quake at least 5 times or so and episode 1 a lot more and I have played both mission packs at least twice.

I enjoyed all these games the second (or more) time around since I could better prepare myself. I especially liked both Deus-Ex games again. I am a slower player now so replaying some other titles (Undying, AvP2, System Shock 2) did not draw me in as much since they seemed more like work despite being great the first time through.

The more scripted the game is, the less likely I will be to replay it. For me replaying games or levels is about taking more time to look around and enjoy the scenery (although I do a lot of that on first runs too.)

I have also been very slowly replaying all the SPQ1 maps I have amassed over the years. I'm partly through the maps that came out when Team Shambler was a year or so old. 
it's people like you I make maps for :) 
I Also Play 
through all Q1SP maps/paks (probably about 1000 bsps), new and old, and most of them still have a lot to offer. 
I Replayed NOLF 
No One Lives Forever

Again, earlier this summer. It was not only as good as I remembered, but it was outstanding, in terms of visual design and game play. I thought my eye would be a bit jaundiced since it was five years ago that I played NOLF, and in the interim of years, FarCry exterior design blew my mind to bits. Depite that, NOLF's alps and jungle scenes still stand up well. Not only that, it runs smoothly on a PII with all the graphic factors on high.

The one area NOLF doesn't stand up too well is in its sneaker aspect. It is just to damn hard to try to keep those damn alarms from going off. It is better to find a choke point, get the guard's attention, and mow them down as they come in. That is disapointing because I like sniping and cutting minions from behind.

Scrags, if exploration is your thing, you gotta love Deus Ex. I discovered so many things on my second time through, it made the first go through seem incomplete.

Deus Ex, you complete me. 
Deus Ex, you complete me.

You had me at hello 
I replayed NOLF2, AvP2, Quake2 and Unreal these months...might play Halflife again... 
Additionnal Stuff 
As I reply before Shambler decided unilateraly (dictatorship ?) to change the thread title and enlarge the discussion (which I agree is not a bad thing..), I didn't mentionned these "old" games:

Quake 2 (PS2)
Quake 3 (PS2)
Half Life (PS2)
Red Faction (PS2)
Red Faction 2 (PS2)
Return To Castle Wolfenstein (PC)
Nightmare Creatures (PS1)
Nightmare Creatures 2 (PS1)
Doom (PC)
Doom 2 (PC)
Ultimate Doom (PS1)


I didn't manage to finish Duke Nukem 3D for the second time. Also replaying Half Life and Quake2 was not so interesting for me. Only Quake is still making the blood in my vains flow faster :) The reasons for it may be silly for many people. I like to play the ID levels because I know every hidden corner and every monster there. It is like playing in a trance. Quake was the firs fps I ever played, and I have learned all the techniques (movement, aiming, monster behavior), etc. ) by dying hundreds of times on e1m1 and e2m1 :)
I also like the ID levels because they are short. Even 100% runs don't take more then a couple of minutes (even on nightmare). You can do the first episode faster than many of the newer maps. It is not that I don't like to play new maps, but after exhausting ikspq or pse or marcher it is always good to do e1m3 :)
Are the ID quake levels crappy? Not for me. Every wall and block has its place like it ever had, so I don't even realize the simple build style compared to new maps.

I don't have a fast computer so didn't play any of the newer games. The last one was RTCW I think.

PS. Is "Duke Nukem" a forbidden word here? I have never seen anyone talking about this game. 
Take your whining to someone who gives a shit. I change the title for the benefit of the board and to encourage wider discussion, and as you can see from the last 8-10 posts, it worked. 
I forgot to list DN3D and it's mission pack that I replayed after finding a very good Windows port for it at

That was fun, playing through that old game. The first episode is the best one and DN3D did create a lot of interest even from people who weren't big into games. 
I was joking... do you understand that ? 
No lol, I didn't, fair play. 
No problem.. ;P 
is the motherload of coolness; only a waste of human space and sperm specimen would even think of forbidding Duke, so talk it up, Ankh. 
does anyone else think the enemies were ultra-crappy in duke?

They just weren't inspired at all and the graphics were really ugly. Also they didn't seem very 3d. The pig cop for example looks like a paper figure. I wonder if there was some technological reason for that like different creation method or less turning frames?

Otherwise the game was great. I made my first fps map for duke, and it was even playable... if you understand that a huge hall full of those flying frogs can be cleared with no weapons by just circle-strafing so they shoot each other... ;) 
I Mean 
2-d enemies compared to doom for example. 
Doom's enemies weren't 3D. They were 2D sprites, just like Duke. Perhaps Duke just didn't have as many angles.

Although Duke was a fun game, it never really captured me like Doom or Quake, because it was essentially just one big joke. That said, far too many FPS's take themselves too seriously these days, and the few that don't [Serious Sam] have pretty weak 'humour'. Has anybody played that recent Lucas arts FPS? Armed and Dangerous, or something? 
Duke Was Good 
I found it a bit hard back then though. 
Didn't Care For Duke... 
But I always loved Catacomb 3-D, which was basically the original FPS. I need to play that one again. Oddly, Wolf3d didn't age nearly as well.

I play through a few levels of Quake now and then, but never get very far. I hate ogres (that makes me weird, I know), and the original maps overuse them, in my opinion.

I play through Half-Life routinely up until Xen. Ugh.

I had never played straight through Doom 2 without cheating--I started a "real play" last month. It's slow going, though... I find it a bit dull and have to be in the right mood.

Oddly enough, I often play my older console games. The Mega Man games, Metroid, Zelda. I guess those are more firmly linked to my childhood.

Oh, and Ultima VII. I load that up about once a month. 
Rewind And Replay Selecta. 
Games I replay the original levels of:

Quake - lots and lots. Even these days, I still just jump in for a couple of levels.

Quake 2 - again easy to jump in and dish out some anti-strogg pain.

Unreal - I haven't really played individual levels, but I've replayed the game a few times.

And that is pretty much IT. Lots of others: Undying, RTCW, WOT, FAKK2, Blade, D3, HL2, Far Cry, etc etc, really don't inspire me to play again even if I really enjoyed them first time.

I guess for a game to be replayable to me it needs to be:

Very easy to get into any level.

Have the levels give enough supplies to start from scratch.

The levels NOT be too involved with a story and overall progression, i.e. they can stand in the own right.

The gameplay to be very fun.

...most games fall down on point 3 - i.e. the levels are too deeply entrenched in the overall game, and they don't feel right on their own, they don't feel like individual levels but as small, inseperable sections of the whole game. Most games are like that these days, only a few feel level-divided (e.g. Painkiller very notably but I don't fancy replaying that ;)). 
used to play THE Quake ep 1 and 3 just for the kicks, running thru in no time to relax my brain and forget the troubles of life (alternatively, kicking around some bots in q2/q3)

but not anymore

now I have like 5 or 6 modern games sitting on my hard drive begging me to play them :) 
Q1 & Q2 a few times. Actually just picked up the mission packs for the two recently and will probably do the same for them. As Shambler stated they're both quite well suited for a quick spin now and again....and still fun!

Unreal..replayed many times...imo one of the most immersive games made. 
I will once again state my opinion that games should not be so linear that they require you to start at level 1 and play all the way up to level 21 just so you can play your favorite. Too many games are like that today, and it's part of Shambler point about levels being too involved in the story; although the developers could still break the game into chapters and let the player choose which chapter to play after finishing the game.

Quake and Doom really nailed this point without making it too non-linear like some games, such as Enclave. In Enclave you could pick whichever level you wanted, but it didn't feel like there was any build-up or progression to get there--each level was its own experience, and it didn't feel like part of a greater experience when you go back to replay the game. Whereas in Quake, you have an excellent buildup from E1M1 to The House of Cthon.

And, of course, non-linear level design goes a long way, too. 
Finished Replaying Zodiac For Deus-Ex 
In the pursuit of more relaxed gaming sessions, I'm replaying old stuff that isn't as hard or intense as new stuff. I replayed the Zodiac mod and while it has very mixed mapping, it's a good mod and feeds the DX hunger I have.

I'm on to Redsun 2020, another large DX mod.

I hope the Deus Ex 2027 project gets finished. It looks really good. 
Zodiac Is Almost Too Relaxed 
But there are some nice bits in there. CIA HQ was nicely involved as an episode. I was amused to find a familar arsonist ('have you seen my stapler?')in the New Mexico office complex. 
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