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Speedmap Pack #105
The theme for speedmapping was "What if these two maps mated?" Drew, generic, Neg!ke, and Tron have each held shotgun weddings in the back of a scummy Vegas motel this week to answer that question. Each of the offspring maps this week looks and plays just as wonderfully as it's parents. Aww... the miracle of speedmapping!

Enjoy the maps!
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Speedmap Pack #105 = 
sm105_tron Playable. When you come down the lift you think... oh shit! ;)

sm105_neg!ke Good short blast. After dying about 12 times, I started to save the game, which made things easier. Good work.

sm105_drew Lol, I liked this one! All the comments throughout the map give the impression the mapper is totally pissed off. Funny as hell (I thought). It's also a great map to play, with some cool kind of Victorian(ish) architecture. Excellent.

sm105_generic Just plain odd, which is my cup of tea. Good action and I liked the lighting. The 2 secrets made me go back and play it again. Nicely done oddity.

Thanks all. 
Download Link Fixed, Btw. 
i'm one of the people who've been anonymously playing all the speedmap packs, thought i should finally thank all the designers and leave some thoughts.

drew: looked good and played great. i particularly liked how running away from the fights only made things worse. took me a little while to find how to get to the gold key.

generic: statues gave it a distinctive look, otherwise was quite open and maybe a bit plain.

neg!ke: good mix of the two maps/styles. instant deaths made it annoying but was still fun to play.

tron: really liked the first 3/4 of the map, end seemed to taper off. almost killed by the last door.

thanks guys! 
pretty cool. I was really looking forward to this pack. In fact, I had some pretty high expectations. I enjoyed Neg!ke's map the most. As usual, creative. A little less... cartoony? Which made it feel somewhat less interesting. Also, the preponderance of scrags overwhelmed me somewhat. Not that I found it hard - just uninteresting, to an extent. Trons was fairly interesting as well. A good choice that I assumed (and hoped)someone would make. Pissed me off when I got stuck underneath the bridge though. Generic's was also pretty original. A bit plain, but open and I like that.
Mine was not to theme. So "fuck you" to anyone who says it was a mix of this and that. I just made it, and crammed a bunch of monsters into it. Hope the combat wasn't too much.
keep it up, guys! 
sm105_drew very good architecture make a dm version of it!!! please :)

sm105_neg!ke funny map love the bunny part in flooting plats :)

sm105_generic the map is very good...found the two secrets but were are the left 5 monsters that i didn�t find?

sm105_tron was to easy but the get�s prety good

thks guys for this week maps were very nice!!!

P.S--> Drew make one small work in this map for 1on1 match :) 
Download Link Still Not Working 
The Silent 
Refresh your page, or use my link in the top post. 
Drew - a mating between a nice medieval map and the teethgrinding gameplay of Lunsp1! I'd hazard a guess that this is the most attractive single area seen in a speedmap yet. You really need to make a full map. Tough, though.

Generic - a mating between WTF, and, errr, WTF? I mostly ran through it ignoring the monsters.

Neg!ke - a mating between E1M5 and THIS MAP IS GOD FUN!... Jeez the only thing that would make this map more "fun" to play is if Blitz got his way and quicksaving was disabled.

Tron - hats off to you Tron this was a good execution of the theme apart from the outdoor textures. Bon effort. 
Full Map? 
That means alot of effort. And time. I usually get tired of my maps really really quickly.Even though I've planned a few full maps, they never really come to fruition due to my disinterest outweighing the pain in the ass complications that always seem to arise.
thanks for the validation though. 
Hmmm... Speedmaps 
I've played 'em all but usually don't comment either, but here's a few...

drew's -> REALY loved the theme, combat was good throughout and kept the small but excellent looking area interesting. comments were fun. managed to jump out the level on the skybox near one of the buttons. I agree you should make a DM version ;)

Generic's -> Interesting and original theming, long distance battles were ok, maybe a bit easy. Had trouble getting up the elevator using Fuhquake

Neh!ke's -> Playing the thing in coop mode probably saved me from destroying my keyboard in frustration; pretty fun for a change tho. e1m5 theme = nice.

Tron's -> e1m1 layout like that would allow for some interesting battles, monster placement just felt real unbalanced, probably also the speediest made map of the pack :D

thanks all for the fine pack. 
Nice Pack 
I liked all of em, thought Drew's was the funnest but also the one that pissed me off the most simply because of the "wtf why are there now 50 guys behind me and 50 guys in front of me" type gameplay. Seriously, it took me like 20 minutes to beat this thing (ok, really like 7) but it felt sort of satisfying beating it anyway. The rest were quality stuff, nice pack overall. 
Okay, so you did this section in 100 minutes thereabouts right??

So a full map in a weekend really wouldn't seem unfeasible... 
Shamb: The equations don't quite work like that, I know I couldn't keep up speedmapping pace for two solid days. :) 
drew: my favorite. looks very cool and has nice gameplay, too, with the monster teleports everywhere. i managed to have to play 3/4 of it with 11 health only. no ammo for the second shambler and i didn't really feel like axing him with so little health...

generic: heh, those easter island statues were nice. their square mouths somehow reminded me of the one picture in q2's id gallery which opens its mouth and lets gibs drop out when you push its button. :) the first secret was good, the second was pointless.

tron: nice mixage. this is the kind of map i expected. the ending could have been a little more spicy though. why are there keys?!

neg!ke: i admit 'gibs galore' is not the ideal mating partner in the struggle for creating "das ubermap", but i felt like having to pay tribute to it as it's the best custom dm map ever!! ...or is it? :P 
About 2.5 Hours. 
And ironing out the technical wrinkles is what really gets my goat. Exchange "get my goat" for something less gay sounding, if you don't mind. 
Well Done Everyone 
Good pack. 
Nice Maps 
Drew's looked good and played well, except for health shortage (some items fell out). Nice verticality, it took me a little while to find the GK tele ...

Generic's was unusual and worked out pretty good. My favourite tex was dominant but there was too much reliance on sunlight. Main sunlight is usually OK since it has angle attenuation, but sunlight2 can be uniform in these quantities. Try sunlight3 instead, make some of the walls angled inwards a bit and add some ambient point lights (low wait keys) for good measure. Otherwise good use of low pitch sun setting. The hidden SNG was pretty important for the final fight.

Neg!ke's would have been much better without all the environmental hazards. Otherwise nice looks and good combat, maybe a bit repetitive with all the scrags.

Tron's looked great but had some weird fights. A virtual wall of opposition in the big area and then in the last room, you had to call for some attention since they were facing the wrong way ...

Overall, a good and varied pak. 
Why were there keys? Purely to annoy people trying to run through the map as fast as possible. :)

Bad monster layout, yeah I know, but in the last area the the monsters facing towards you they were attracted by the fighting as soon as you stepped indoors, leaving no-one to defend the final door. Turning them the other way was a rough solution since I didn't have time to mess about with anything else.

Will comment on the other maps when I have time to play them (not at home atm) 
I Confess... 
Drew's map was by far my favorite. It had a strong theme (where are those textures from?) and good layout. I could have done without the crass commentary though :P

Neg!ke's map was second only because of the "insta-gib" portions. Simple lava would probably have been more effective. Good layout
and texturing though :)

Tron's was good too but the combat was a little unbalanced. I actually started to do E1M1 in a medieval theme but am glad I refrained ;)

My map was contrary to theme because I got confused and opted to do "partially submerged" instead (!?!). I agree with most of the comments that it was a little too easy, a little too plain and little odd -- I'll try to make it harder and more elaborate next time :)

Thanks, as always, aguirRe for the lighting suggestions. I spent a little too much time trying to light this one.

And, Trinca, I am still looking for those other 5 foes :) 
drew's map uses kingpin textures.
and the missing foes in your map are caused by the fish bug. 
Generic, I have no fucking idea what the hell you're talking about.
just kidding. I like crassness.
I do want to say that I really enjoyed the originality of Generics map, and I hope that one time we'll have a pack filled with maps as odd as his. 
Fuckin' A.... 
or as my old college roommate would say "Fuckin' O -- it's much easier" :)

Thanks Drew! 
Tried To Dl This 
but the file seems corrupted. can anyone else verify? 
I like the idea of this pak
yet to play it tho 
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